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  1. Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet and Xiaomi Smart Pen have launched alongside the Xiaomi 11T series at the company's global event today. The tablet comes with a 120Hz display refresh rate, is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor, and offers up to 256GB of storage. Alongside the Xiaomi Pad 5, the company has also unveiled the Smart Pen which comes with buttons to take screenshots and swift shots. The Smart Pen clicks on top of the tablet magnetically, which also doubles up as a charging pad for the stylus. Xiaomi Pad 5 price, saleThe new Xiaomi Pad 5 is priced at EUR 349 (roughly Rs.30,300) for the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage option. It is priced at EUR 399 (roughly Rs. 34,600) for the 6GB RAM + 256GB storage option. It comes in Cosmic Gray and Pearl White colour options. Sale of the Xiaomi Pad 5 will begin from September 23. An early bird price of EUR 299 (roughly Rs. 25,900) has been introduced for the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage option. It will be available first through AliExpress at 12am PST. Although, the phone will be up for grabs via Amazon, Lazada, and as well. Xiaomi Pad 5 specifications Coming to the specifications, the Xiaomi Pad 5 runs on Android 11 with MIUI 12.5 for Pad and features an 11-inch WQHD+ (1,600x2,560 pixel) TrueTone display that has 120Hz refresh rate, 16:10 aspect ratio, as well as Dolby Vision and HDR10 support. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 SoC, along with 6GB of RAM as standard. The Xiaomi Pad 5 comes with up to 256GB of onboard storage. The tablet supports Face Unlock, and supports split screen for multitasking. For photos and videos, the Xiaomi Pad 5 comes with a 13-megapixel camera sensor at the back, along with an LED flash, and an 8-megapixel selfie camera at the front with 1080p recording. It packs an 8,720mAh battery that supports 33W fast charging. Xiaomi claims it offers up to 10 hours of gaming, 16 hours of video playback, and 5 days of music playback. Additionally, the tablet comes with four speakers and supports Dolby Atmos. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi , Bluetooth v5, USB Type-C port, and more. The Netflix app is pre-installed on the Xiaomi Pad 5. Xiaomi Smart Pen The Xiaomi Pad 5 supports the newly announced Xiaomi Smart Pen. It comes with two buttons, one which allows users to take swift notes and the other allows for instant screenshots. The Smart Pen comes with 4,096-level prerssure sensitivity and weighs only 12.2 grams. It supports gesture navigation and has TPE soft tips which are replaceable. The magnetic clip-on also doubles up as a wireless charging base for the Xiaomi Smart Pen. Xiaomi claims it takes only 18 minutes to fully charge.
  2. Users of Adobe's ecommerce platform will soon be able to accept and process payments as the company plans to add payment services to Adobe Commerce later this year.By adding payment services to Adobe Commerce, merchants of all sizes will have access to an integrated payment solution that they can easily manage from their Adobe Commerce Admin settings as opposed to having to rely on third-party payment gateways. Payment Services for Adobe Commerce will be powered by the PayPal Commerce Platform and Adobe merchants in the US will be able to use them by the end of this year with support for additional territories including Canada, Australia and Western Europe planned for next year.We've built a list of the best ecommerce platforms available todayThese are the best website builder solutions on the marketAlso check out our roundup of the best payment gatewaysVice president of Adobe Experience Cloud product and strategy at Adobe, Amit Ahuja provided further insight on the company's expanded ecommerce offering in a press release, saying: “In today’s fast-moving digital economy, organizations demand flexibility and extensibility in their commerce platform to sustain business growth and deliver seamless experiences for their customers. With the addition of Payment Services, we’re thrilled to expand on our already robust out-of-the-box commerce feature set to help Adobe Commerce merchants compete effectively and win in the digital-first economy.”Payment Services for Adobe CommerceWith Payment Services for Adobe Commerce, merchants will be able to accept a number of po[CENSORED]r payment methods including credit and debit cards, PayPal and Venmo to provide an improved checkout experience for their customers. It's worth noting that merchants will also be able to offer PayPal's buy now, pay later option Pay in 4 in their storefronts. This will likely help drive traffic to their storefronts as the use of buy now, pay later services grew by 88 percent during the first half of this year according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index. Merchants will also be able to leverage PayPal's support for cryptocurrency transactions and local payment methods in the future.Adobe Commerce's Payment Services will also offer comprehensive reporting capabilities to provide merchants with a clear view of the orders and payments in their storefront including details about processed volume, payment balance and transaction-level reporting for financial reconciliation. This will help merchants better run their businesses and spot anomalies in order placements and post-sales flows more efficiently. Payment Services for Adobe Commerce will provide merchants with access to convenient and competitive pricing for transactions with tiered rates based on processing volume. We'll likely find out more about Payment Services for Adobe Commerce ahead of its planned US launch during the fourth quarter of 2021.
