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TRUE or FALSE QUIZZ - "izi" points!


Mr.Love Mr.Love


Manager CS 1.6

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2230 Gold II

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    Old Global Moderator | Legends Never Die.
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  1. we have meeting


  2. The only one who check tickets! 


  3. Playboy™


    Incorrect Section. I banned you in NewlifeZM server not teamspeak
  4. Unban me plz you miss understood the situation 

    there was a player named ''Ju qifsha ropt''

    i told you that name is an insult and you missunderstood this and banned me

    Ju qifsha ropt = I fck ur whole fam... that what it means not that i insulted you or someone else

    plz unbann asap playboy

    My name: TheIncredibleHulk

  5. Time to revoke the bad guys 😎


    1. BlancaNieveS--


      no mames prro k vuen rolon xdxd


    2. #Joker-
  6. My experience CsBlackDevil ☆ [HighLifeZM] --> [Owner] - [DoomZM] --> [Owner] --> [Afiliat] - [WalkingDead] --> [Owner] - [StreetZM] --> [Elder] To Be Continued. ★ Counter Strike 1.6 Steam ★ Member Of CsBlackDevil Community النصر فقط من الله يقدر كل لحظة في هذا العالم REJECTED. Topic Closed!
  7. Did you read rules? You must read rules to find the password. Edit your topic and put the password required. Contra...!
  8. Thanks you for your time in this server, we really appreciate this. good luck in your life :)
  9. Rules to be accepted. After you start your admin request, you are not allowed to reply to any admin's vote, otherwise your request will be rejected. No exceptions REJECTED!
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 214 seconds  

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