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myCro a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Iulie 18

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  1. My summer has been a different of my regular norm, but beside everything else i had to encounter i found the chance to climb to the top of Romania mountains! And many shall will be following! (those cliffs from the right side were the road) My feed above the world but NEWLIFEZM in MY HEART!
  2. Hello my dear ones, as you got to know in the past with: 1. Yesterday, today and tomorrow 2. YOU are everything! 3. Thank you, for being here! 4. Sad NEWS #notclickbait I'd like to write you some words. Hope that you will have this SUMMER sunny(or cloudy if you like the dark weather more, i personally like the heck out of them both equally), full of happy moments and please by all of my heart to try and create good memories because beside this virtual enviroment all that matter is our personal life. Here? We are colleagues, friends, brothers, players, leaders but in real life we are humans and we have to live like it! You diserve everything that is good in this world and if from time to time feel the need... take a break, breathe... relax... enjoy the moment! Be happy of what you have and who you are because what you've acomplished others can only dream! We.. NEWLIFEZM.. will always be here for you and we strive to keep it for as long as possible and this is because of YOU, of YOUR friends, of YOUR actions and YOUR emotions. Thank you! We love you! If you want to show off what you've done or been this summer, a photo or a story, leave a reply!
  3. @Preshwood. has entered into our staff as an Owner(Manager + VIP + FTP) after purchase. Hope you will get to become part of this beautifull team and lead us far! Good luck mate!
  4. Update! Modified to the list from 24 July due to @tsemaa having a sooner back-up. ♥
  5. Hello, due to tehnical dificulties the admin list has been rolled back to one we had on 18 July. Please forgive our disturbance and please feel free to contact the server Managers as we strive to solve this as quick as possible. Also for further informations you can leave a reply here.
  6. Vote V2, vibing with it more! ♥
  7. #newtrack


  8. myCro

    [Rejected] Request Admin

    Contra + the activity is insufficient.
  9. #newtrack


    Vibe it!

  10. Rejected, i don't have time for it.
  11. myCro

    VorteX VIP

    Solved. Welcome ^^.
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