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  1. costavo

    write /get

    Nickname: COSTAvo Your suggestion: write /get when you're playing Download link:////// Other information Greetings everyone. I noticed something in the server, which is (the math problem) is a beautiful thing about the server, but its flaw is that only one can win it. I have a suggestion that I hope will be available because we do not have a developer atm at the moment. The idea is an example that any player in the server writes the word /get every 10 minutes and gets 10 ammo, and with this the combination is satisfied
  2. costavo

    [Accepted] request admin

    EN : Hello Empty, you are a great player, I hope you will be accepted, you lack language TR : Merhaba Boş, harika bir oyuncusun umarım kabul edilirsin, dil eksikliğin var
    • If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything
  3. Did you cut and paste Harel's post. Your activity on the server is almost non-existent. Play more time to get the most time possible
  4. costavo


    I know that VIPs have AKA Gold, M4 Gold, and XM Gold.... But adding another weapon completely different from the rest of the weapons first increases the brilliance of the VIP, secondly he will buy it. VIPs get a lot of AMMO. The only thing they buy is a mod. After they disperse the AMMO on the rest of the players. And that makes him keep his AMMO. And the price of weapons will not be cheap. As for the average player, the percentage of his game increases to get more points and buy a weapon . I don't know if these weapons are compatible with our server. And I hope you agree. And in mind, before I entered the High Life Server, I played in some other servers and noticed that all of them are different from the other, but not all of them always have a lot of players except for the servers that contain special things that are not only weapons
  5. costavo

    [Accepted] Request Admin

    Put a link to your activity in Game Tracker and then read the rules
  6. costavo


    Nickname: COSTAvo Your suggestion: extra items Download link: Other information : welcome all . I hope that everyone is okay. Today I have a new proposal. I noticed that everything in our server became familiar. I did a little research and found some interesting extras that we can use in 2 times. without prolongation. One or two weapons can be added to the list of extra items. And every weapon purchased by the player ends with the death of the player. And I know that all players, without exception, are looking for something new. This will lure them to the server. And the weapon will be like the golden Ak-47, as it is in the picture. And the second benefit is as follows. Put the best weapons in the list of extra items only VIP. The rest of the players will see that the VIP has super weapons. Which makes the demand to buy a VIP more or play more to get the first ranks to get a VIP, and this makes the server in the best condition. Thank you
  7. Nickname:COSTAvo Your suggestion: remember selection of weapons Download link:!!!!! Other information: I don't get any interaction with my suggestions, but I still insist and try to make the server better, I found that we don't have a way to buy weapons automatically, it's up to each player when the round ends. And the beginning of a new round has to buy weapons again, and sometimes for novice players they do not have time when someone else buys a Nemesis or Assassin mod. Regarding this feature, you can enable this option or not. When the feature is activated, at every start of the round a weapon will be purchased automatically
  8. Nickname: COSTAvo Your suggestion: change XM1014 M4 skin Download link: Other information: I noticed that all players, new or old, always use the XM1014 M4 weapon and this weapon has not changed for a while. I picked some skin for this weapon
  9. ¤ Nickname: KATSKI ¤ Age: 23 ¤ Your Country (Location): TUNISIA ¤ Languages that you speak: ARABIC . ENGLISH . FRANCAIS ¤ How much time you can be active?: 2-3 HOURS A DAY ¤ Can you be active in ts3?: SURE ¤ Link of your activity in (minimum 30 hours) (GameTracker) : ¤ Have you read and understood all rules?: YES ¤ Can you donate?: I CANT NOW ¤ Other information: THNKS FOR ACCSEPTING
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