  3. It doesn't look like Microsoft will change its mind before Windows 11 ships in three weeks. We're now less than three weeks away from the Windows 11 launch, and as we head into the home stretch, it is looking increasingly likely that Microsoft will stick with its Trusted Module Platform (TPM) 2.0 requirement. At least initially—who knows what Microsoft may decide down the line, if and when this becomes more of a headache than it's worth. For now, however, Microsoft isn't changing course, and instead is attempting to clear up confusion by directing people to a support article on the matter.I missed this when it was first hit Twitter last week, but Microsoft posted a frank message (via Tom's Guide) that, in some respects, amounts to digging its heels into the dirt (and an Office Space spoof). "Ummmm…. yeah.... we need to talk to you about TPM 2.0 and Windows 11. Read the memo," Microsoft wrote, followed by a link to an article describing how to enable TPM 2.0 on your PC.In the article, Microsoft explains that most PCs shipped shipped over the past five years have the ability to run TPM 2.0, as required by Windows 11, but in many cases, they are not configured to do so. This is especially true in the DIY sector—since this has never been much of an issue before, motherboard makers were not in the habit of enabling TPM 2.0 by default "even though it is almost always available" as an option in the BIOS.The article goes on to explain how to enable TPM 2.0 in the BIOS, noting that the option is usually found within sections labeled Advanced, Security, or Trusted Computing.Once there, the option could have one of several different names, including Security Device, Security Device Support, TPM State, AMD fTPM switch, AMD PSP fTPM, Intel PTT, or Intel Platform Trust Technology.It's a bit much for the average PC user to digest, who may have never set foot in the BIOS, or even know what a BIOS is (my parents fall into this category, as do several friends). Be that as it may, it's a necessary step on some PCs. This is the main reason that led Wes to ponder, 'How the hell is Microsoft already screwing up Windows 11 this badly?'. And unfortunately, Microsoft's messaging is less than clear. One week it's cutting off support at Intel's 8th gen CPUs and second-gen AMD Ryzen chips, then the next week it's adding 7th gen Core CPUs to the compatibility list, but only some of them—mostly certain Xeon chips, save for the Core i7 7820HQ, a mobile CPU that just so happens to be employed by Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 system. Go figure.From the outside looking in, there is an arbitrariness to the decision making process. In a separate blog post, Microsoft explains that on unsupported devices, it observed "52% more kernel mode crashes" when testing Windows 11, whereas "devices that do meet the minimum system requirements had a 99.8% crash free experience."Fine and dandy, but does that mean the Core i7 7820HQ is for some reason able to provide a more stable experience in Windows 11 than other 7th gen chips? I seriously doubt it, but if so, why? And if not, why is it exempt while other 7th gen chips are not? So yes, I agree with Microsoft's tweet that it needs to talk with users about TPM 2.0, but the conversation should extend beyond, 'Hey, this is required, go turn it on.' I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, remember the PC Health Check app that Microsoft released and then yanked offline after people were confused why their PCs were failing the test? Heads up it's available to download again, in preview form.
