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  1. Olee

    CSBD History Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 97 seconds  
  2. Look who is alive :]

  3. taked some break from csbd. cuz i hat some other jobs to at dark webs,
    but soon ill be back!


  4. @Mr.Love just for fun ;)

    1. Mr.Love


      (SD) Live Streams

      $75.00 · Renewal Term: $30.00 per 12 months


      Price is higher :((

  5. Hello guys , thanks alot for participating in my giveaway winner is nr 13 , contact me with pm , or ts3 ps: sorry about not making video about giveaway but i hope you guys trust me , i am working and i dont have time for making it (very busy) , and also be ready for next giveaway with Left4dead2
  6. Hello guys , feel free to join in my giveaway!

  7. (Game link) ( Link acc) choose one number between 1-20 and post it down below than you have chance to win this account with Batman: Arkham City GOTY good luck to everyone. Name : Number :
  8. Hello , Number 19 is the winner congrats! contact me in ts3 or pm in forum others good luck in next giveaway , it will be soon with the game called "Batman™: Arkham Origins"
  9. Hello, I don't agree with this function clearly, if someone disturbs you, you can use block user, I think this is waste of time and more work to growndex.
  10. Hello this is one giveaway with game called : Sniper Elite V2 (STEAM LINK) (ACCOUNT LINK) to join at giveaway you must respect model down below , (the giveaway will end after 48 hours) Name : Number (choose one number between 1-20) :
  11. Olee

    Basketball quiz #1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 26 seconds  
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  13. Olee

    [Prezentare] eDkJoKeR

    Welcome to CSBD , have fun
  14. I need to talk you come fb 

    1. ✘ Sørtēx ✘

      ✘ Sørtēx ✘

      Olee come my friend it's very important

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