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  1. Having fun in Saints Row: The Third 😄



  2. Life, that's the reason. People grow up and form families. As a result, there is no time left to play games. Nowadays, what is cs 1.6? From new ones no one particularly plays cs 1.6 anymore and better prefers modern games.
  3. Finally the holiday came and I was able to play.

    Let's go on F.E.A.R. 



  4. NewBie?

    unban req [SOLVED]

    This is because there were connection problems. You will be unbanned automatically after 5 mins.
  5. Feel strong no matter how hard it goes.

  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 32 seconds  
  7. I love you all.

  8. Ban Information Name: bosanac12 IP: Reason: BhopScript Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  9. Absence! * Nick: NewBie? * Grade: Maior * Reason: Personal business * Period: 1 - 2 weeks.
  10. Ban Information Name: s7ck*d1ck IP: Reason: Wh Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  11. Ban Information Name: fear.adv IP: Reason: Aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  12. Ban Information Name: ScreaM Kalu IP: Reason: Wh Unban Time: Permanent Ban
  13. Complain about what? You are swearing and insulting others every day. Admin have rights to ban player If he continue to swear. Of course only for 120 mins. In your case 120+ mins.
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