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    [Review] Velvet Assassin

    Velvet Assassin is a stealth video game for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360, released in 2009. Velvet Assassin's working title was Sabotage.It was released on the Mac app store in 2013. Players take control of Violette Summer, a World War II-era British Secret Intelligence Service spy operating deep behind enemy lines, attempting to help thwart the Nazi war effort.The game's story was inspired by a real-life secret agent/saboteur Violette Szabo. Born in Dorset, Violette Summer (voiced by Melinda Y. Cohen) grew up in a happy family and had a great and active childhood. Initially, she started her working life in a beauty salon before the outbreak of war inspired her to move to London and join the weapon industry. It did not take too long for her to be noticed by the secret services, as she was beautiful, athletic and had great attention to detail, and so she was soon recruited into Secret Intelligence Service during Britain's darkest hours. Violette had lost an aunt during one of the first Luftwaffe bombing attacks and to further compound her heartache she later lost her Royal Air Force husband in battle. However, Summer was strong willed and used these painful experiences to inspire her to succeed as a spy for the SIS. Summer managed to carry out several missions successfully before being gravely wounded by a sniper on a mission to kill Kamm, a Nazi military intelligence officer. Comatose in a hospital in France, Violette relives key moments in a series of flashbacks. Hence, the bulk of gameplay will take place during these flashbacks. The missions include blowing up a fuel depot on the Maginot Line, assassination of a colonel in a cathedral in Paris, stealing documents and marking a sub pen for bombers in Hamburg during Operation Gomorrah, and finding three secret agents in Warsaw. Moving through the city's sewer system, she finds one agent seriously wounded (and silences him) and another dead by cyanide poisoning, and a mission that involved moving through the Warsaw Ghetto, where the residents were either rounded up or executed, Violette makes her way through to the Gestapo's Pawiak prison to give cyanide to the third agent. Through her memories, scenes from the hospital can be seen with two men arguing whether to keep Violette alive, give her up to the Schutzstaffel, or kill her to save her the torture if captured by the Nazis. Her location betrayed, Violette wakes from her coma to find the enemy troops entering the hospital. Escaping them, Violette finds the villagers being murdered or rounded up by a force from the Dirlewanger Brigade, a brutal SS unit of convicts, and taken to the church. Locking the villagers in, the soldiers set fire to the church. Violette is unsuccessful at trying to free the villagers, and due to emotional and physical exhaustion, collapses. The enemy leader is shown to be Kamm, whose face was burned by Violette's assassination attempt. In the end credits, Violette is shown in her hospital gown standing on a cliff overlooking a German plane. When the game begins, Violette is seen from above, lying in a hospital bed. There are morphine syringes scattered across her bed, and the influx of drugs in her system creates a series of dreams that let her recount her past missions.Players have to hide in the shadows in order to avoid being detected. As a stealth-based game, lighting plays an important role. The HUD provides players with a silhouette of Violette which can be in one of three states. Purple means she is hidden in the shadows and invisible to enemies. White means she is exposed in light, but not yet detected. Red means she has been spotted and enemies are seeking out her position. If she is detected, she will either have to fight off the guard or escape. The game employs a special lifeline if detected called "Morphine Mode". When triggered, Violette is shown in her hospital gown with blood drops appearing all over the screen. For a limited amount of time, Violette can execute any alerted guards or escape. Players have limited use of the morphine lifeline. The game also occasionally makes use of "Blend Stealth". If Violette acquires a female SS uniform, she can change her attire at predefined points in the game. When Violette wears the SS uniform, guards will not identify her as a threat unless she moves too close to them, or she performs a suspicious action, such as aiming a gun. Violette's ability as an agent can be upgraded by finding a range of collectibles scattered throughout her environment. Once the player reaches 1,000 experience points, her skills can be upgraded in one of three ways: either Improved Stealth (sneaking), Morphine or Strength. The player can upgrade her skills based on individual gameplay style. SYSTEM REQUIREMNENTS CPU: Info. CPU SPEED: 3 GHz. RAM: 512 MB. OS: Windows XP. VIDEO CARD: Pixel Shader 3 Graphics Card with 256 MB VRAM (NVIDIA Geforce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1600) FREE DISK SPACE: 5 GB.
