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    Maintain Your Creativity Reckoning Originality
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    Maintain Your Creativity Reckoning Originality
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  1. bruh.




    *** End of chat history
    <23:19:43> "#XZoro": heyyyyyy
    <23:19:47> "#XZoro": how are u bruhhh
    <23:19:55> "myCro": fine, resting, you?
    <23:21:24> "#XZoro": good thx , I was going to sleep and saw you and miss you a little xd
    <23:21:37> "myCro": awwwwwwww
    <23:21:45> "myCro": dude, that is awesome
    <23:21:48> "myCro": really thank you
    <23:21:50> "myCro": ♥
    <23:21:56> "myCro": you are great!
    <23:22:19> "#XZoro": no no ma bro rlly u the awesome and best bro !
    <23:22:32> "#XZoro": lvu ❤️
    <23:22:38> "#XZoro": and Good Night
    <23:22:43> "#XZoro": see u 
    <23:22:53> "myCro": ♥
    <23:22:57> "myCro": have a beautifull night as you
    <23:23:07> "#XZoro": thx u too ♥♥♥

  2. myCro


  3. myCro


  4. myCro


  5. myCro

    First upload

    This is the very first upload on this platform. ^^
  6. myCro

    Request Recruitment

    Let's do an imagination test: There is winter, 10 wolfs are walking through the woods, all of them in line. Give reasons and detalies about each of the wolfs about why the leader could be in the position 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 -
  7. #newtrack


    1. Mr.Love


      poor john travolta GIF


      NO LIKES ???


    2. myCro
  8. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  9. All the time spent with you was a pleasure for me and you are a beautifull human being. Build your future as bright and as big as possible. Good luck! Lots of love!

    1. robila


      Love you, thanks for all ❤️

  10. #newtrack


    Loving my project team GG, big shoutout to ZMOLDSCHOOL administration, thumbs up for NEWLIFEZM team, all the hearts in the world to every one of you around here!


    Wish you sweet dreams and a beautifull weekend! You are awesome!

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. YaKoMoS


      You too ma baby, enjoy ur weekend 

    3. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      enjoy u r week end @myCro


    4. ITZ/MOHA


      Well,  bro, you have ignited enthusiasm in me. You are the candle that lights the darkness

  11. #newtrack


    Cooling my mind.

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  4 alții
    2. myCro


      @YaKoMoS yes, it is. ♥

    3. Shyloo


      just beautiful 

    4. YaKoMoS


      If you can't feel it ,you can't understand it ,some people are just listening but someones are really feeling it's meaning.

      Am i a philosopher xD?

  12. Looked quickly for some stock images in around 3 pages, let's say i saw 4-5 good results, it is good, but why not bigger sites like pinterest? They are protected by licenes? Based of what i see their gallery(pinterest one) is free to download too. Or only pixabay has an 'partnership' with IPB and the results are those buttons? I mean, we can change the site with others?
  13. Congrats man. You are one of the very hard working people around here who really wished to get there and managed it. Sometimes you haven't been treated 100% fairly, but your work has been and always shall be recognised.


    You are now more than a leader.

    1. -Dark


      very much thanks man , now improve my activity as administrator and think of more proposals for the help of TeamSpeak3 and The GoG project <3  

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