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    Administrator TeamSpeak3 & Coordinator Latin Recruite Team | Old
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    2. Playboy™


      Yo no soy parte de algun servidor ahora chamo, además fue muy bueno contigo 😄 

      O acaso te enamoraste de mi en ese tiempo? 🥰

    3. Afrodita.


      Que patético te has vuelto, lástima, ahora hay un solito 2.0 

    4. Playboy™


      Bueno, dejame decirte que sí he cambiado

  2. Where does is he doing all of this? This report is absurd. I'm not in favor of somebody. If you have any hatred between you, block each other. The only problem I see is this type of threat
  3. <22:21:20> "стиль playboy": !dice Akrapovic; 10000
    <22:21:21> "CSBD Guard": The user is online and your invitation has been sent.
    <22:21:22> "CSBD Guard": If it does not respond within 60 seconds, the invitation will be automatically deleted.
    <22:21:36> "CSBD Guard": Match will be start
    <22:21:37> "CSBD Guard": Dice throw..
    <22:21:38> "CSBD Guard": His dice : 12
    <22:21:38> "CSBD Guard": His dice Akrapovic;: 1

    <22:21:39> "CSBD Guard": The amount won was more than 1000 coins, so a 300 coins commission was charged.
    <22:21:39> "CSBD Guard": You win this match!


    jim carrey lol GIF   mike tyson lol GIF


  4. congrats for new GRADE dude 🙂

  5. Look who's got VIP 😛 

    Congraits 😉 

  6. Leaving NewlifeZM aside after 2 years in a row 😞 . Great plans underway

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    2. Mr.Espinoza ♔♔♔
    3. EL-zero


      Good Luck 🙂 managerall star game hat GIF by MLB

    4. Aquamarine


      there must be good owners staff bro but it needs players to be online 

      you know what the sv shut downs in mid of maps must have to fix this big problem

      that's why players of newlifezm are quieting 

  7. Impassive death, while the fans ask him not to go to the City. "João, stay with us". "João, is it true that you stay?" Nothing, it doesn't just depend on him and obviously doesn't confirm. Then Mandzukic and Pjanic together, to sign autographs and accept selfie requests. Bonucci, Bernardeschi, Emre Can, De Sciglio, Rugani. And Higuain, acclaimed most of all at the entrance and the last to leave, around 12.30, among the choirs of the fans: "Stay with us, Gonzalo stays with us". Scenes from the first day of Juventus. RONALDO AND BUFFON ASSENTI — Juventus opened the season with this morning's visits. The players, one after the other, arrived at breakfast time and left before lunch. Absent those who will arrive later - Ronaldo and Matuidi on Saturday, Dybala and the veterans from the America's Cup much later, like Kean and Luca Pellegrini - and those who have already visited, like Buffon. The fans lined up for photos and museum admissions. Average age, twenty years: schools are closed and one morning out of J Medical, especially if the sun does not exaggerate, one willingly passes. Black and white sweaters, a girl with phosphorescent nails that fixes makeup before selfies, someone who calls for air conditioning. Information and videos :
  8. Name: Playboy Profile link:™/ Tag a friend: @-Dark @Akrapovic; @- hNk Theme (Image(s) obligatory):
  9. Playboy™


    Hello @Cretzujtm The problem was because the default channel you wanted to enter was "inherited." I Change it to "Unlimited", If you still have the same problem with another channel in particular, Ask server admin he just has to add this permission in your server group.
  10. Accepted as helper. Contacte me via PM for access. Read rules and be careful! Next?
  11. NewLifeZM.CsBlackDevil.Com - SEARCHING FOR GOOD ADMINS / STAFF TO STAY ACTIVE IN NIGHT AND MORNING! ¤ Nickname: ¤ Skype/Steam: ¤ Age: ¤ Your Country: ¤ Admin experience: ¤ Can you spectate in night (Yes/No): ¤ Why you want to be admin in NewLifeZM: ¤ Other information: Rules To Be Accepted: -Read Rules + Respect/Follow Them -You must speak English Clearly no issue on it -You Should Be Daily Active In The Server at least 3 hours per day & spectate in night - You Should Be Active On TS3/TeamSpeak3 Also If U Can
  12. NEXT TIME READ RULES OF REQUEST ADMINS! ......... I'm going to give you a chance, read rules as well and improve your activity, you will be tested. Send me your info via PM or teamspeak Accepted.

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