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  • Gerardo Larreal.

    Manager CS 1.6
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      Republica Boliviană Venezuela

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    1880 Gold II

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      1) The day is going to do something wrong, do it well done.
      2) So if half the world wants to kill me, hired the world other means to defend me.
      3) Everything dangerous becomes in money.
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    1. Gerardo me ayudarias a combertirme en admin

    2. Nick: Gerardo Larreal Time: now Site: gt-rs Proof: Contact method: Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? : dialy
    3. Hola gerardo soy N0psa el del server me podrias ayudar en convertirme en admin


    4. Nick: Gerardo Larreal. Time: 10:00 pm time venezuela. Site: 17/11/2020 Proof: Contact method: paypal Daily/Weekly/Monthly boost? :dialy.
    5. At the moment we do not have access to modify the server. Thank you for your suggestion.
    6. ¤ Nick Admin: vampiri; ¤ Grade: helper ¤ New Grade: player ¤ Reason: 2 complain for ¤ Nick Admin: NickZon ¤ Grade: administrator ¤ New Grade: player ¤ Reason: 0 activity ¤ Nick Admin: -=CybeR=- ¤ Grade: moderators ¤ New Grade: player ¤ Reason: 0 activity ¤ Nick Admin: A L I E N ¤ Grade: semi-elder ¤ New Grade: player ¤ Reason: 0 activity
    7. I will not allow abuses against players on this server, the previous comment has no effect. "andrei" You get suspended from the server for using commands that you shouldn't even have access to. REPORT ACCEPTED.
    8. ¤ Nick Admin: !YaZaN^_^ ¤ Grade: Administrators ¤ New Grade: Player. ¤ Reason: here,
    9. all administrators must have an account here it is mandatory, This is something simple to remove your administrator but if you did not respond here in the next 12 hours it will be removed.



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