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  1. Angrry.exe™

    Problem in CS Pro

    Relax! It is just a minor problem with CS. Just reinstalling the game will fix it. Cross check if all the drivers are up to date if not then just get them updated. I would assume that it's a problem with you GPU; the game doesn't work quite well with it; maybe try updating your drivers; especially graphics drivers.
  2. Angry.exe  ... English looks so difficult 😛 

    1. Drama queen

      Drama queen


      Sooooo hard to speak, but it s ok :)) 


  3. Hello, this proposal is unnecessary. I do not see how I can help the community. first of all, the same suggestion as yours was suggested before and it was not accepted I think this is going to be very boring We need suggestions to improve forum or something important for Timespeak server also ِ Thank you for your suggestion, do not hesitate to share with us these ideas to help the growth of the community
  4. There are many laptop or desktop users who have dozens or hundreds of icons on the screen. Starting from that unpleasant situation, a series of scenarios have been created related to how it affects the performance of the system. From my first Windows systems, I was drawn to the fact that a clean desktop is reflected in a faster PC. No one had many arguments for the logic behind that statement, but for more than a decade, I have not had any icons on the desktop and it is possible that my decision in this regard was influenced by those "tips". There are many explanations for how the performance of a computer is influenced by desktop icons, and below I will cite a few of them, with a simple conclusion to remember. Systems with current hardware configurations are no longer influenced by the number of desktop icons, but those had a fairly large impact 15-20 years ago, when PCs were significantly slower. Although it would be ideal to move your desktop icons to a folder, to find them easier and enjoy "cleanliness", the speed of starting and shutting down your PC is not significantly influenced by their number, more not at all. In the boot process, the operating system loads the icons on the desktop into RAM, but if most of them are shortcuts to programs installed on the computer, they only have a few KB, and a PC with 4GB or 8GB of RAM is immune to that. unnecessary memory consumption. Even if you have many files on your desktop, such as PDFs, Word documents, pictures or movies, the operating system loads only the icon of those files, which is still a few Kb, compared to the few GB of RAM you have installed on the system. On the other hand, you should never keep important documents on your desktop, because you risk losing them if your Windows PC decides to give up one day. The good part is that you won't be spoiled by the number of icons you have in the foreground.
  5. Innosilicon Technology has announced the first high-performance Chinese GPU for AI, VR and cloud computing applications in datacenters. It is called Fenghua No. 1 and will compete with similar solutions from NVIDIA and AMD, but for the beginning only on the Chinese market. Although the exact price has not been communicated to us, the company claims that Fenghua No. 1 will be slightly cheaper than the competitors' alternatives. As for features, the board comes with most modern technologies. It has VRD GDDR6X memory with 21 GB / s bandwidth, PCIe 4.0 and support for po[CENSORED]r frameworks such as OpenGL, OpenGLES, OpenCL, Vulkan and DirectX. It also supports Linux, Android and Windows operating systems, as well as advanced cloud applications such as multi-channel cloud gaming, cloud mobile apps and cloud desktops. Although it is a GPU for servers, Fengshua No. 1 also has HDMI 2.1 and e-DisplayPort 1.4 video outputs. As for the design and cooling, the board brings a simple dual slot construction with two fans. Even if there is no real chance that the new Chinese GPU will ever reach Europe officially, it would be interesting to see it at work and in gaming.
  6. Look, he's doing something horrible He already has a rank Global Look what he did if you respect what you are, you know for yourself that you don't deserve it 1- 2- @King_of_lion Now he has to give you two explanations
  7. 1-As Agent said : I already apologised to him, he isnt even in devil harmony project, so how can he stay in staff channel ??! I told him several times to get out, he didnt go out. So he got what he deserved. Even tho I apologised. 2-First of all I was going to get you out of the Devil Harmony channel by mistake, I just logged out of the server completely and after I joined again I went back to the same channel and asked for permission and you had /admin /group before that was deleted because I asked him if you wanted to join And when I refused to take you out of this, you know I'm the coordinator there and I pulled you because of what you said into the mic since I told you to speak English and you refuse to speak English I kicked you.... I couldn't do anything else When you enter again into the project, you have to speak in the original language or don't bother us. Useless report!
  8. Angrry.exe™

