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    LOL, why? Why you will start to warn, a new rule invented by you?

    really powerful post i ever saw in the history of CSBD post 

    hats off to @XAMI iam your fan from now 😛 


  2. Contesta el ts3 webon

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    2. XAMI


      Alv, no estás conectado ahorita?

    3. axelxcapo


      Ahora voy

    4. XAMI


      Me escribes que estoy conectado, te interesa :v

  3. never trust 😶


  4. If a member insult you, just use "Report Function", global mod will check it If a staff member insult you, or break a rule, just send a "Support Ticket", a administrator will check it, not need make it public
  5. hi all your proposal in theory it's fantastic, but, need consider 1 thing, according to the rules of this forum, "piracy" is prohibited, of course i'm talking of "paid" e-books, there are many "free" e-books but depends of the category. You can share the link of the store for buy the e-book, but not provid a ilegal download. And... are you sure that section will not be a place for off topic and incativity? I mean, like was section "Anime"? I was happy looking that section in a start, bcs i thought people will interective sharing their opinions, but i was wrong... Now with this idea of section "books"... hmm...
  6. to whom answer the question of my last status update will earn 1000 points (just correctly answer)

    1. [Paul]


      Saudi Arabia Coins go go give me that Points 😉 

  7. Someone here know from wich country belongs this coin?






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    2. XAMI


      thanks you all, i found a small box with coins of many countries (Cuba, USA, Dinamarca, Spain, Singapur, Israel, Saudi  Arabia), some of this coin are from year 1860, easy i can sell it for 100 - 300 dollars dollars (in my country ofc)

    3. cachbard


      Vendela a ese precio amigo, es una reliquia 

    4. XAMI


      Tengo 2 del año 1860, venderé solamente 1, las otras las guardare, pueda que suban de precio en unos años, o cuando tengo la necesidad...

  8. XAMI

    Proposal - Project

    you mean the fail project... To be sincerely, your idea it's not bad at the end, i was thinking many time in something like this, open a new competition like 8 ball, but only focused in android/ios games...(there are many multiplayers games).... Not that shitty games like worm.iox or things like that That game is not the same of 4-5-6 years ago, i just find toxic people on servers and ofc, full of bots, bored...
  9. ø Method of contact (TS3 / Steam) : PM forum ø Item(s) on sale: 3 Mystery Steam Key ø Price of the product(s): Well, it's a random key, can be a game from 5 to 10 usd, or less ø Product photo(s): it's a key, can't reveal it ø Payment method: Just forum points, 10K points minimum ø Other specifications: Don't dream with games of 20 usd or high, probably it's a indie game Administrators can't participate, i'm sure you know why
  10. -hnk to XAMI? 

    what does these two means? +_+

  11. XAMI????????

    Tu estas loca? xd


  12. what the hell with that spam?

  13. Hola guapo xd, hasta ahorita revise el celular, cuéntame xd

  14. spotify es una mierda, mejor es ares....que descargas una musica y a la vez se te descarga toda clase de viruz

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    2. Krappy


      Nuuu yo no chupa nada, sape gato...nos vayas a pegar el corona xD

    3. XAMI


      JJAJAJAJAJ, pues mrk para eso descarga la aplicacion pirateada y no te comes los anuncios JAJAJ

    4. Krappy


      Nojodas mucha weba