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  1. Oh god , please dont act stupid , I gagged u the first time you called me a bi** then u ungagged ur self and then u won the ammo then i gagged again so dont be stupid
  2. Hello again Alpha, Nice to see you reporting without any proof , anyway don't worry buddy , i got some proofs that might help you... MAYBE NOT !
  3. If you are a man of your words, ban me ! Im waiting for the ban you retard :))
  4. Nick: vIctor IP: N/A SteamID : N/A Time : Now Reason: Proof (print/demo) :
  5. Nick: Yusse IP: N/A SteamID : N/A Time : Now Reason: Proof (print/demo) :
  6. Nick: Wojownik Faraona IP: N/A SteamID : N/A Time : Now Reason: rr.gag , insult , anti Proof (print/demo) :
  7. As if bosses will do something about it
  8. Nick: __ IP: N/A SteamID : N/A Time : Now Reason: Speed , anti Proof (print/demo) :
  9. Simping hard on ril slav? try challenging me... you wont win anyways
  10. What is your nickname ?: Stephanie What is your real name ?: Stephanie What do people call you ?: Steph How old are you ?: 21 In which country and city do you live ?: Syria In which country would you like to live in ?: Sweden Describe yourself: Im a gamer girl What are your favorite games ?: dota2, cs , minecraft , rust How many hours do you spend on gaming ?: alot What are your favorite movies / shows ?: prison break How did you find HighLifeZM ?: on forum Would you like to suggest something that would make the server better ?: make happy hours.. If you earn 1 million euros, what would be the first thing you do ?:
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