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    Solve the problem that the IP address of a server could not be found Method 1. Flush DNS, You can flush the DNS of a computer by issuing simple commands given below: Press the Start button and type cmd in the search box. Then press the Enter key. A black command prompt window will open. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter Method 2. Change your DNS servers Change your internet DNS to use Google DNS servers because they are very fast and reliable. Here are the steps to change DNS server to Google: To change the IP addresses of DNS servers: 1- Go to Control Panel and click on Network and Sharing Center 2- Click on the internet connection you are using 3- Open the properties of your internet connection 4- Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (as shown in the image above) 5- A new box will open. Enter as Preferred DNS Server 6- Enter as Alternate DNS Server 7- Check that the settings are correct on exit option 8- Click OK to save the settings Now you should restart your computer. This should solve the problem. If you are still facing the issue or any other issue, please reach out to us in the comments section below.
  2. Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A31 have reportedly started receiving the October 2021 Android security patch. The update is said to have stability improvements and bug fixes. Eligible Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphones in some Asian markets including India are receiving the update now, while the update for Galaxy A31 is said to be rolling out in a few Latin American regions. Samsung launched the Galaxy A51 in January 2020 with Android 10 and the phone subsequently received Android 11 in March this year. Galaxy A31 was launched in India in June 2020 with Android 10-based One UI 2.1. Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A31 update changelog As reported by SamMobile, the update for Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with firmware version A515FXXU5EUJ2 and brings the October 2021 Android security patch to handsets in India, Nepal, Russia, and Sri Lanka. The firmware version of the latest security update for Samsung Galaxy A31 is reportedly A315GDXS1CUJ4 and it brings along the October 2021 security patch. The update is said to be currently rolling out for Galaxy A31 devices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. The update for the two Samsung Galaxy-A series phones are said to fix more than 60 privacy- and security-related vulnerabilities apart from the general bug fixes and stabilit improvements. The latest update will arrive automatically to the devices in the above-mentioned regions. Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A31 users can also manually check for the update by heading to Settings > Software update > Download and install. Users are advised to update their phones while they are connected to a strong Wi-Fi network and put on charging. Ads by Samsung Galaxy A51 specifications Launched in January 2020, the Samsung Galaxy A51 sports a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED full-HD+ (1,080x2,400 pixels) Infinity-O Display with a 20:9 aspect ratio and in-display fingerprint sensor. It packs an Exynos 9611 SoC paired with 6GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy A51 features 128GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 512GB via a microSD card. The handset offers a quad rear camera setup and is equipped with a 4,500mAh battery with 25W fast charging support. Samsung Galaxy A31 specifications As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy A31 was launched in India in June 2020 with features including a 6.4-inch full-HD+ Infinity-U Super AMOLED Display, a MediaTek Helio P65 SoC coupled with 6GB of RAM, and a quad rear camera setup. The handset offers 128GB of onboard storage that can be expanded to 512GB using a microSD card. It packs a 5,000mAh battery with 15W fast charging support. link :
  3. Having a hard time finding your mouse cursor? Microsoft's new PowerToy can help Microsoft's PowerToys are open-source utilities that aim to make Windows users more productive and the next addition to the collection will address one of the most annoying aspects of using multiple monitors. According to a recent tweet from the software giant's senior program manger Clint Rutkas, the company's next PowerToy will make things much easier for 4K monitor, ultrawide monitor and multiple monitor users. When using multiple monitors or a single monitor with a high resolution, it can often be difficult to find one's mouse cursor while working. Thankfully though, Microsoft's new yet still unnamed PowerToy will highlight a user's mouse cursor with a white circle to make it easier to find. While you can already enable an option that highlights your mouse cursor with rings when you press the control button, Rutkas explained in a reply to his original tweet that this new feature will be a “night and day difference” when compared to the company's existing solution for this common problem. PowerToys First introduced with Windows 95 and then brought back for Windows 10 two years ago, PowerToys are a set of tools that are designed to make it more convenient to use Microsoft's operating system to its full potential. However, while convenient, these tools aren't intended for the average user but for those who already know their way around Windows and want to be able to access key features and settings even quicker. Microsoft's current collection of PowerToys contains nine tools that allow Windows users to do things like rename multiple files at once, resize images, pick colors or open applications even faster using a quick launcher. One of the more recent additions to Microsoft's set of utilities is PowerToys Awake which allows you to prevent your PC from going to sleep for as long as you want to. With the recent release of Windows 11, the company has made it even easier for new users to take advantage of PowerToys by making its utilities available for download from the Microsoft Store as well as on GitHub. While there are a number of productivity tools designed to help you get more done, PowerToys are available for free and were designed specifically to work with Microsoft's operating system. Link :
