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  1. 1.contra we cant let them afk for 15+ h or we will get banned gt rules 2.idk its a good way to kill but sometimes it will kill you xd soo but sometimes in mood like assassin or neme they will destroy the lm and the zm running and killing so good suggest but we cant cancel it 3.idk cuse sometimes they need to hide and sometimes they hide with out reason but always admin fix that with warns the rule already here but it get forgotten btw make a good remainder in sv iagree 6.its already exist so idk 7.Iagree pro cuse admins at night gone sleepy xd iam with u mr baba 10.already exist after all iwant to add one 11.make one hour free vip for all players think it will boost the sv
  2. qosay_haddad

    BANLIST Escanor

    Nick:super boy IP: SteamID : Time :4:30 10/29/2020 ban him for 60 min Reason:RR.gag Proof (print/demo) : purple gaged him cuse she dont have acsess to ban him so iban and i order a proof from her,
  3. Follow back mate

  4. ¤ Nickname :Escanor ¤ Age :17 ¤ Your Country (Location) :palestine ¤ Languages that you speak :2 arbic and english verygood in both &some russian ¤ How much time you can be active? :in morning and in night ¤ Can you be active in ts3? :sure ¤ Link of your activity in (minumum 30 hours) (gametracker) :ihave more 70 in server but game tracker lost my hours ihave 120 in steam for sure 70 in our server ¤ Can you donate? :sorry icant ¤ Other information :ican be in the 5.6.7to 12 am theres alot of hackers in this times ican take that
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