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    [Review] Freekstyle

    Freekstyle is a 2002 motocross racing video game for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance. There are four levels of gameplay: the circuit, a quick race, freestyle, and free run. Race courses Monumental Motoplex in Monument Valley, Utah — This is a course that twists and turns though the rock structures. The jumps are very smooth and one of the last jumps has burst though a ring with a glass panel in it with the Freekstyle logo on it. The Crust Belt — This track is based in an abandoned coal mining/welding factory, oddly still running, features jumping over belts full of coal, and speeding through a run down warehouse. There are also two secret jumps, one where the player jumps over buckets filled with molten steel, and the other in which they have to smash through wooden crates to get on the route to a massive jump. Burn It Up — The player must race their way in this "Nature Gone Ari" track, full of burning/collapsing trees and rocks shooting down an uphill section of the track. The very first jump is the biggest in the course. There are two secret jumps, one in which the player goes off course and follows a gray line that leads them to a rock jump. The other needs full boost to get up on the top of the multiple 'S' shaped turns below. Gnome Sweet Gnome — This course takes place at Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, featuring jumps over multiple sculptures, and a section where the player knocks over little gnomes. Let It Ride — This track is based in Laughlin, Nevada, it is one of the more colorful and ambient tracks in the game. There is a secret route where, when a jump pops up from the ground, the player will land on a red and blue platform which takes them to the next pop up jump (non-secret). The Rocket Garden — The hardest track in the game is in a rocket launching base, and has more secret jumps than any of the other tracks. First, if the player hears an alarm go off in the first section of the track, they must go to the middle launching pad; there will be a jump and they will soar past a rocket taking off. Next, on the very next jump, if they jump the middle ramp, they will land on a platform which leads them to the inside of the facility. The exit of the building launches them out to the next jump section. On the final stretch, the player must go to the middle route, and it will lead them to a big jump with a glass pane ring. Freestyle courses Feel the Pane in Detroit — This is a course filled with jumbo-trons or "Freek TV's", and loads of glass panes to smash or crash though. The Crash Pad — This is an abandoned house under construction, full of jumps over the house, exploding grills, and a pool. It is not for swimming, though. The Burbs — This is a neighborhood turned into "Freekville" The po[CENSORED]tion was originally in the thousands, after Freekstyle paid a visit, there were only eight (Number of racers in the game). This course is full of twisty, curvy, massive, and "Over-the-Top" jumps. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8. Processor: Intel Core®2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64. Memory: 4 GB RAM. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 or AMD Radeon HD 5750 with 1024 MB video memory. Storage: 1 GB available space.
  13. ABBA: You Can Dance is a dance video game for the Wii, developed by the French gaming company Ubisoft. It was released on November 15, 2011 in North America,November 24, 2011 in Australia and November 25, 2011 in Europe. The game is a spin-off of the Just Dance series, and features 25 songs by the Swedish pop group ABBA and includes a "Karaoke Mode" which allows 2 players to sing via USB microphones. Abba are a fantastic candidate for a dancing game, and not only because their generation-vaulting po[CENSORED]rity makes them an easy win for parties. As a proper pop band, the dancing is built in from the start. There's nothing clumsy or contrived about attaching a group routine to Knowing Me, Knowing You or Hole In Your Soul – these songs are made for movement. The choreography across the 27 tracks (well, 25 plus "Dancefloor" and "Prom" versions of Dancing Queen) is well-suited to the music. Stupid booty grinding is avoided in favour of pleasingly Abba-ish arm movements and turns (and yes, it is difficult to follow the on-screen prompts while you spin away from the telly, but dear God it is pretty much impossible to get Brits to crunk without making them too sauced to hold the Wiimote first). You will need friends, though. Playing alone is possible, but given that the routines are all for four dancers and involve various amounts of hand-holding and side-stepping around each other, you'll feel pretty lonely pretty fast if you can't round up a trio of friends. Once you've drawn them in with the promise of kirsch, meatballs and perky songs about divorce, you can keep them there by exploring some of the extras on the disc. There's a score-free karaoke mode featuring original videos, which is no challenger to the mighty SingStar Abba and does require you to handle a hateful, plasticky, third-party mic, but is nice to have. There's also a World of Abba slideshow factsheet, which is strictly for people who can't access books or Wikipedia to fulfil their need for banalities about Anni-Frid, Björn, Benny and Agnetha. Better is the mini-musical mode. This is a nod to the Mamma Mia! juggernaut without the hassle of licensing, which builds four songs into a Grease-alike story for three girls and one guy (a smart move, given that the dancing games market isn't as gender-balanced as Abba themselves). It won't keep you going for long, though, and it's a reminder of just how limited dancing games on Wii are. But for a relatively tiny price, you get to pretend that you're a part of the greatest pop group ever, and it's a pretty convincing show.