  4. Mine to your heart's content As spotted by hardware sleuth Komachi_Ensaka, Nvidia's flagship CMP 170HX cryptocurrency mining GPU has gone up for purchase overseas. Vipera, a retailer in Dubai, reportedly has up 238 units in stock and is selling the CMP 170HX for a whopping $4,300. Nvidia had launched the Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) lineup in an attempt to divert cryptocurrency miners' attention away from its Ampere-based GeForce graphics cards. We later learned that Nvidia was repurposing Turing silicon for these CMP GPUs. The CMP 170HX, on the other hand, leverages the GA100 silicon, the same brobdingnagian die that powers the expensive A100 data center GPU. Once again, it's just Nvidia's smart way of recycling defective GA100 dies into something lucrative. The GA100 silicon inside the CMP 170HX only has 70 enabled SMs, amounting to 4,480 CUDA cores whereas the A100 has the full-fledged die at 108 SMs or 6,912 CUDA cores. The CMP 170HX delivers up to 164 MHps of Ethereum mining performance. It only requires a PCIe 4.0 x4 connection to hit its performance target. The GPU also wields 8GB of HBM2e memory across a 4,096-bit memory interface. The CMP 170HX has a 250W TDP and is more than happy to feed off a single 8-pin PCIe power connector. The CMP 170HX has previously smiled for the camera, but this is the first time that a retailer is publicly selling it. Komachi_Ensaka also unearthed a Yahoo auction over in Japan where the current bid for the CMP 170HX is at 600,000 yen ($5,285). The GPU features a standard, dual-slot design with passive cooling. The silver metallic shroud looks pretty sleek and if it wasn't for the small Nvidia and CMP 170HX logos, you wouldn't know where the GPU came from. Being a GPU that's tailored to professional cryptocurrency mining, the CMP 170HX lacks display outputs. In fact, user feedback revealed that the GPU comes with a locked vBIOS so overclocking or undervolting are off the table. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency mining, GPUs that are designed for that purpose typically don't come with a generous warranty. For example, Gigabyte backs its CMP 30HX with a limited three-month warranty. According to Vipera, the CMP 170HX has a one-year manufacturer warranty. link :
  5. As the new Dune film approaches, let's take a look at the series' wobbly past on PC. Dune is coming back. The first proper trailer for Denis Villeneuve's film just came out and Funcom has the license to produce three new games set in the Dune universe. Dare we hope that they will be good? Dune has endured some rocky interpretations and there's a sense, from the aborted Jodorowsky film and the Lynch film that eventually emerged, that the source material may be unfilmable. Can it work as a game though? The answer is: sometimes. A fair few games have emerged in the shadow of the 1984 film. A few were good, and massively influential. The others were not. Let's take a tour. Dune This excellent adventure game was gobbled whole by Dune 2's release shortly afterwards. You play as Paul Atreides on a quest to control the Spice and enjoy a spiritual awakening amid the hellish sands of planet Arrakis. The desert world is beautifully rendered with stark background art and likenesses sketched from the Lynch film. It also has some great music and, for the time, spectacular animations that created the impression of 3D movement while riding worms, which you end up using as a sort of bus service once you've unlocked them. It's not perfect. As Richard Cobbett points out in his Dune crapshoot, Leto introduces himself by saying "I am the Duke Leto Atreides, your father", as though his son has popped into existence fully formed in front of him. Bizarre exposition aside, the exaggerated character art and hazy music create an alien atmosphere and a strong sense of exploration. You travel between secret burrows and Fremen hideouts on a world map, which initially creates a sense of the planet's vast expanse. As it fills up you realise there's an intricate culture hiding out there in the sands. Instead of simply repeating imagery associated with Dune, Cryo use the Lynch film as a springboard to and came up with new designs that look great at low resolutions. The devs ditch filigree and decadent palace finery in favour of strong angles and powerful silhouettes. It's one of my favourite portrayals of that universe. Dune 2 The game that helped to define a genre. Real time strategy games would be quite different today if Westwood had chosen to adapt the novel differently, and an RTS is an unusual framework for a story about power and political intrigue. It’s also difficult to capture Dune’s weathered vision of the future from a top-down perspective and just a few pixels per