    Auto-Scan Help

    You want something like it ? /* Plugin generated by AMXX-Studio */ #include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> #include <cstrike> #include <colorchat> #pragma tabsize 0 new bool: hascan[33],target[33],targetIP[32],targetNAME[32],adminNAME[32] new const TAG[] = "[WarGods]" new gCvarMoveSpec,gCvarMinutesToGive,admin_spec,ban_time,SyncHudMessage public plugin_init() { ColorChat(0, GREEN, "%s^x03 Adminul ^x04[%s] ^x03ii cere scanare Wargods lui ^x04[%s]. Data/Ora: ^x03 %s", TAG, get_name(id), get_name(player), timer); ColorChat(0, GREEN, "%s^x03 De asemenea are si el o poza cu mesajul ca ia cerut, in caz de neprezentare are dovada pentru ban.", TAG); ColorChat(0, GREEN, "%s^x03 Link download WG ^", TAG); if(get_pcvar_num(gCvarMoveSpec)==1) { if(is_user_alive(player)) user_silentkill(player) if(cs_get_user_team(player)!=CS_TEAM_SPECTATOR) cs_set_user_team(player,CS_TEAM_SPECTATOR) } new Float:Minutes = (float(get_pcvar_num( gCvarMinutesToGive )) * 60.0); set_task( Minutes / 3.0, "BanThis", id ); ColorChat(player, GREEN, "%s^x03 Ai %d minut%s pentru a prezenta WG Adminului %s", TAG,get_pcvar_num( gCvarMinutesToGive ),get_pcvar_num( gCvarMinutesToGive )==1?"":"e",get_name(id)); client_cmd(player, ";Snapshot"); client_cmd(id, ";Snapshot"); formatex(text,charsmax(text),"%s %s Adminul %s i-a cerut o scanare WG jucatorului %s",TAG,timer,get_name(id),get_name(player)) write_file("addons/amxmodx/logs/wg.txt",text,-1) } else ColorChat(id, GREEN, "%s Jucatorul specificat nu exista.", TAG); return PLUGIN_HANDLED; } return PLUGIN_CONTINUE; } public BanThis( id ) { new MenuTitle[ 168 ]; formatex( MenuTitle, sizeof( MenuTitle ), "\d|\r WG\d |\y Mertia\r %s\y ban?", targetNAME ); new BanMenu = menu_create( MenuTitle, "BanHandler" ); menu_additem( BanMenu, "\yDa", "0"); menu_additem( BanMenu, "\yNu", "1"); menu_additem( BanMenu, "\wIntreaba-ma mai incolo", "2"); menu_additem( BanMenu, "\wMa descurc singur", "3"); menu_display( id, BanMenu ); } public BanHandler( id, menu, item ) { switch( item ) { case 0: { if( is_user_connected( id ) ) client_cmd( id, "amx_addban ^"%s^" %d ^"Neprezentare WG la timp^"", targetIP,get_pcvar_num(ban_time) ); else server_cmd( "addip %d %s;wait;writeip",get_pcvar_num(ban_time), targetIP ); set_hudmessage( 0, 255, 0, -1.0, -1.0, 0, 5.0, 10.0 ); ShowSyncHudMsg( 0, SyncHudMessage, "[ADMIN] %s: l-a Banat pe %s (IP: %s)^n Motiv : Problema la WG !", adminNAME, targetNAME, targetIP ); hascan[target[id]]=false target[id]=0 } case 1: { set_hudmessage( 0, 255, 0, -1.0, -1.0, 0, 5.0, 10.0 ); ShowSyncHudMsg( 0, SyncHudMessage, "[ADMIN] %s: l-a Crutat pe %s (IP: %s)^nMotiv : WG CURAT !", adminNAME, targetNAME, targetIP ); switch(random_num(1,2)) { case 1: if(is_user_connected(target[id])&&cs_get_user_team(target[id])==CS_TEAM_SPECTATOR) cs_set_user_team(target[id],CS_TEAM_T) case 2: if(is_user_connected(target[id])&&cs_get_user_team(target[id])==CS_TEAM_SPECTATOR) cs_set_user_team(target[id],CS_TEAM_CT) } hascan[id]=false target[id]=0 } case 2: if(is_user_connected(id)&&is_user_admin(id)&&is_user_connected(target[id])) set_task(5.0,"BanThis",id); case 3: return; } } stock get_name ( id ) { new name [ 32 ] if(is_user_connected(id)&&!