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  4. Some of my RUST pvp hightlights , enjoy ^^

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  6. absolutly i agree to his idea , its seems so old you guys using teamspeak when new things 1000x times better are out in discord you not even can talk , but you can call each other in private , even post in channels photos or stuff like that , or even share your screen when you playing so other peoples will watch it who is at your channel is amazing i love it! i thing ts3 guys should evolve , and stop screenshoting things and taking the link than copy paste to someone , insted u can just send the photo directly in discord xD is so primitive ts3 when i join in discord i deleted ts3 i dont use it anymore is ussles! but ya if you guys gonna switch from ts3 to discord , alot of peoples will not come because they dont know anything about it and like maybe 80% will not move , so i understant you completly xD PEACEEEEE and LOOVEEE
  7. hello Mr.Skyfall i own around 10,000$ worth of skins! screenshot 1 , screenshot 2 you can contact me on discord or steam , than we can have a deal! https://steamcommunity.com/id/KingNiku
  8. Olee

    Proposal - Clans

    idk why they should do it , is just waste of time and adding more non-reasion channels if someone need a channel for his clan in whatever game , they just have to request and get it , than enjoy free speaking but ya , new proposes are always welcome i guess ^^
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  10. Olee

    History War Quiz (Hard)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 30 seconds