  4. A recent Nvidia leak pointed to numerous unannounced games and console exclusives. Sorry, folks: there are still no plans to bring Halo 5: Guardians to PC. At least that's what Halo community director Brian Jarrard said after a recent leak gave fans new hope. "Maybe this was for 'H5:Forge' but I can confirm there are no plans to bring H5 to PC," Jarrard wrote on Twitter. "We know there's some demand for it, but as we've stated before, [it's] not in the cards as the studio is fully focused on Infinite and MCC. Will never say never, but nothing underway currently."Maybe this was for "H5:Forge" but I can confirm there are no plans to bring H5 to PC. We know there's some demand for it, but as we've stated before, not in the cards as the studio is fully focused on Infinite and MCC. Will never say never, but nothing underway currentlySeptember 13, 2021 A recent leak of Nvidia's GeForce Now database contained the titles of unannounced projects and console exclusives, such as God of War and Halo 5: Guardians, which made many think these games were coming to PC. Nvidia shot down those hopes, however, saying the games listed in the leak were "speculative" and just for "testing." It's not uncommon for game developers to use "real" things as placeholders for testing features like UI and functionality. This isn't the first time 343 Industries has said Halo 5 isn't coming to PC. In 2018, franchise director Frank O'Connor confirmed that it's not happening, saying that the only available version of Halo 5 on PC is the Forge mode, which allows for up to 16 players on custom maps and game types. It's a cool tool, but it won't tide over any Halo 5 fans who want the real thing. The reason so many want Halo 5: Guardians on PC is because it was one of the last games Microsoft released before committing to launching all of its first-party games on Xbox and PC day-and-date—with rare exceptions like Gears Tactics, which launched on PC first. Halo 5 is also the only Halo game not currently available on PC. The Master Chief Collection includes Halo: Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo 4. It's an excellent collection of games that are available for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers—you can get your first month of Game Pass for only $1.My take? Halo 5: Guardians is a fine game, but you're not missing much if you can't play it. It's one of the least exciting games in the series, and the story didn't do much for me—the future of the series looks far more interesting. It would be nice to have it as part of the Master Chief Collection one day, but I'm not sweating it As for what's next for Halo, fans can expect Halo Infinite on December 8. A series first, the multiplayer will be completely free, while the campaign will require the full game to play. The series' trademark campaign co-op will not be available at launch, instead coming sometime in 2022.
  5. In coupe or convertible form, the Speed adds more power and performance to the already compelling Continental GT package. Its chassis is as capable and borders on witchcraft, especially when the ride and refinement are well beyond anything that its rivals can compete with. Throw in the sublime interior and incredible materials and quality, and it’s a genuinely difficult car to fault.We’ve never had any complaints about the amount of power Bentley’s two-door Continental GT puts out, but that hasn’t stopped its engineers from adding more - at 650bhp, this is the most potent version of the current generation of the car.We’ve already sampled the coupe on a racetrack, so now it’s time to find out if that sharper, more focussed feel we discovered at Silverstone translates onto the road - in convertible and coupe body styles. That headline figure is 24bhp more than the existing W12 model - which the Speed effectively replaces in the UK line-up. The bump in output is achieved courtesy of software tweaks, and similar attention has been applied to the gearbox, resulting in 50 per cent faster shift speeds. Torque remains the same at 900Nm, covering a huge spread of revs from 1,500rpm right the way up to 5,000rpm. Drive is sent to all four wheels. Hard acceleration is accompanied by a deep guttural roar at lower revs, which transforms into an angry howl towards the red line. It’s not as goosebump-inducing as a Ferrari V12, but it still has plenty of presence. Go for the optional Akrapovic exhaust, and it gets more aggressive still, introducing a few crackles from the twin pipes on the overrun.That power is kept in check by new carbon-ceramic brake discs gripped by 10-piston calipers. At 440mm in diameter, they’re the largest fitted to any road car, and only just squeeze behind the (also vast) 22-inch alloy wheels. Not only is their stopping power enormous, but unlike some carbon set-ups which can feel grabby, they offer plenty of progression - they’re just as happy coming to a smooth stop on the road as they are hammering around a race track. They save a significant 33kg of unsprung mass relative to the standard set-up, too.In most situations on the road, it’s hard to believe that the GT weighs as much as it’s claimed to. As before, there’s three-chamber air suspension and a 48-volt electrical system which controls an active anti-roll set-up. For the GT Speed, Bentley has introduced a new electronic rear differential - the first for the brand - rear wheel steering and variable electronic stability control. It reckons all of this should add up to a more agile driving experience, yet one which maintains the typical Bentley stability and control.
