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  1. hii fea i want to talk with u ...


  2. Welcome back

  3. Quote

    MSi sent you 1 points

    Thank you ?

    1. MSi


      For nothing ?

  4. Hello, frends. I think so, Level CSBD And for rank CSBD Legend add a medallion how think? CSBD Forever Alone: -20 likes CSBD Alone: -10 likes CSBD Neutral: 0 likes CSBD Trusted: 250 likes CSBD Renowned 500 likes CSBD Glorious: 1500 likes CSBD LEGEND or CSBD LOVE THE BEST: 10000 likes
  5. In order to be a NR server, it is first repeatedly reported, followed/join by Administrator / Moderator -! And not just to login Administrator / Moderator to your server, it has probably been reported as a fake or boost from
  6. For me?! 5 years CSBD

    1. pulse.exe


      You are older than me with a few months :D 

  7. Хич неси добър с мен.

    Какво искаш от мен защо ме мразиш !? :291:

  8. Hello, what about romania, what is a protest?



    What do they want to change the government? I watched the news but could not understand anything.

    1. Mr.Love


      Hello MSI,


      We have some political problems in our country.

      Last night in Bucharest in the street were more than 150.000 people.

      protest = is a that moment when people go outsite in a large number and They say their discontent about political decisions.


      In this moment our government made some changes in our Penal Code ( they said now that people can be forgiven even if stealing a lot of money money from our state, and many other shit things.

      Killers will be release from jails...


      Is very sad. 

      Corruption is try to win a big fight in our country even our president is with us.

  9. MSi

    [Maps] zm_gbox7

    Map Name : zm_gbox7 Author (optional) : iVoka Optimum Number Of Players : 32/32 Type (de, cs, fy, etc) : zm Game (CS 1.6 , CS:S , CS:GO) : CS 1.6 Download Link : Click here Screenshots :
  10. MSi

    i need help

    Past the command and left in Quit in game, and connect again. Don't use type exit in console.
  11. MSi

    felicitaciones new group in forum :P 

    1. - hNk

      - hNk

      nope ugly, you are the most pro here e,e

      Thanks you man!

  12. 29-10-2016 / 20:00 PM Helsinki[FI], Kiev[UK], Riga[LV], Sofia[BG], Tallinn[EE], Vilnius[LT] Time [UTC +02:00] is Bulgarian time.

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