unit to work with. It’s a triumph nonetheless. Clever little thumbnails in build queues give your imagination just enough to work with. Suddenly those little red boxes are powerful Harkonnen battle tanks. A rippling of sandy pixels hints at the presence of a terrifying sandworm. I used to jump with fear when a roaring sandworm popped up to chomp a spice harvester. It had some interesting ideas. It’s understandable that future RTS games wouldn’t require you to sluggishly lay foundations before building structures, but it’s perfect for the punishing desert climes of Arrakis. The desert is always trying to reclaim your buildings, and your bases feel like temporary outposts at best. Worms circle your harvesters and can plague battles, encouraging you to move tanks between patches of safe rock. The campaign was decent too. The Ordos went off-script, but the idea of a faction that could turn the allegiance of enemy units was neat. Inter-mission chats with your house mentor added flavour and set the stage for Command & Conquer to build these into full FMV briefings. Dune 2000 Westwood could not replicate the charm of the first game with this remake. It's not a bad game at all, but it failed to stand out in a post C&C and Total Annihilation world. The genre had moved on and this reskin, while far more advanced than the original, lost Dune 2's atmosphere somewhere in translation. It did at least have proper FMV cutscenes between missions. While hammy, a lot of effort clearly went into trying to capture the vibe of each of the great warring houses. Plus if you play as the Atreides you get yelled at by John Rhys-Davis. Frank Herbert's Dune Oh dear. The developers Cryo Interactive went bust shortly after releasing this take on the Sci Fi Dune TV miniseries. It’s a third-person shooter with stealth elements and environments that look as though they were conceived at the dawn of 3D graphics rather than 2001 (GTA 3 and Max Payne came out in the same year). The game is irredeemably terrible. For a universe that has been so vividly realised by Lynch and Jodorowsky's aborted film, a Dune game simply cannot survive looking this way; the shot above is an actual marketing image that they chose to sell their game. Paul Atreides' mother, the powerful Bene Gesserit concubine, looks like she's an egg with a face punched into it. The controls are also terrible and the story makes almost no sense. This is the point where a game adaptation can start to hurt the source material. Seeing two barely animated dolls honk on at one another about Spice and worms makes a venerated piece of science fiction look and sound like trash. This is a problem the books have always had. Though the Lynch film built some enduring imagery, it was itself a broken mess. If you're coming to the series cold it can look ridiculous. 'What's the big deal?' you might think. The book is a 400-page examination of political and spiritual power set in a universe that feels like it has existed for millennia. That universe deserves better. Good luck, Funcom. link :
  6. The Renault 4’s 60th anniversary celebrations continue with the unveiling of a one-off redesign of the original supermini, inspired by a “nomad hotel suite”. It's called the Suite N°4 and Renault has worked with French designer Mathieu Lehanneur to completely redesign the 4. The rear of the car has been replaced by polycarbonate windows, creating what Lehanneur calls “an open-air hotel room”. Renault says this conservatory-like design provides the rear of the car with “lighting on par with that of an artist’s studio”. The Suite N°4 has been converted to an EV, with a set of transparent solar panels on the roof helping to charge the car. A new polished aluminium grille has been fitted and the bodywork is coated with three layers of paint in order to make it look like cement, which, Renault says, is “a material synonymous with modern architecture”. The seats and dashboard are upholstered in yellow velvet, with the boot floor being finished in natural fibres. A removable wooden drawer extends from the rear bumper to provide seating when the rear hatch is open. Despite the radical redesign, the Suite N°4 has the same dimensions as the classic Renault 4 it was built on. Lehanneur describes the Suite N°4 as “better than the finest palatial suite, the car is exactly where you want it to be, whether that’s by the sea, in the middle of a field or driving around the city you’ve always dreamed of.” Unveiled at Christie’s in the centre of Paris, the Suite N°4 will remain on display there this weekend before being moved to Renault’s huge Atelier Renault showroom and museum. It will also be exhibited at the next Maison&Objet design fair in January. The Renault 4 is in line to be revived as a high-riding electric supermini, sharing its CMF-BEV architecture and retro-inspired design cues with the already revealed 5. We are expecting to see a concept some time in the coming months. link :