  6. Wiegman has limited time to prepare for the home Euros next summer and faces a challenge to fix the team’s defence hen England kick off against North Macedonia on Friday in their opening 2023 World Cup qualifier it will be the team’s first competitive game in 802 days. A lot has changed since that defeat by Sweden in the bronze-medal match at the 2019 World Cup. England have played only nine times since. Although a hefty chunk of players travelled with Team GB to Tokyo for the Covid-impacted Olympics there was an interim manager, Hege Riise, in charge with England’s manager-in-waiting, Sarina Wiegman, leading the Netherlands to the quarter-finals. Now, with Wiegman settling in at St Georges’ Park, it is time for a fresh start, but what needs addressing and what will the Dutch manager’s England look like The Lionesses kick off a home Euros at Old Trafford on 6 July 2022 and there are only seven international windows to work with. Wiegman made clear in her first press conference that there will be no room to rest players on international duty when she said: “If they’re fit and ready to play, I bring them in because we have a short time, we have to play qualification games and we have to win.” That makes building a solid relationship with managers in the Women’s Super League critical. This season many of the top teams will be playing in five tournaments, with last season’s FA Cup still to be completed. Chelsea’s manager, Emma Hayes, has criticised the international set-up for not taking enough care of Fran Kirby and failing to get the best out of her. Already there are a number of key injuries across the core of the England squad. Wiegman said managing player loads would be “a challenge” but added that early conversations with coaches had been good. “As a club coach you have to win and as a manager of the national team you have to win. You can’t always come together, but at least you can communicate and we can be aware that we need to take care of players. [Talks] were really good and they were very open.” There can be no room for sentimentality with a home Euros so soon and the trophy targeted. The goalkeeper Mary Earps described Wiegman, from the team’s first interactions, as “switched on” and “direct” and she will need to be just that. The quality of competition in Europe has risen massively. The reigning champions the Netherlands, Olympic runners-up and World Cup bronze medallists Sweden and France and Germany will be huge barriers to England winning next summer. In selecting her squad Wiegman will have to be ruthless and she must decide whether senior squad members still bring enough on the pitch. There is no time to allow for one last hurrah for players who have given so much to the development of women’s football in England. That Wiegman is yet to confirm her long-term captain, with the current captain, Steph Houghton, told she will lead the team for the next couple of games while Wiegman gets a feel for the squad, is a sign that the manager is not afraid of potentially ruffling feathers. The Netherlands under Wiegman have been one of the most exciting international teams to watch in recent years and they traditionally set up in a 4-3-3. Wiegman has made clear it is important to “look at what is best for the players” and, although she is pleased that England players have grown up playing 4-3-3, she also wants fluidity. “Formations, these days, the football game has become so dynamic,” she said. “You’re talking more about principle. Sometimes if you take a picture it just looks like a 4-4-2. When you take a picture at another moment it looks like 3-5-2 or 3-4-3. In another moment, it’s 4-3-3. It just depends on what happens in the game. You’re not going to just stay in your position all the time.” England have a host of players well suited to a dynamic style because many do so at club level. There is also a lot of versatility, with players who can play in multiple positions. Placing an emphasis on the best group of players over the best individual performers will be key. The Lionesses have struggled to look comfortable at the back. Even at the World Cup in 2019 there were moments of madness in defence and the then manager, Phil Neville, did not seem to have the answer. Balls into the box have caused chaos and with a fully English defence in the Team GB squad those holes were evident in Tokyo too. With just a few months in the buildup to the Olympics there was little Riise could do to shore up the backline. Wiegman has more time but she also needs a plan. Confidence has seemingly been sapped bit by bit and a revamp of personnel could be needed to inject energy and belief. The defence needs a fresh strategy and needs to be able to handle set pieces, and maybe that requires minds less weighed down by the results of the previous regime.
