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  1. Dare to show me your Gamer Desktop!




    1. The GodFather

      The GodFather



      i don't even have google chrome because it takes so much RAM, SAD...



    2. Nexy


      look at this organizationnnnnn


    3. NewBie?
  2. In section CS Resources almost half of posts are invalid, cuz download link doesn't exists anymore. Maybe it's time to sort topics? =]

  3. NewBie?

    [CSBD JUMPS] Maps

    Adding new maps: adi_simpleblock ankh_antiquity bhop_flophop bhop_avantura bhop_styleer bhop_ytt_cruma bhop_redmanschest bhop_nero bhop_eskidostlar_solo bhop_mrufka_v1 bhop_mz_chaosmedia90 bkz_dqvolski_most cnd_overblock ckz_corsair dg_scobhop dyd_insulate dyd_horizon dyd_progressive dyd_hb_betty_k fu_extreme hb_ShoCk hb_dropzone hfr_apex hfr_lunaris hfr_hb_toffifee hnscn_Cassiel_miniez jro_toons jro_goldbhop jagkz_inferno k_xmas k_ice kg_sneakster kg_duckhops_flawless kz_built kz_aztec kz_gazo kz_dalai_rats kz_m
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 122 seconds  
  5. CSBD staff! In your view, sport is only a football? When there will be some quiz with ice hockey or something? 

    1. NewBie?


      I understand,  but more variety would be great. 

  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 42 seconds  
  7. Ready for action?







  8. NewBie?

    [CSBD JUMPS] Maps

    Adding new maps: bhop_monken bhop_pena_damn bhopex_pampari cd_2333_v2 clr_hb_hopez cnd_monte Eldr_brotherhood_h fu_plainhop2 ffy_aurora ffy_Ragnarok gbc_randomclimb2 hb_galya hb_Staravia hb_JumpL hb_cauture kg_duckbhopz_v2 kz_adverock kz_monte kz_ezalpin kz_winterdust kz_arcdetriomphe kz_hb_fykseN kz_hb_elITe kz_kzus_evagria kz_man_cameron kz_adv_quadrablock kz_wsp_marioland kz-endo_toonbhopz kzcn_cosy_temple kzra_wired kzra_coast kzra_rocky kzra_undercastle kzra_arrowtheliar kzra_smallcanyon kzro_tits kzro_
  9. NewBie?

    [CSBD JUMPS] Maps

    Adding new maps: BBbhop bh_axn_easy bom_clantest bhop_heaven bhop_pool_day bhop_c21 bhop_whatsapp bhop_break_free bhop_brk bhop_eclips bhop_m_snow bkz_nightlife chk_agony chk_neutral2 chk_cursed mls_axn_crater mls_stairsbhop kz-endo_portal kz_kzro_winter
  10. Hello Devils Family! I am searching for 1 - 3 Admins for my Kreedz/Bhop server! First of aff! If you are not so interested to play CS 1.6 MOD like this one, then don't waste your and my time! I hope there is advanced jumpers who are interested to play in my server, so there is a model if you want to apply! MODEL: Your name: Age: Steam ON/OFF: Are you playing Bunnyhop?: Other information: And don't forget to read the rules!
  11. NewBie?

    [CSBD JUMPS] Server Rules

    Any kind of cheats are forbidden / Punishment - Depends of admins mood! Advertisements of other servers are forbidden / Punishment - Depends of admins mood! Be civilized, no swearing. Unless if you doesn't offend anybody! Be understanding, If others want to finish the map, then click on the vote for map extending. Do not use commands abusively / or to help finish map / Punishment - Remove [For Admins] You can change map directly only with other players agreement! [For Admins]

    I ask you guys to help me find a lot of new, good, playable maps for my Kreedz/Bunnyhop server! 



  13. Is this a visual bug? 

    Topic have 4 replies but have 0 views 


    1. Mr.Love


      Yes, I know.

      Working to solve it. Dont worry.

  14. *Type: Signature *Dimensions: 400x150 Text: Jumps.CsBlackDevil.Com *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): If need, you can choose any image you can find from bhop/kz mod. *Last request link: Other informations: Would like something similar like ThunderZm have. I will pay in Love!



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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