  7. Title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton clashed in second practice at the US Grand Prix as Red Bull's Sergio Perez emerged with the fastest time. Verstappen called Hamilton a "stupid idiot" over the team radio after an incident in which the two raced side by side down the pit straight. Verstappen then gave Hamilton a middle-finger salute as they accelerated out of the corner. Verstappen was told to "ignore it" by his race engineer Giampiero Lambiase. Hamilton was third, his best lap deleted, while Verstappen was eighth. W Series title comes down to battle of Brits in US Full practice results United States Grand Prix coverage on the BBC Hamilton set the fastest time of the session but had it ruled out for marginally exceeding track limits at the final corner. The time he set was 0.1secs faster than Perez's quickest time. And Verstappen, who leads Hamilton by six points in the title race with six races to go, did not set a representative time at all and ended up eighth in a session in which he also uttered cross words at Lambiase after a mix-up over traffic, and then aborted a second attempt at a flying lap. The incident between Hamilton and Verstappen happened when Hamilton passed the Red Bull going into the final corner. The two then raced side by side down the pit straight, almost touching wheels, and into the first corner, before Hamilton claimed track position. Verstappen, who was slower than Hamilton on the high-fuel race-simulation runs at the end of the session, said: "Overall it wasn't easy today as the track is quite bumpy. We've got some work on our hands overnight, but we will be back at it tomorrow." Perez was fastest by 0.257secs from McLaren's Lando Norris, with Hamilton setting a fastest legitimate lap on tyres well past their best to be 0.364secs off the pace and 0.05secs quicker than team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who made a mistake on his fastest lap. McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo was fifth fastest, ahead of Aston Martin's Lance Stroll, Ferrari's Charles Leclerc and Verstappen. Bottas has a five-place grid penalty for using too many engine parts following an engine change. Aston Martin's Sebastian Vettel and George Russell's Williams also have engine penalties and will start from the back of the grid, their penalties bigger than Bottas' because they have taken more parts. Both Bottas and Perez had impressive days - they were the two quickest drivers on the long runs later in the second session, when drivers simulate the first stint of a race. Bottas was comfortably quicker than anyone else. And the role of the number twos could be key in the remaining races as their teams battle for advantage in the championship. Late in the session, there was an incident for Fernando Alonso, who spun his Alpine at Turn 19 and backed lightly into the barrier. He seemed to get away with it without damaging his car. link :
  8. Between 1893 and 1910, Munch painted The Scream many times using different techniques. The waterfront museum will have access to three of those canvases but show only one at a time as they are very fragile, said its director, Stein Olav Henrichsen. “The Scream”, arguably the most iconic image in art, is the centrepiece of a new museum dedicated to its creator Edvard Munch that opens in Oslo on Friday, but visitors won’t know which of its many versions they will see until they arrive. The figure holding its head in a swirling red sunset was inspired by a stay in Berlin in 1892 when the Norwegian, then aged 28, was a leading light of the Symbolist movement. Between 1893 and 1910, Munch painted The Scream many times using different techniques. The waterfront museum will have access to three of those canvases but show only one at a time as they are very fragile, said its director, Stein Olav Henrichsen. Since Munch’s death in 1944 the image had replicated countless time in pop culture, on T-shirts, an as inflatable and latterly as an emoji. “Anyone could see themselves in that character,” said the museum’s curator Trine Otte Bak Nielsen.” It’s not clear if it’s a man or a woman, and there is something with that directness and the strong colours and lines, all of it suggesting the figure and the landscape fusing into a very strong symbol. “While Munch’s other best known motifs, including “Puberty” and “Madonna”, also date back to the 1890s, he worked out of his home in the outskirts of Oslo from 1916 and ended up storing two-thirds of his produced artwork there. He left that legacy to the city, then occupied by German troops, in his will when he died, Henrichsen said. “He was afraid of what the Nazis would do to him as an artist and to his collection,” he told Reuters. The museum’s striking presence in the city has been a subject of debate in Oslo for years. The 13-floor building’s gun metal grey facade and striking top-heavy profile towers over the opera house, a public library and residential buildings – all built in recent years as part of an urban renewal project to replace a busy container port. While the museum’s vast Munch collection will be its main pull, it will house other exhibitions and activities as well, said contemporary art curator Tominga Hope O’Donnell. “It is going to be a place for cutting-edge new production where we have performance art and where you can come and see some of the best the city has to offer,” she said. link :
