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    Best and Smallest Designer and Photographer
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    Egypt , Sohag , Girga

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  1. Good idea, brother I made a similar suggestion in the past, but the request was rejected But I think this is easier than my idea and very good. Everyone needs this I hope to accept this request #Regards
  2. I like your music bro ?

    1. Mohamed Nasser

      Mohamed Nasser

      Thanks my friend ❤️

  3. Mohamed Nasser

    [ Proposal Ts3 ]

    Pro This is the idea good lick my Friend Always be on top #Regards
  4. 1. Game: cs 1.62. Tag [@name] @#Loenex3. Time & Date: 4. Detalies[rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necesary]: 20 kill all guns 5. Do you need a referee?[click HERE to check the Overwatch team list]: -
  5. [EN] What is your nickname ?: What is your real name ? : What do people call you ? : How old are you ? : In which country and city do you live ? : In which country would you like to live in ? : Describe yourself : What are your favorite games ? : How many hours do you spend on gaming ? : What are your favorite movies / shows ? : How did you find ZMDOUX ? : Would you like to suggest something that would make the server better ? : If you earn 1 million euros, what would be the first thing you do ? : [RO] Care e porecla ta ?:
  6. The most powerful new server that collected an impressive number of players in two days only.



  7. [EN] Hello our dear members, In this topic you can suggest anything you would love to be added to our server, Your suggestion will be voted by our admins and if we agreed on it, it will be added within 48 hours. Model: Nickname: Your suggestion: Download link: Other information: Rules: -Make sure your suggestion hasen't been posted already by someone else. -Try your best to post the download link of whatever you suggest. -Your suggestion needs at least 5 positive votes to be accepted (including one manager at least
  8. Congtra Maneger

    1. Mohamed Nasser

      Mohamed Nasser

      Thanks my brother♥



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