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  1. hello to the Egyptians with this old music 😎


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    2. Crastto


      I said this is old song klb 😛

    3. InfiNitY-™


      you are still an old man though 7mar 😂

    4. Crastto


      I saw this emission live today and was this song


  2. a conversation with infinity but magical  😂😁



  3. HighLifeZM Searching for Managers 


  4. Crastto


    is low 3 hours in day, Contra
  5. what is your favorite map ? all small maps what do you most often buy from / shop-a? armor and bomb freeze xD what is the worst mod you ever played? Assassin The most entertaining player in the server? @DANGER3120 @SIN R1 @InfiNitY-™ @HiTLeR. The most interesting player in the server? @King_of_lion @[email protected]@[EXP] @NeW-LoL Best player in Nemesis? @SIN R1 @[email protected]||FAMA|| KOSOVO Best player in sniper? @HiTLeR. :d The best player in assassin? @DANGER3120 ... The best player in Survivor? @Amaranth xD What is your favorite zombie? Regeneration your primary weapon? XM 1014 shotgun Which mod you like to play (Nemesis, Assassin, sniper, survivor)? survivor, assassin
  6. hello son 😎 why do you hate all our adminis if you know more than they, teach them 🤓


    1. [A]Sweety^ x CSBD

      [A]Sweety^ x CSBD

      insult the admin 

  7. Crastto

    Introduce SIN R1

    Welcome to Albania
  8. u do not need to comment on the other's reports pro or contra, we see the proof this is not allowed last warning for you! next time you will have punishments.
  9. dude if you want be admin here come next weeks with a good activity and with a good english, because you do not meet the conditions Rejected.
  10. sorry in this hour im not in home, afk only.
  11. 2-Pro okay 1- I dont understand
  12. Crastto

    Request Admin [Rejected]

    with this activity you cannot win a admin very low!.