  14. This is how i do my JOURNALIST activity 😜 



  15. Shaun White Snowboarding is a sports video game for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Xbox 360 systems. It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal, published by Ubisoft, and released in 2008. The Wii edition of the game, Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip, was developed from the ground up for the system, taking full advantage of the Wii Balance Board accessory and featuring its own unique storyline and adventure with Shaun White. There are six mountains in Shaun White Snowboarding, including Alaska, Park City, Europe, and Japan. Each mountain features up to three different sections: peak, back country, and park (or resort). There is also a "Target Limited Edition" of the game that is exclusive to Target; this version gives the player access to Target Mountain, a mountain with Target branding all over it. It has been described in-game as extremely difficult to find, and contains additional jibs, character models, and a sponsored version of the standard game's best snowboard which can be unlocked before the player's final challenge against Shaun White. The last mountain, called B.C., is only available in the "Mile-High Pack" paid downloadable content. It is set in British Columbia. Shaun White can be controlled with just a remote or a combination of remote and Wii Fit balance board, and both work well. The board tends to be a little less precise, and for some of the game's harder challenges you may have to step off and take the mountain with just the remote. But for most of the events either input method will suffice. Switching between the two schemes is a breeze and can be done at any time during a game. If you're just rocking a remote, tilting it side to side will handle your steering. It's surprisingly responsive and works better than most Wii racers that use tilt controls. Pressing A will cause your boarder to tuck in and increase speed, although you'll lose some maneuverability. Holding the B button will allow you to carve left and right but your momentum will take a nose dive. Giving the remote a quick flick will cause you to jump. While airborne tilting will get you to spin and the B button will perform grabs. You can also flick the remote in different directions during a jump to perform one-off tricks. Throw the balance board into the mix and your steering and jumps can be controlled with your feet while the remote will still handle carves and grabs. You stand on the board sideways, just as you would on a real live snowboard. Turning is done just by leaning forward or back with your rear foot. A small bounce will make your avatar jump. Tricks are accomplished by placing weight on different combinations of the balls and heels of your feet as well as pressing the A and B buttons. Three levels of sensitivity are available when the game calibrates the board. For the most part riding this way feels really good, but as I mentioned it's just a little less accurate. Turning and spinning are a bit easier with the remote, but getting up on the board is a lot of fun. It's really a toss up as to which control scheme is superior and if you have a balance board you'll probably enjoy using both methods. This is a casual, literally pick-up-and-play game. Not only are the controls easy to master, grinding has been simplified so that if you're anywhere near a rail when you jump your board will lock to it. If you approach the beginning of a rail head-on you don't even have to jump -- the game will automatically put you up there. These aren't complaints. Ubisoft has crafted a game that is easy to get into and feels really good to play. Each event has two goals: an easier "dare" goal and a more challenging "respect" goal. Casual players can proceed briskly through the game just by achieving dare goals, but the respect challenges are also fun and extend the experience. Like most snow- and skateboarding games you'll have to chain tricks together in order to rack up higher scores. It's not as deep as other action sports games, but it is definitely fun. The premise here is to give players the sense of camaraderie that comes with travelling and snowboarding with your friends. You start out with three people in your group and as you progress more will join along the way. Each rider is proficient in different areas like speed, jumping, and landing. For any challenge in the game players can choose a rider and a cameraman to follow (your cameraman also provides a stat boost). We're encouraged to use a variety of riders because the challenges are always changing from tests of speed to skill-based trick contests. The idea is you're travelling around the world trying to catch up with Shaun White Real-world camaraderie is also available as the entire game can be played cooperatively with a friend. Unfortunately, this isn't a drop-in/drop-out feature, so you can't continue a co-op game on your own or bring in some help if you're having trouble in single-player. Competitive modes for up to four players are also available in both simultaneous split screen and hotseat games where everyone takes turns. Of course, only one balance board can be used at a time. Shaun White has a good licensed soundtrack, including a wide variety of music from bands like Run DMC, Blue Oyster Cult, and Audioslave. Tapping the 1 button during a ride will cycle through the track list. Sound effects also sound great, especially when skidding over ice. The remote's speaker is used to indicate when you've nailed a trick. A kid-friendly, motion-controlled version of Shaun White Snowboarding could have been a disaster, but this turns out to be a truly slick edition of the franchise. Not only is this one of the best-looking Wii games available, both remote and balance board controls feel really nice. I recommend it regardless of whether or not you own the board. This will be another good one to bring out when your non-gamer friends come over, as it fits the "pick up and play" description perfectly. The option to work through the entire game cooperatively is great but it would have been nice if your progression could carry over between single- and multiplayer. Overall this is a polished package and a great example of how to treat the Wii version of a multi-platform game. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.6GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ Graphics: AMD Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT System Memory: 1 GB RAM Storage: 8 GB Hard drive space DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card

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