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    Staff TS3 + If you need help, contact me?
  • Dată naștere 11/17/1999

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  1. Hey, answer my personal messages...


    Oh... wait, I forgot that you...

    banned ban GIF

    1. Mr.Andrés


      Shut up, you not know nothing about that.

    2. Afrodita.
    3. PrO[T]ExX


      if you banned how you join

  2. The Best My Friend Come Back My Friend


    1. PrO[T]ExX


      gofy i miss you so much pls make something

  3. El es mullti cuenta

    1. Tsunami @ CSBD

      Tsunami @ CSBD

      Ni siquieras sabes el motivo no hables pendejo

  4. I'm sorry brother, but you committed a serious fault for the community and you know the reason and I told you to avoid now that I can't do anything for you, good luck for the next.

    1. Ousm3


      @-Dark Yes you are right And oh @Mr.Espinoza ♔♔♔ Address at the present time ruthless

      good luck u 

    2. PrO[T]ExX


      what happend for goffy baned?


  5. Why banned? It is not fair then, just with a warning it solves everything.

    1. PrO[T]ExX


      pls unban this friend

  6. I think it would be a benefit for the community. I think it is a bit slow and can have an optimization carried out to make it easy for the user to have a fast and efficient navigation. for example my country = -Venezuela since the internet is a bit heavy we are in a bad situation at all! For me this proposal is excellent since it will take a sum of acceleration to the community that grants more speed when entering a section / box / complements ... enter other things. #PRO
  7. În primul rând, nu știu cum să numesc asta. "O propunere de la CSBD / ts3 sau o clasă de act pentru a primi ajutor" Omule, ar ajuta grupurile de spam și server în abur! Este dificil, deoarece mulți oameni joacă ciuma zombie / cs: Mergi sau altul. Intrați în grup, faceți anunț. Asta vă poate ajuta puțin. Contactați Spamero și vor acorda ajutor pe server ...
  8. Mano llegate al ts3 😉 

    1. Mr.Espinoza ♔♔♔

      Mr.Espinoza ♔♔♔

      No tengo internet CAUSA!

    2. KEPY™


      caras mano me dejaras solo entonce 😭😭

    3. McMafia


      Kepy y yo 😞

  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 122 seconds  

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