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  1. Name(Forum/ts3]: Akrapovic; Unique ID[ts3]: qbheuqK5G+BnlGAgn/V/ux6MwOM=
  2. Eight team fight for five places. The classic capital is coming. There are two dates left to define the qualifiers for the League homers, and the dispute is vibrant. There are three teams that can scream that are already insured: National, Latin and Junior. Cali whispers, because it was shot. From there on down, the fight is fierce to get or keep a quota. Related topics Santa Fe de Antioquia 08:21 p.m. Cardinal joy: Santa Fe shouted victory and returned at eight Ronaldinho Oct 17 Ronaldinho drove Bogota crazy Ronaldinho Oct 17 Ronaldinho did not hide the emotion and was moved The date 18 left several momentous events for the future of the League, such as the classification of America and Junior, the triumph of Tolima against Cúcuta (2-1) that allowed him to get into the eight provisionally, the dangerous defeat of Millionaires who it is at this moment on the outside, against all odds, and the triumph of Santa Fe, which puts it again. Eight teams, counting Medellín and Alianza, who closed the day with a 2-0 DIM win, and Once Caldas, who drew at home against Huila 1-1 and got complicated, fight for five places. For now, the ranking number is 31 points. Millas is in danger Junior vs. Millionaires Junior vs. Action Game Millionaires on the 18th date of the League. Photo: Vanexa Romero / THE TIME Millionaires is in serious trouble, because he knew that in Barranquilla it was not easy to beat Junior, but he also knew that he could not lose. And lost. At this moment he is out of the eight, what he most wanted to avoid, what he thought might not happen, and it happened. He fell to the tenth position and the picture is not encouraging. Millionaires are in free fall, with a point of the last 15, and that, its performance, is what worries most. He lives a repetitive story: he has no reaction, he has no goal, he continues to suffer from punctual failures in defense, he continues to be punished, he continues to suffer expulsions and nothing he wins. He forgot. Coach Jorge Luis Pinto came out in defense of his players and said that the team played an impeccable match in Barranquilla until the goal came from which he could not get up. That is not enough. Millionaires need to win again or it will take a tremendous blow. Of course, Pinto went against arbitration, once again, this time against Wílmar Roldán, whom he criticized for penalizing a penalty for foul outside the area (which goalkeeper Faríñez stopped) and the expulsion of Andrés Román for protesting. “Millionaires are suffering the mistakes of the referees. The expulsion of Jaramillo against America. If Roldan gives a penalty two steps away from the area, the line judge has to warn him. He had not wanted to touch anything about the referee, but the cup was already filled, ”said Pinto, who also acknowledged that his team has no goal. Honesty. The minimum. Millionaires have the classic against Santa Fe and visit Rionegro. The threat of staying outside is serious and real. You need to take out your hierarchy if you want to avoid such a blow from elimination. “It was a match that the one who made the goal won. We are beaten, it was a key match for our classification. We will look at what is coming, ”said Pinto. Santa Fe, inside Santa Fe reached 10 games without receiving a goal, 10 games without losing, 10 games of frank improvement. Row from behind and two dates from the end is very close to the goal. Santa Fe won with the goal of Edisson Restrepo, at the end of Herrera, and with so much from Fabián Sambueza. A 2-0 against Unión Magdalena that allowed him to reach 28 points. It is there, inside, in the fight. He has the classic Wednesday, against an opponent who used to look at him from afar and is now a direct rival. And on the last date he will face Atlético Nacional. The difficulty of these two remaining rivals was what forced him to win yesterday, and he did. "We have to take advantage of the present, winning the classic would give us the classification," said DT Hárold Rivera.
  3. They face in Barranquilla on date 18 of Colombian football. Junior and Millionaires face this Saturday in a match on the 18th of the League. The teams are drawing 0-0 in the first half. The ambassador needs a good result because he runs the risk of leaving the eight on this day. At minute 3 Rambal already has yellow in Millionaires. Minute 16, Judge Wílmar Roldan doesn't miss a foul in the area for Millonarios. They lock Ortiz and a penalty was possible. Millionaires make a good game. He is safe in defense and comes out with speed. Junior has not yet attacked the opponent. Minute 32, penalty for Junior, lack of Payares on Moreno. They claim it was outside. Cobra Narváez and Faríñez looks, flies and saves him. They are still 0-0. Minute 38, Gonzalez is approaching for Junior with a shot that goes above.

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