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  1. Aww thanks guys, i rly appreciate it Ly
  2. Nick: BS Discord: Purple#1345 Age: 16 Your is Admin in server?: Yup
  3. Hey can i ask you a Question if you Don't Mind..?

  4. What are you saying has no relation with the report if you wanna talk nonsense at least bring some proofs
  5. ¤ Your name: BS ¤ Claimed Admin name: Necro ¤ Date and time: 17/08 - 14:25 ? ¤ Reason of complaint: Unfortunately when i was playing , Necro wanted to cause problems for me for no reasons and that's unprofessional at all . The story started when he gagged me after i describe him as a kid ( okay i understand it and i think i did wrong ) but at that time when i was still gagged the network cut off ( thats normal in Algeria ) so i disconnected from the server and when the network retuned back i reconnected and made myself clear to him but he banned me !!! ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
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