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    1. NewBie?

      [F.A.Q] Cs 1.6 Crash

      Not often, it looks like overload, I play in respawn server where this plugins is really heavy for his own host server, maybe that's why. But when this happened in normal clasic server, then this stunned me. Already have 64 bit system.10GB RAM, 4 GB video card and i3 3.40GHz processor. This is not computer fault, I think.
    2. NewBie?

      [F.A.Q] Cs 1.6 Crash

      Your Nickname: NewBie? Your Problem: So, when i am playing ics 1.6, sometimes game crashes and opens Not Responding window. Ipmossible it's a net problem, but i don't thinks so. I remember when I played cs 1.6 without steam in old days, there was no such problems. Or it's just a overload? Screenshot:
    3. Unexpectedly! In main page there is CSBD news, but in the profile page is blank, if i mark with mouse then there is something.
    4. Well, I've come this far with my project.  This Riga 13 model are rare in nowdays, so I am happy that i gave him second birth!

      Built up from everything i can get without spending any single coin.

      Still have alot of work on it. 


      Tuning and fixing is better then gaming 😛



    5. Dare to show me your Gamer Desktop!




      1. Nexy


        look at this organizationnnnnn


      2. NewBie?
    6. In section CS Resources almost half of posts are invalid, cuz download link doesn't exists anymore. Maybe it's time to sort topics? =]

    7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 122 seconds  
    8. CSBD staff! In your view, sport is only a football? When there will be some quiz with ice hockey or something? 

      1. NewBie?


        I understand,  but more variety would be great. 

    9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 42 seconds  
    10. Ready for action?







    11. Hello Devils Family! I am searching for 1 - 3 Admins for my Kreedz/Bhop server! First of aff! If you are not so interested to play CS 1.6 MOD like this one, then don't waste your and my time! I hope there is advanced jumpers who are interested to play in my server, so there is a model if you want to apply! MODEL: Your name: Age: Steam ON/OFF: Are you playing Bunnyhop?: Other information: And don't forget to read the rules!

      I ask you guys to help me find a lot of new, good, playable maps for my Kreedz/Bunnyhop server! 



    13. Is this a visual bug? 

      Topic have 4 replies but have 0 views 


      1. Mr.Love


        Yes, I know.

        Working to solve it. Dont worry.



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