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BMW e63

Manager CS 1.6
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  1. Waiting....

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  5 alții
    2. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

      A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

      @Ru-gAL.™ thanks bro, i was wanna back...but not after now

      see u in the next time with the old men 


    3. Ru-gAL.™


      Ok bro im waiting u

    4. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R
  2. you've made a  bad replika of my server mate 

    1. Shepherd


      who you are?

  3. Ciprian ✔ Mr.Love se refera sa sterge-ti 6.xx ori 7.xx din numele serverului nimic altceva!
    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. MPBilegt


      Yeah you can admin there. Just to admin request bro. Good luck

    3. BMW e63

      BMW e63

      @ Prankk ofc!!! 

    4. PranKk.


      big thanks!!! 😘😘

  4. go check my application and i am ready for your mission sir

    1. Polito-zero


      Por activity Rejected:) 

    2. GC|Hitman['headshot']


      i think it he does not ask for activity

  5. All of you look for me in ts3 !!!
  6. Looking for managers on StreetZM, anyone?

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. x_(toxix-boy)_x


      give me ownar plz


    3. x_(toxix-boy)_x


      me to i need to be part in streetzm

    4. BMW e63

      BMW e63

      @Neutro Shorty come look for me on ts3 

  7. Looking for 3 active Daddy boss!

    server will be boosted tomorrow!

    1. BoB1
    2. Dark-ImmoRtal^


      one of my friends will contact with you good luck 

  8. Hello there guys !! Here is a compeition made by #StreetZM CEO which you can win 50 euro a month !!!


  9. Hello there guys !! due to lack of staff i would like to make this competition. I am looking for 5 Managers with full acces and grade Founder who can help StreetZM to grow up !! All this 5 managers needs to bring with them at least 3 admins !! Once every one start beeing active i will start a Activity competition and will be once at month, the reward for the manager of the month will be upgrade from Founder to Daddy Boss + 50 euro paypal/e-wallet steam / paysafe / western union/ bank transfer! ¤ Nickname: ¤ Ts3 active?: ¤ Age: ¤ Your Experience as admin:
  10. hi bmw

    can you check pm

    Thank you ?

  11. BMW e63

    Request Rank

    Your name on ts?: BMW e63 Current rank?: No rank Old rank?: Global Moderator Have you brought the users so far on TS3?: [ ] No, not really What projects are you helping with your activity?: I could help in any projects.
  12. If you can be active day/night and can bring few admins we welcome you as Manager of our beautyful server #StreetZM


    1. PranKk.


      U need to donate them like 2 euro for one week then they can be active admins haha ??

    2. BMW e63

      BMW e63

      this days...


  13. Accepted as Pre Manager be active on server send me pm with ur details and also come ts3 chanel streetzm
  14. Hello BMW

    I wrote youpm

    Answer plzz




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