(is_user_hltv(id)||is_user_bot(id))) get_user_name ( id, name, 31 ); return name } stock get_ip( id ) { new ip [ 20 ] if(is_user_connected(id)&&!(is_user_hltv(id)||is_user_bot(id))) get_user_ip ( id, ip, 19,1 ); return ip } /* AMXX-Studio Notes - DO NOT MODIFY BELOW HERE *{\\ rtf1\\ ansi\\ ansicpg1252\\ deff0\\ deflang1033{\\ fonttbl{\\ f0\\ fnil Tahoma;}}\n\\ viewkind4\\ uc1\\ pard\\ f0\\ fs16 \n\\ par } */ /* AMXX-Studio Notes - DO NOT MODIFY BELOW HERE *{\\ rtf1\\ ansi\\ ansicpg1252\\ deff0\\ deflang1033{\\ fonttbl{\\ f0\\ fnil Tahoma;}}\n\\ viewkind4\\ uc1\\ pard\\ f0\\ fs16 \n\\ par } register_plugin("WarGods Cerere", "1.0", "DanN");//edit by lev register_clcmd ( "say", "hook_say" ); register_clcmd ( "say_team", "hook_say" ); gCvarMoveSpec = register_cvar( "wg_move_spec", "1" ); gCvarMinutesToGive = register_cvar( "wg_min_to_response", "10" ); admin_spec = register_cvar( "wg_admin_must_be_spec", "0" ); ban_time = register_cvar( "wg_ban_time_minutes", "0" ); SyncHudMessage=CreateHudSyncObj() } public client_connect(id) { hascan[id] = false; target[id]=0 } public client_disconnected(id) { if(hascan[id]&&get_pcvar_num(ban_time)>=0) { ColorChat( 0, GREEN, "%s^x03 %s^1 a parasit serverul in timp ce trebuia sa prezinte^4 WG^1 si a primit ban", TAG, get_name(id)); server_cmd( "addip %d %s;wait;writeip", get_pcvar_num(ban_time),targetIP ); } hascan[id]=false target[id]=0 } public hook_say ( id ) { new szSaid[ 195 ],text[512] read_args( szSaid, sizeof( szSaid ) -1 ); remove_quotes( szSaid ); if( contain( szSaid, "/scan" ) != -1 ) { if(!is_user_admin(id)) return PLUGIN_HANDLED new target[ 32 ]; copy( target, sizeof( target ) -1, szSaid[ 6 ] ); if(equal(target,"")) { ColorChat( id, GREEN, "%s^x03 Folosire /scan NICK",TAG) return PLUGIN_HANDLED } for(new x=1;x<=get_maxplayers();x++) { if(hascan[x]) { ColorChat( id, GREEN, "%s^x03 Deja se afla in curs o cerere de wg, ceruta de %s pentru %s", TAG, adminNAME, targetNAME); return PLUGIN_HANDLED } break } new player = cmd_target( id, target, 2 ); if(hascan[player]) { ColorChat( id, GREEN, "%s^x03 Jucatorului^x04 [%s]^x03 i s-a cerut deja o scanare wargods, de catre adminul ^x04[%s].", TAG, targetNAME, adminNAME); return PLUGIN_HANDLED; } if( player ) { if(get_pcvar_num(admin_spec)==1) { ColorChat(0, GREEN, "%s^x03 Trebuie sa fii SPECTATOR pentru a cere WG", TAG); return PLUGIN_HANDLED } new timer[ 32 ] get_time("%d/%m/%Y - %H:%M:%S", timer,31); target[player]=id hascan[player] = true; adminNAME=get_name(id) targetIP=get_ip(player) targetNAME=get_name(player)
  9. @Agent 47' Was added to the team as a Co-Leader , congratulations !
  10. @Yeezuz Has Been REMOVED From D-Harmony Team. Reason: His decision. @BaZoOka Has Been REMOVED From D-Harmony Team. Reason: Inactive @NaVi Ceders Has Been REMOVED From D-Harmony Team. Reason: Inactive @zene.lBackHas Been REMOVED From D-Harmony Team. Reason: Inactive @_teory_ Has been REMOVED From D-Harmony Team. Reason: Retirement. Good luck mate, hope you back soon.
  11. Anyway, a good idea for the upcoming New Year But above all, it is incumbent upon each manger's Server's to give us their opinion It would be good for @Mr.Love to set up a meeting for the server leaders to talk about this.
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