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  1. Just 4 coins? Nah bro, take 6k from me, you don't lose nothing here ; )))

    1. [N]audy


      sinceridad aqui no se pierde nada :v  



    LOL, why? Why you will start to warn, a new rule invented by you?

    really powerful post i ever saw in the history of CSBD post 

    hats off to @XAMI iam your fan from now 😛 


  3. Contesta el ts3 webon

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. XAMI


      Alv, no estás conectado ahorita?

    3. axelxcapo


      Ahora voy

    4. XAMI


      Me escribes que estoy conectado, te interesa :v

  4. never trust 😶


  5. If a member insult you, just use "Report Function", global mod will check it If a staff member insult you, or break a rule, just send a "Support Ticket", a administrator will check it, not need make it public
  6. hi all your proposal in theory it's fantastic, but, need consider 1 thing, according to the rules of this forum, "piracy" is prohibited, of course i'm talking of "paid" e-books, there are many "free" e-books but depends of the category. You can share the link of the store for buy the e-book, but not provid a ilegal download. And... are you sure that section will not be a place for off topic and incativity? I mean, like was section "Anime"? I was happy looking that section in a start, bcs i thought people will interective sharing their opinions, but i was wrong... Now with this idea of section "books"... hmm...
  7. to whom answer the question of my last status update will earn 1000 points (just correctly answer)

    1. [Paul]


      Saudi Arabia Coins go go give me that Points 😉 

  8. Someone here know from wich country belongs this coin?






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    2. XAMI


      thanks you all, i found a small box with coins of many countries (Cuba, USA, Dinamarca, Spain, Singapur, Israel, Saudi  Arabia), some of this coin are from year 1860, easy i can sell it for 100 - 300 dollars dollars (in my country ofc)

    3. cachbard


      Vendela a ese precio amigo, es una reliquia 

    4. XAMI


      Tengo 2 del año 1860, venderé solamente 1, las otras las guardare, pueda que suban de precio en unos años, o cuando tengo la necesidad...

  9. XAMI

    Proposal - Project

    you mean the fail project... To be sincerely, your idea it's not bad at the end, i was thinking many time in something like this, open a new competition like 8 ball, but only focused in android/ios games...(there are many multiplayers games).... Not that shitty games like worm.iox or things like that That game is not the same of 4-5-6 years ago, i just find toxic people on servers and ofc, full of bots, bored...
  10. ø Method of contact (TS3 / Steam) : PM forum ø Item(s) on sale: 3 Mystery Steam Key ø Price of the product(s): Well, it's a random key, can be a game from 5 to 10 usd, or less ø Product photo(s): it's a key, can't reveal it ø Payment method: Just forum points, 10K points minimum ø Other specifications: Don't dream with games of 20 usd or high, probably it's a indie game Administrators can't participate, i'm sure you know why
  11. -hnk to XAMI? 

    what does these two means? +_+

  12. XAMI????????

    Tu estas loca? xd


  13. what the hell with that spam?

  14. Hola guapo xd, hasta ahorita revise el celular, cuéntame xd