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  1. Accepted send my nick/pass/tag by PM! T/C
  2. Accepted!! Send my nick/pass/tag by PM!! T/C
  3. Artist:Lit Killah Real Name:Mauro Román Monzón, Birth Date /Place:October 4, 1999, González Catán, Argentina Age:22 years old Social status (Single / Married):single Artist Picture: Musical Genres:Rap; R&B; Trap; Hip Hop; Reggaetón; Pop latino Awards:no have Top 3 Songs (Names):Flexin,Entro Nosotros,Bufon Other Information:Monzón was a participant in the Argentine plaza competition: El Quinto Escalón. He was there for the first time in April 2016. However, it was at El Campito Free, a plaza competition in Ramos Mejía, where his name quickly rose to fame. In August of that year, he was crowned the winner of that event and it was in the battle against Duki, for the semifinals, that his talent went viral on all social networks. In what was once a battalion, in the final 4 × 4, a Lit Killah rhyme making a play on words with "windshield" cataloged him to fame. From there, his name as a freestyler grew. He actively participated in El Quinto Escalón and in different national competitions. He stood out for his double tempo, but above all for the ability to rhyme at high speed, doing it with coherence, playing to structure words and finishing with an accurate punchline.
  4. HighLifeZm looking for staff,make request admin or in offer admins

  5. Acepted as pre-manager! Send my nick/pass/tag by PM! T/C
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