Gerardo Larreal.

Manager CS 1.6

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1806 Gold II

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  • Dată Naștere 11/13/1997


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    1) The day is going to do something wrong, do it well done.
    2) So if half the world wants to kill me, hired the world other means to defend me.
    3) Everything dangerous becomes in money.
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  1. watching the demo carefully, I see that the admin did not act so bad, normally in that case you have to slap when there is a block for the next time not to destroy mines of other players remember that you are admin and you must lead by example. This time I will forgive since I see that I accept your error, for the next time it can be removed or downgrade Rejected, T/C
  2. ¤ Nick Admin: abdo. ¤ Grade: Co Owner. ¤ New Grade: OWNER. ¤ Reason: here. ¤ Nick Admin: teeven ¤ Grade: OWNER. ¤ New Grade: Founder. ¤ Reason: here.
  3. ¤ Nick Admin: @Adyroiha2020 ¤ Grade: Founder ¤ New Grade: Daddy Boss ¤ Reason: good activity enforces the rules always keep an eye on the sv. Congrats
  4. ¤ Nick Admin: EL-zero ¤ Grade: helper ¤ New Grade: player ¤ Reason: [* ADMINS *] EL-zero : gerardo [* ADMINS *] EL-zero : go removed [* ADMINS *] EL-zero : go player [* ADMINS *] EL-zero : go removed adios Upgrades: @Sensuo - transferred from Helper to Administrators (test 1 week) - Reason Downgrades: @leafblower33 - Removed -Reason! Warnings: @el_oscuro- Improve Activity - Reason! -deku -Improve Activity - Reason! @FD_God989 - Improve Activity - Reason! @The_Saw- Improve Activity - Reason! -jax - Improve Activity - Reason! -lurder - Improve Activity -Reason!
  5. Gerardo Larreal.

    [Rejected] Req admin

    You entered the sv for 1 day you need more activity, come back in 7 days with better activity. Rejected.
  6. Aquino Ali Resqueysa 

    1. cRaNk


      add me in steam

  7. hi brooooooooo 🙂

    1. Gerardo Larreal.

      Gerardo Larreal.

      hellooooo my brotherrr ❤️ 

      come newlife im there<3

    2. cRaNk


      i m playing with NPK in new 

    3. Gerardo Larreal.
  8. Felicidades perro

    1. Ru-gAL.™


      Jajjja, Gracias Don Gerar 🥰😎

  9. yes this is good but not enough we have to fight harder to get to the "top1" and stay there!
  10. hdp

    1. Wizard ;x

      Wizard ;x

      Qlq perroooooo

    2. Gerardo Larreal.

      Gerardo Larreal.

      en que andas perro como estas


    banned by scammer mmgv ❤️

    1. [N]audy


      que beta mano te batanio 

    2. axelxcapo


      por robarse 5 dolares le costara 50 euros xd

  12. Hi everyone, this person sold me that account and gave me nothing He has scammed me. proff paymen: proff: proff: after making the money transfer it just disappeared