  9. Actor Alec Baldwin has expressed his shock and sadness after fatally shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun on a New Mexico film set. He tweeted that he was in touch with her husband and had offered support. "My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved Halyna," he wrote. Ms Hutchins, 42, was shot on the set of the western Rust while working as director of photography. "There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours," he tweeted. "I'm fully co-operating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred." Ms Hutchins was flown to hospital by helicopter after the shooting on Thursday afternoon but died of her injuries. Director Joel Souza, 48, was injured and taken from the scene at Bonanza Creek Ranch by ambulance. Halyna Hutchins: Rising star of film industry was 'incredible artist' How prop guns work in films An actress in the film, Frances Fisher, tweeted on Friday that Mr Souza had told her that he had been released from the hospital, which was also reported by US media. The hospital declined to comment on Mr Souza's condition, citing privacy laws. A spokesman for Mr Baldwin, best known for his role as Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock and for his portrayal of Donald Trump on sketch show Saturday Night Live, said the incident involved the misfiring of a prop gun with blanks. Police are trying to establish what type of projectile left the prop gun and how. Local media reported that Mr Baldwin was seen outside the Santa Fe County sheriff's office in tears. A spokeswoman for the local district attorney's office told BBC News that the investigation is still its "preliminary" stage. "At this time, we do not know if charges will be filed," said First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies. The actor is a co-producer of Rust and plays its namesake, an outlaw whose 13-year-old grandson is convicted of manslaughter. The eldest of four brothers, all actors, Mr Baldwin has starred in numerous TV and film roles since the 1980s. Ms Hutchins was from Ukraine and grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle, according to her personal website. She studied journalism in Kyiv, and film in Los Angeles, and was named a "rising star" by the American Cinematographer magazine in 2019. She was the director of photography for the 2020 action film Archenemy, directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer. "I'm so sad about losing Halyna. And so infuriated that this could happen on a set," Mr Mortimer said in a tweet. In a statement, the International Cinematographer's Guild said Ms Hutchins' death was "devastating news" and "a terrible loss". "The details are unclear at this moment, but we are working to learn more, and we support a full investigation into this tragic event," said guild president John Lindley and executive director Rebecca Rhine. Ms Hutchins' talent agency, Innovative Artists, wrote in an Instagram post on Friday that she was "a ray of light". "Her talent was immense, only surpassed by the love she had for her family." The agency's statement added it hopes that the fatal incident "will reveal new lessons for how to better ensure safety for every crew member on set." Police said sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Bonanza Creek Ranch, a po[CENSORED]r filming location, at around 13:50 local time (19:50 GMT) on Thursday after receiving an emergency call. Such incidents on film sets are extremely rare, but not unheard of. Real firearms are often used in filming, and are loaded with blanks - cartridges that create a flash and a bang without discharging a projectile. In 1993, Brandon Lee - the 28-year-old son of the late martial-arts star Bruce Lee - died on set after being accidentally shot with a prop gun while filming a death scene for the film The Crow. The gun mistakenly had a dummy round loaded in it. Responding to Thursday's news, Brandon Lee's sister Shannon tweeted: "Our hearts go out to the family of Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza and all involved in the incident on 'Rust'. No-one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set. Period." link :
  10. Jealousy is born with love, but it does not die with it. Love is not a single colour, but colours. - Neglect kills love, forgetfulness bury him. We quickly forget our mistakes, because no one reminds us of them.
  11. Despite the growing crypto culture in Pakistan, the country does not have a solid law-work to regulate these virtual coins. Pakistan's Sindh High Court has directed Prime Minister Imran Khan's government to speed up the regulation of cryptocurrencies. A three-month deadline has been given to Pakistan's ruling government for submitting the proposed regulatory rules. In a bid to fast-track the momentum of this task, a new committee has been formed headed by Kamran Ali Afzal, the federal finance secretary of Pakistan. The court has advised the government to invite suggestions from all stakeholders as well as government officials and ministries. The court's instruction to the Pakistani government has come after a two-judge hearing on a petition that challenged the ban on cryptocurrencies. Along with the petitioners, details of whom remain unknown, officials from the country's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) also attended the hearing. Reza Baqir, Pakistan's central bank, had said in April that the authorities were studying ways to regulate cryptocurrencies and their capability of facilitating off-the-book transactions within a legal framework. These seemingly pro-crypto moves being initiated by the Pakistani authorities come at a time the crypto-culture is creating strides in the country. Ads by In the 12 months up to June 2021, the cryptocurrency market grew by 706 percent and reached a value of $572.5 billion (roughly Rs. 42,62,844 crore) in regions of Central and Southern Asia as well as in Oceania (CSAO), a report by research firm Chainalysis had claimed recently. In Asia, Pakistan ranks third after Vietnam and India in terms of widespread crypto adoption. In addition, Pakistan also ranks 15th in the world for crypto adoption as per another report. The Chainalysis report estimated that Pakistan received an excess of $1.5 billion (roughly Rs. 11,230 crore) in crypto-cash last year. The discussions around the expanding crypto space have also begun to get louder in Pakistan. For instance, in a recent National Assembly session, Pakistan's politicians cited India's example in letting the crypto space breathe and churn profits in return. “Over 56 million people have been using cryptocurrencies in 2021. Our neighbour India has created four crypto exchanges, out of which, the native token of WazirX is being traded globally with a market share of over $172 million (roughly Rs. 1,287 crore),” a Pakistani politician recently told the Assembly in Hindi. Along with Pakistan, India is also processing ways to regulate decentralised currencies. India awaits the result of an official draft cryptocurrency bill that will be presented before the Parliament in its upcoming Winter Session. In September, a new committee was formed under India's finance ministry to find out if income made by crypto-trading could be taxed. Amid the growing crypto culture, Indian finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been overlooking the draft formulation of the cryptocurrency bill. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is also working on launching its official digital currency as a regulated “central bank digital currency (CBDC)” by the end of 2021. link :
  12. Would this be a feature that's needed? Instagram could soon allow users to open Facebook directly from within the Instagram app, at least if the rumor mill is right. This revelation comes courtesy of Twitter-based leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who has made a number of recent discoveries in the Instagram app, as highlighted in a series of tweets, including the one below. As you can see, the option to swiftly dive into Facebook could soon be present in the Instagram app – although obviously we don’t know how long that might take, or indeed, whether this will come to fruition at all – along with some other fresh discoveries that Paluzzi has made. How to stop Instagram from ruining your mental health Change into dark mode on Instagram on your device How to build a PC That includes the ability to add a ‘Support’ button to your profile to allow people to “create fundraisers and donate directly to your nonprofit from Instagram”, as the text accompanying the purported option states. There’s also ongoing work on the Music tab in the profile as evidenced in another recent tweet. Analysis: A long time coming You may recall that four years ago, the reverse became true – Facebook made it so that you could open Instagram directly from within the Facebook app. At the time, it was expected that Facebook would eventually implement the functionality within Instagram, too – but it has taken a long, long time for that to happen. As to whether anyone will care all that much, well, it’s a useful touch of convenience no doubt, but a relatively small change of course. What it does help to do is keep folks hopping between the two services, to the benefit of Facebook more than anything else, really, which only doubly makes us wonder why this has taken so long to hove into view. link :
  13. The magic of Into the Pit is a hands-on affair. I’m just going to say it: magic is only cool when it’s coming out of your hands. Every moment I’m forced to use a wand while pretending to be a great and powerful wizard is an insult. As an unbridled font of arcane power, I don’t want to wave a silly little stick around. I want to point at something and have it unmade, preferably by some kind of energy bolt or unfathomable beam. Thankfully, Into the Pit is a boomer shooter roguelite that understands me. When I’m sprinting at Olympic speeds through its shifting hellscape in a blur of demonic carnage, I’m trusted with only two fistfuls of magic and a firm belief that I can kill whatever dark god is waiting a couple floors down, no wavy twig required. This is what respect looks like. You’ve followed your cousin’s letters to a village that, in previous generations, has managed to be very chill about the yawning demonic Pit in its midst. Unfortunately, its latest Alderman is less “let’s keep the abyss quietly sealed” and more “I would like a legion of demons actually,” and quickly plunged the township into unholy ruin. To rescue your cousin and prevent an eldritch apocalypse, you’ll have to descend through repeated runs in the randomized domains of the Pit, freeing villagers and strengthening your magic through old-school, fast-paced FPS combat. Runs in Into the Pit all follow the same structure: four randomized floors of four chambers each, followed by a boss fight. You begin by choosing a set of support runes that provide passive bonuses and let you tweak the odds for some of its randomized elements. Then, you choose which domain to descend into. There’s a neat mix-and-match element here: you can select a single region, or you can have the Pit blend two that you’ve previously visited, combining their aesthetics and enemy pools. You can introduce the crab-demons of the Corroded Docks to the ash skeletons of the Obsidian Fortress, by melding their home planes into the Obsidian Docks. It’s a fun crossover episode, but in hell. When the run starts, you equip a spell in each hand from a randomized pool. Into the Pit's selection of short-range spark showers, mid-range scattergun blasts, long-distance witch bolts and explosive orbs draws magical parallels to a standard FPS arsenal of rifles, shotguns, and rocket launchers. They’re all well-suited to the