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    Banned for multi-accounts
  • Dată naștere 03/02/2003


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    Ermal Balliu
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    Ermal Balliu
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    Ermal Balliu

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  1. 50% of comminity accounts its yours congragulations


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    2. #YoU_FoX.
    3. Nıco


      it also has ample time for this. we also have already set aside time for such cases.

    4. #king 0F DARK

      #king 0F DARK

      He and many Egyptian members here live in my city i warning them 343554679 times to stop using fake accounts or get ban so when seeing someone use multiple accounts i directly report him bcz he know the rules well!! 

  2. Congrast, i warning you, you forget it

  3. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Your reputation has been deleted due the use of fake accounts, also, i will take action in your other accounts.

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    2. #king 0F DARK

      #king 0F DARK

      he insulted you 

      he sayed : "you are idoit because you are kid "

      ps: he already used google translate 😄 

    3. Mr.Espinoza ♔♔♔

      Mr.Espinoza ♔♔♔

      hhh, se metio con la persona equivocada

    4. Nyx.
  5. Pro Help Players good activity
  6. Stop ur multi accounts !u well banned u r not smart :))

    1. 'Nevox


      for sure he will got ban.

    2. 'Nevox


      Reported .

    3. Nıco


      status has been updated to no further replies.

  7. Name:Sti-T-TiD Age: 17 Country: Germania You Can Stay at Night?: Yes 20 h  Admin experience my experiance enoungh help sv and player and expperiance at ftp and manager why you wnat to be admin in NeWLIFZM: i want to help server, iknow all the amx Other information: on Thanks
  8. Nice Photo Prfil and Cover @HappyBoy hhh xd my Brother 

  9. Welcome To DoomZM Nool Csblacdevil com

    we hope you will enjoy your Stay here!

  10. Bro You Can Delete Some Massage 

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