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  2. Congrats @PranKk. & @greeNZ !

    For Co-Owner & Owner in ShadowsZM!

    Good Luck ShadowsZM Family!

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. ™- HappY -™
    3. V3G3T@
    4. Afrodita.


      I missed you Shadows, I missed you.

      - Stay l Alive


      - Asakura

      - SAy Hi or DiE

      - gReeN bulLeT

  3. Im Absent i have problems in my PC and personal problems!

    Good Luck to All admins to ShadowsZM!

    Expecially: @Profesoru , @Marlboro™  , @[M]anuel , @À la youv & @ALi AL Ayash

    1. À la youv

      À la youv

      i hope everything will be fine my friend 

      we are waiting you  don't be late :) 

  4. Welcome Back Doc to CSBlackDevil! Good Luck!
  5. Acepted as Helper,send me you info nick,pass & tag via PM or TS3! NEXT.....
  6. REJECTED! Acepted as Helper you test for 3 day,send me you nick,pass,tag for PM!
  7. Merry Christmas to all Admins and Players of CSBD!

    Have Fun and Good Luck!


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    2. *>FuTuRe<*


      Thank you i hope you'll have a good Xmas

    3. Ed1


      Thank You and u merry christmas

    4. PranKk.


      Thanks you and you merry christmas have fun!

  8. Dean Merry Christmas have fun :)

    1. Dean Ambrose™

      Dean Ambrose™

      Thanks! Merry Christmas!

      Have Fun and Good Luck!

  9. Acepted as helper,send me you nick,pass,tag for Pm or TS3!
  10. Acepted,will be tested for 3 days,send me you info for pm or ts3! NEXT ....
  11. Acepted as Moderator,send me your nick,pas,tag for PM or TS3!
  12. Acepted as Semi-God,you very good admin! Send me Nick,pass,Tag for Pm or TS3!
  13. Dean Ambrose hey hernmano me puedes regresar el admin que me a dado remover por pedir que me pusieran nemesis por favor me puedes regresar el admin 



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