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  1. MaHmOuD~!

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  2. MaHmOuD~!

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  5. DooMZm.CsBlackDevil.Com @ INTRODUCING SERVER RULES. Who want admin must make request in proper section of forum and use same nick as in forum after u read carefully this rules - and find hidden password requested Slap who do not attack and deliberately prolonged (Maxim 3 slap) Blocking unintentionally / unconsciously. (Maxim 3 slap) Slap sniper/survivor , who are not hidden , only if they have jets , warn them to hide (Maxim 3 slap) Players who are on the map ( places on the map that can be reached only with jet/bug) , if they continues,(Maxim 3 slap) Slay rr-zm, if zombie is the last, 2 slay sequentially in 2 rounds. Slay direct: which gives free nemesis: in the plague, the nightmare, the Armageddon slay direct: Who buy a sniper / survivor on 2 maps consecutively. zombies that do not attack at the last minute after giving 3 slap. after announce "Zm attack or slay direct" Slay direct: these who are trying to bug the map in any way and block intentionally Slay direct: who shoot lm of players Slay direct: Nemesis who are AFK in mods! (test) Slay direct: these who get out of the map. ( like , under the map... ) Gag Only( 6-min) Inappropriate language, spamm, annoying commercials or offensive remarks. Repeat silly questions or statements, asks for modes, jets, admin, free. ( WARNING before ). flooding in chat. who interferes with the work of the admins. which is done to admin Admin insisting constantly for ammo from players is forbidden (Downgrade/Suspneded/Remove) Freeze Use freeze when some zombie keep camp in the water Freeze these zombies , that's doesn't attack after giving 3 slaps in mod. a player who is banned and has a dynamic IP / VPN and an anti destroy, and is back with the in server(Freeze +gag every round) VOTEMAP After the default vote that appears automatically consult with others about vote options. In the end of the new vote that was made by an admin, should be chosen "Change it right next map ...(option number 2)". server when there are less than 14 players only small maps are played (big maps are forbidden when there are less than 20 in the server 20/32) BAN Retry Zombie if the zombie was the only Zombie, First one or The last one ( 60 min). Players come for frags -hit and run after buy mod = ban 60 minutes! (use amx_last if u lost track) Players Who Change Name Continuously To Save Their Ranks Gets Ban (60 min).( First Warn The Player !) Retry after received gag, (60 min). Insulting admin or player mother, sister, or insulting god or religions, or attempting to start racist topics( first 60 min Secound Permanently ). Using bunny hop, no recoil or any other hacks(AIM,WALL,SPEED OR SILENT). (first 60 then second Permanently min). Players who connect server after adding them to blacklist without requesting unban. (Permanently ). Bans must be posted in Banlist section with proper EVIDENCE! except managers with 60 minutes ban Destroy Reconnect after banning without wait the ban period to pass or without requesting unban. The ones added in server's blacklist. The motives that specified in BAN list. HUMAN, RESPAWN(zp commands). Only if two rounds from the map starting have passed and the current mode is normal infection, One of these two times per map, it can be used both on admins and players. NEMESIS, ASSASSIN, (zp commands). Twice each 12 hours, you can use it one time for you, and the other one for player. Its Forbidden to be used on another admin. Its Forbidden to buy another mode in same map if you turned yourself nemesis/assassin. Its Forbidden to be used between 2 AM to 10PM in romania time. Admin is obliged to give the 1 mod on payer (zp_assassin, zp_nemesis)once each 12 hours!) JETPACK (zp_jetpack) Can be used only after 4 rounds have passed since the map started GIVEAP (zp_giveap) Can be used only Founder to give ammo to the players Can't be used for your own benefits Can't be used on other admins CAREFULLY: It's forbidden to buy sniper/survivor from admins and player , if there's not more than 15 players, without counting the spectators(will be followed by slay). CAREFULLY:The adminstrator can't buy sniper/ survivor once a 10hours. CAREFULLY:The administrator that do not respect these rules will be punished by the facts that it performs according to the regulation. CAREFULLY:Using the commands on other admins is strictly forbidden! except from Co_owner and up! If an admin violates any rule contact an owner or complaint. CAREFULLY:We recommend to follow what is written up and avoid using commands in another purpose that shown in regulation. CAREFULLY:Admins are not allowed to give instruction to another admins, at breaking rules you can report him. CAREFULLY:Admins who will use [email protected] for their satisfaction will be punished. CAREFULLY:Admin is not allowed to have admin access or to play in another Zombie Server CAREFULLY:Its forbidden to start mods at the last 10 min of the map. CAREFULLY: To start mod , 2 rounds as normal infection should have passed. CAREFULLY:the commands: zp_human, zp_zombie, zp_respawn, zp_nemesis, zp_assassin can be used by admins only under the rules !!! the abuse made from this command, will led to remove. CAREFULLY:zp_survivor ,zp_sniper, have been, will be and will stay TOTALLY FORBIDDEN! CAREFULLY:Is not allow swear or insult in server, not even in admin chat, if you joke with your friends insulting do it in fecebook or private message CAREFULLY: Administrator s are allowed to buy suvivor/ sniper with ammo only 1 time in 10 hours one of the 2 mods. CAREFULLY:Start to 3 slap zombies campers after the minute 2:00, the first minute let the player have fun. and slay : direct in last 1 minute :Free is not allow here, because we have donate option, so don't give free in mod to anyone CAREFULLY:It is not allowed to kick spec bot at time 22:00 pm to 07:00 am ( server time ) Not allowed after 22:00 in the evening (Ro time)! CAREFULLY: When you make Admin Request you will be asked for this password : Doom2019 CAREFULLY: we have free game inside the server, dont ask player to hide in any mod even if he is the last human, and at last two minutes you can force zombies to attack. CAREFULLY:Admins concentrating on rank/frags will not receive upgrades or big grades. No VIP/Legend for them too. Recommended frag limit is 0,5frags/minute, Updated - hit and run ban 60 min/
  6. MaHmOuD~!

    I want cs1.6

    Your Nickname: MaHmOuD Your Problem:Not possible Log in to Counter-Strike  Screenshot: don't have
  7. =DooMZm.CsBlackDevil.Com=- Server IP: We're offering free admin's access from Helper to ElderThe accepted admins will be in test period 1 week. Apply the below model filled with your information. Please read the notes before applying MODEL ¤ Your Nickname must be same as forum name : ¤ Age (Minimum 12): ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: ¤ Your Location: ¤ Experience As Admin: ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (22:00 To 12:00 PM ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: Notes: - Ability to speak english or understand it at least. - You dont need to worry about hours in the server to apply for Admin. - We have the right to accept or reject your request without any explination. - If you had been accepted, you should be active in the server/fprum/Ts3 and follow the Rules . Tip: if you want the highest grade I suggest you Contact Other Managers Please avoid Double-post/post-hunt/spam
  8. Channel name: Cortex & Hassan Add sub-canal: Afk! Channel admin: me & hassan Unique ID: kKj1mpUirNoOPdPPgVf6y8qIiqs=