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Gerardo Larreal.

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    Republica Boliviană Venezuela

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    1) The day is going to do something wrong, do it well done.
    2) So if half the world wants to kill me, hired the world other means to defend me.
    3) Everything dangerous becomes in money.
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  1. @myCro is the great boss that everyone would like to have a good honest and correct friend.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  2. ¤ Admin: MagicHunter_xD ¤ Sanction: removed. ¤ Old Grade: administrator ¤ New Grade: tag ¤ Reason: personal.
  3. Always on NEWLIFE


  4. ¤ Admin: Gerardo Larreal. ¤ Sanction: -- ¤ Old Grade: Daddy Boss. ¤ New Grade: Legend ¤ Reason: personal. thank you all so much ♥
  5. ¤ Admin: Levan ¤ Sanction: remvoed. ¤ Old Grade: semi-elder ¤ New Grade: player ¤ Reason: more than 2 warnings now a third for blocking players and giving free to another friend in armaggedon mode.
  6. Hello old friend good job for NewLife 

    Dont forget and ZmOldschool old family good luck Bro

    @Wizard ;x 

    1. Gerardo Larreal.

      Gerardo Larreal.

      Hello my bro, never forget my old family from zmoldschool... all living my heart u are welcome in this new family.

    2. Wizard ;x

      Wizard ;x

      I will never forget my old family of zmoldschool, that's will never happend!!

  7. Nick: Gerardo Larreal. Time: 23/12/2020 Site: gt-r Proof: Contact method: paypal Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : dialy
  8. Gerardo me ayudarias a combertirme en admin

  9. Nick: Gerardo Larreal Time: now Site: gt-rs Proof: Contact method: Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : dialy
  10. Hola gerardo soy N0psa el del server me podrias ayudar en convertirme en admin


  11. Nick: Gerardo Larreal. Time: 10:00 pm time venezuela. Site: 17/11/2020 Proof: Contact method: paypal Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? :dialy.
  12. At the moment we do not have access to modify the server. Thank you for your suggestion.
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