speedy throwback pace of the combat, where your best strategy in most situations is to keep moving (and compulsively bunny-hopping), constantly, forever. The only limit to your spell-slinging is a recharge rate that’s very brief, even for the slowest spell types. It’s nice not to have an ammo count to worry about, but the only visual indicator that your spell is ready is how bright your hand is glowing. I found this glowiness hard to judge while I'm focusing on kiting around enemies, and there were enough moments of dry-firing my spells where I’d have appreciated a proper meter. It plays like a shooter of yore, but Into the Pit shares a lot of DNA with contemporary roguelikes. Like in Hades, you’re choosing which chamber you’d like to enter next based on the reward it’ll offer. In this case, that most often means choosing which variety of motes—collectibles that act as currency in the village, or offer in-run benefits like opportunities to cheat death—that you’ll find in the room ahead. Clearing each chamber offers a choice between three upgrades to your stats or spells. These can be as simple as a flat damage boost, or they might give your spells a chance to plant a cursed seed in an enemy that explodes when they die. So far, there’s enough interplay for some fun combos to develop in a run. With one of my favorites, the scattergun spell in my left hand would tag a bunch of enemies at once with a curse that’d cause bonus damage whenever they attack me and I’d clean up with the long-range burst spell in my right hand that deals extra damage to enemies with afflictions or low health. Compared to modern hardcore roguelikes like Spelunky 2 or Enter the Gungeon, Into the Pit isn’t as mechanically intricate or deep in its progression, and it’s not particularly difficult in the way you might expect from the old-school presentation. That might turn off some people, but I found it refreshing to casually burn through a couple of runs without once wanting to pull my hair out. And it’s nice to avoid the kind of decision fatigue that roguelikes can generate when you’re constantly having to fret over what your optimal build is. You’re not going to tank an Into the Pit run with one bad upgrade choice, and deciding which motes to prioritize is straightforward. And because chambers without combat encounters still reward you with a new perk or stat boost, you can opt for a breather at a healing shrine without feeling like you’re missing out on upgrades.So far, there’s enough interplay for some fun combos to develop in a run. With one of my favorites, the scattergun spell in my left hand would tag a bunch of enemies at once with a curse that’d cause bonus damage whenever they attack me and I’d clean up with the long-range burst spell in my right hand that deals extra damage to enemies with afflictions or low health. Compared to modern hardcore roguelikes like Spelunky 2 or Enter the Gungeon, Into the Pit isn’t as mechanically intricate or deep in its progression, and it’s not particularly difficult in the way you might expect from the old-school presentation. That might turn off some people, but I found it refreshing to casually burn through a couple of runs without once wanting to pull my hair out. And it’s nice to avoid the kind of decision fatigue that roguelikes can generate when you’re constantly having to fret over what your optimal build is. You’re not going to tank an Into the Pit run with one bad upgrade choice, and deciding which motes to prioritize is straightforward. And because chambers without combat encounters still reward you with a new perk or stat boost, you can opt for a breather at a healing shrine without feeling like you’re missing out on upgrades. Visually, Into the Pit has a great style, with a suitably dark palette that still manages a lot of color. A pixelated downsampling filter adds a lot of flavor to the throwback vibe, but for a setting that’s enabled by default it can muddy the game’s readability—I’d recommend turning off bloom if you’re sticking with the pixels. And as much as I enjoyed the quick pace of combat, I wanted a bit more visual flair from my spells. There are some blood splatters and gibs from enemies once they're dead, but individual hits don't have enough impact to distract from the awareness that you’re really just whittling down health bars. I enjoyed my time in the Pit enough that I plan on diving back in, at least until I can bully the Alderman for all the times he appears and delivers a nerdy monologue after you kill a boss. I think my chances are pretty good. The man does magic with a staff. Absolutely unforgivable. link :
  14. What is it? Less than a month after driving the new Porsche 911 GTS in Italy, we’ve had the chance to sample one of the first right-hand-drive versions to reach the UK: an all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 GTS Coupé, experienced on the challenging moorland roads around Weardale in County Durham. The new GTS is closer to a model family than a trim level, with the choice of Coupé, Cabriolet and Targa bodyshells and a multitude of potential dynamic options. But the biggest quandary for British buyers is likely to be over the number of driven wheels. Choosing the Carrera 4 GTS over the rear-driven GTS requires an extra £5580 and brings around 50kg of additional mass but it also carries the promise of better traction in slippery conditions. Such as those I found on my test drive. Other items from the dynamic smorgasbord of options fitted to our test car included rear-axle steering, PCCB