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  1. Playboy™

    report axelxcapo:)

    Wait a moment, about Caesar what is Caesar. Everyone is allowed to give rank to those they want within our PROJECT. "LATIN" otherwise not! That perhaps it has to do with its activity and respect for the community. You are not in charge of that. You do not have the reason. You cannot give rank if it is not within your project. If you think he deservers ask with majors not your decision. Stop fighting like a kids. I'm still absent
  2. Manituuu, ya llego con la torta para que te sientes en... JAJAJA Feliz cumpleaños mi bro @-Dark
  3. Today is the GLOBAL MEETING!

    20 : 30 RO HOUR


    We are waiting for you


    Hoy es la reunión global!

    20 : 30 hora rumana


    Te estamos esperando!


    1. Master_Kill


      U Copy From Me :P Good Loock :pro:

    2. Playboy™
  4. Qlq Men Andas como mi abuela nunca se deja ver :v XD reportate pe

  5. Just download " d3d " and apply this to your pc
  6. I will be there... I want give you some gifts too Call me papa noel
  7. How are you doing playboy

  8. Accepted as PRINCE! your test is a week Send me your nick pass tag via PM or ts3. NEXT? I'm looking for admins active at night
  9. For steam cs! And for cs no steam It's enough
  10. Accepted as Semi-God! Send me your nick/pw & tag via message or ts3! Next??
  11. ¤ Nickname (same as forum): ¤ Skype/Facebook/Instagram: ¤ Age: ¤ Your Country: ¤ Admin experience: ¤ key/pass of our rules (SEARCH AT NEWLIFEZM RULES: Rules To Be Accepted: -Read Rules + Respect/Follow Them -You must speak English Clearly no issue on it -You Should Be Daily Active In The Server at least 3 hours per day & stay in night - You Should Be Active On TS3/TeamSpeak3 Also If U Can Test 1 week!
  12. Clear a message from you

  13. Cleaning & Promoting time 



    1. MiKeriNos_


      go pm i need you for give me admin 

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