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myCro a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Octombrie 9

myCro a avut cel mai apreciat conținut!

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    Maintain Your Creativity Reckoning Originality
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  1. myCro

    Vikings Quiz (Easy)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 11/100 My Time 69 seconds  
  2. Another fallen leader 😝

    Steps on the right direction for the forum i guess 

    #1 u know ur the best 😜

  3. @myCro

    <21:03:07> "Angrry.exe-": you are legend naver die
    <21:03:10> "myCro": ^^
    <21:03:11> "myCro": ♥
    <21:03:12> "myCro": always

  4. It has been a nice journey and i am glad that i have been part of the CSBD administration, as always in my oppinion a rank is nothing, a color is nothing and what they grant you is just power that comes within responsability.

    Take care of you dear staff.


    I will continue to focus on the server that i help built and i love.



    1. C Y B E R

      C Y B E R

      take care 

      @Shyloo hadi hya place ta3ek 

    2. OrangeOG


      I hope, you're doing good rn

  5. Nick: myCro Time: 09.10.2021 Site: gtrs Contact method: Paypal Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : Daily
  6. myCro

    Server updates.

    Due to players complaining live and negative feedback, the testing period will be over sooner than 1 week, more exactly: 18 hours The unlimited clip has been activated.
  7. myCro

    Server updates.

    #02 New update After a delay of 2 days, the vote has been finally closed and We deactivated unlimited bullets for 1 week starting from now. Please use the buy-menu for unlimited clip.
  8. De asemenea ne cerem scuze pentru aceasta greseala. Ca sa o rascumparam iti pot acorda VIP timp de 7 zile, daca doresti acest lucru trimite-mi PM cu nick, parola si tag. Mentine-ti Creativitatea Recunoscand Originalitatea, myCro - Also we are sorry for this mistake. In order to return a favor i can grant you VIP for a period of 7 days, if you want this thing send me PM with nick, password and tag. Maintain Your Creativity Reckoning Originality, myCro
    1. Mindsphere.


      Congratz for everything you do to server, you will be in my ❤️ forever. Sadly i don't have much time to spend on CS 1.6 anymore, i am so sorry, but it was fun to be part of this awesome team. ❤️ I love NEWLIFEZM team and everyone who belongs to it! 😘 I love you so much and i am really sorry.

  9. Hello, due to various reasons the server no longer runs the official CSBD Zombie Plague 6.2 addons(source) and got updated to a personalized version provided by @sNk_DarK We are eager to present you future changes as the first improvement will be seen live on the server as: - golden weapons avalaible to all players via the buy menu - classes having all sorts of fixes and modes feeling more entertaining - blink working better[you can give us some feedback] What other changes can you see? Leave a reply now!
  10. myCro

    (Rejected)admin reqeust

    Well done Bada, contra.
  11. Hello, would you like to test 1 week without unlimited bullets to see if you will enjoy more the game? Also, what is your oppinion on this matter? Leave a vote in the poll Leave a reply for feedback Love you!
  12. I like this idea of creating a more powerfull zombie but doing such will make our mode ZP6.2 and the 2nd thing is that it will require someone with experience in scripting to fully assist us in creating such a class and giving us another addons(as the current zombie classes are in the uneditable source that we have)... The unlimited bullets ... hmm, i guess i will start to make a poll. But it is well known that players like the unlimited bullets because makes the game more faster.
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