carbon brakes and the speed-sensitive Power Steering Plus, but it didn’t have the roll-fighting PDCC dynamic chassis system. What's it like? Porsche says the GTS’s chassis components and settings are close to those of the Turbo S and it felt noticeably firmer than the regular Carrera and Carrera S over challenging roads. Stability and traction were both impressive, even when rain tried to stop play. However, GTS drivers may spend a lot of their time travelling over choppy Tarmac searching for the optimal setting for the PASM adaptive dampers. On the bumpy (but supremely well-sighted) B6278 from Eggleston to Stanhope – one of the sternest tests of chassis manners in England – Normal mode struggled to digest high-frequency corrugation, the front of the car growing light as speeds rose. Selecting Sport imposed iron discipline, but at the cost of a forceful lower-back pummelling through the seat base. Beyond mild discomfort, though, the Carrera 4 GTS proved hugely impressive at delivering its turbocharged urge to pretty much any road surface. The GTS’s 3.0-litre flat six is well short of the Turbo on poke – its 473bhp is just 29bhp up on the Carrera S – but the ability to deploy this is much more important than the number itself, especially given the GTS’s low-down torque and the scintillating reactions of the test car’s eight-speed PDK gearbox. It sounds good when revved out, a louder exhaust tune giving a more purposeful voice than in the standard Carrera, but it needn’t be thrashed to deliver serious performance. The GTS feels agile and svelte on a tight-fitting road, easy to place and loyal to a chosen line, with steering that stays accurate as speeds and loadings rise. As with every 911, small inputs yield immediate reactions, fractional changes in throttle position widening or tightening cornering attitude. Mechanical grip is huge, but the chance to experience some tight, wet, bumpy corners proved that when the rear Pirelli P Zeros do let go, they do so abruptly. Loss of traction was also the only time the car felt obviously all-wheel driven, with torque aggressively diverted forwards as the quick- acting transmission tried to pull the car straight. And while Porsche’s carbon-ceramic brakes always feel over-spec for road use, they behaved impeccably under gentle loadings. Should I buy one? The GTS is definitely a Carrera-plus rather than a junior GT3, a point I confirmed by driving over the same roads in the GT3, whose responses and soundtrack remain on a higher, ethereal plane. Yet a well-chosen GTS feels like a particularly sweet spot within the 911 clan, especially given its ability to make use of an impressively high percentage of its dynamic talents in the real world. link
  15. Newcastle United's new owners have held talks with former Roma manager Paulo Fonseca as they continue their search for Steve Bruce's replacement. Several candidates are being considered by the Saudi-backed consortium. Former Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe, ex-Borussia Dortmund coach Lucien Favre and Belgium boss Roberto Martinez have all been linked with the job. Assistant coach Graeme Jones will lead Newcastle in an interim capacity for Saturday's game at Crystal Palace. Bruce left the club on Wednesday, with the new consortium, who took over the club two weeks ago, wanting to take their time to make the right appointment. Portuguese manager Fonseca was in charge of Roma for two seasons between 2019 and 2021, leading the club to fifth place in Serie A in his first season and the Europa League semi-finals last term before being replaced by Jose Mourinho in the summer. Previously with Shakhtar Donetsk, the 48-year-old almost joined Tottenham as their manager in June before the Premier League club changed tack, eventually appointing Nuno Espirito Santo. Newcastle are yet to win in the Premier League this season and are second bottom of the table with three points. Meanwhile, Saudi finance minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan has reacted to 18 Premier League clubs voting to temporarily block teams agreeing lucrative sponsorship deals linked to owners. Newcastle voted against and Manchester City abstained, with both questioning the legality of the move which prevents the Magpies signing sponsorship deals with companies linked to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, which owns 80% of the club. Al-Jaadan told financial television channel CNBC that supporters could expect an "enhanced" club. "If people are worried about competition amongst clubs, and particularly now we have invested in one of them, possibly it's a good sign that there is a potential serious competitor coming their way, which is good for the whole football community," he said. 'He has a lot of layers as a manager' Spanish football expert Guillem Balague told BBC Radio 5 Live Euro Leagues' podcast: He did a really good job at Shakhtar Donetsk. He was three years following the platform given there and following the philosophy of the club; they have Brazilians, they want to play good football and defend well. He won them trophies at a time when they were unsettled having left Donetsk and had to play around the Ukraine. He showed leadership, calmness in certain difficult situations and everyone followed him, they loved him there. I think he has a lot of layers as a manager to be dealing with a club that right now needs completely different foundations of a winning team. They don't have that by a long way. link :
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