  7. I had gone to stay in a camp in the Australian wilderness. One minute, my host was pouring drinks – the next he was on the floor, 90 minutes from the nearest medic was in the back of the back of beyond: a wilderness camp in a lonely north-eastern corner of the Australian continent known by the acronym FNQ: far north Queensland. To reach it, you had to leave a paved road, drive on to a barge, cross a river along which alligators loitered with malevolent intent, and then head north into the density of the rainforest foliage. The camp was six huts on stilts with a general dining and bar area. Its owner was named Mal: an amiable, “good on you, mate” fellow in his late 50s. His wife, Alison, immediately struck me as shy and hyperstressed. Mal had been a builder in Brisbane. The camp was his retirement project. I was one of only three guests there. I sensed: trouble in paradise.I settled in. I took a bush walk. I found myself face to face with a cassowary: a 1.8-metre-tall fowl with a pronounced beak and ferociously pronounced claws, known to kill when happened upon. I froze. I did an about-face. I moved with speed back to the camp.Once there, I ran into the only other guests. They were both in their late 20s. Joan was English, a nurse from the Midlands; Tom was a podiatrist. When I learned that they were on their honeymoon, I turned to Mal and said: “A round on me, please.”Mal went to the bar. He poured the drinks. Placing them on a tray, he walked towards us. Then, suddenly, his face turned beet red. He let out a sound akin to animalistic keening. The tray of drinks went crashing to the ground, followed by Mal himself. Joan was already on her feet, racing towards our now supine host. As soon as she was on top of him, she slammed her fist into his chest. That’s when I realised: Mal had just suffered a massive heart attack.Joan was all frantic business. She ordered me to run and find his wife and get her to call the medics. And she yelled at her husband to give Mal mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while she methodically pumped her hands up and down on his chest.I sprinted to the main door of the lodge, pounding on it repeatedly. Alison finally opened it, looking befuddled, like she had just woken from a nap. When I explained what was happening, she was distraught. I grabbed her two hands, steadying her, asking: “Where are your nearest doctors?” In Port Douglas … two hours from here.”“Flying doctors?” I asked.“It’s night. They can’t land here. There’s a nurse …”She pointed to a landline inside her home, told me that the number was on the bulletin board above it. Then she ran outside, her screaming reaching new heights as she saw her husband on the ground, Joan and Tom frantically working to save him. I punched some numbers into the phone. The nurse answered. She knew the lodge and told me it would be a good 90 minutes before she could get to us.“Keep working on him.”I raced back to the bar. Joan was still pumping Mal’s chest, Tom still giving him mouth-to-mouth, Alison screaming: ‘Don’t stop!’” I told Joan about the medical situation. She was not pleased.“Jesus [CENSORED],” she yelled, then ordered me to take over from Tom. But when I began to give Mal mouth-to-mouth, he began to vomit white bile. I pulled away, spitting out the toxic substance. When I reached back for him, he went very still. Joan felt for a pulse in his neck. She shook her head, then closed his eyes. Alison began to howl: “Please no …” stood up, went over to the bar, grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and used it as a gargle to rid my mouth of Mal’s vomit. Then I spit it out and downed a long dram of the whiskey. I passed the bottle to Joan who passed it on to Tom. I went over and put my arm around Alison and told her I would call anyone who needed calling. She couldn’t stop crying. I later learned they had been together for more than 40 years.Tom pulled a cloth off a table and draped it over Mal’s face. I sat down, put my head in my hands, still reeling from what I had just borne witness to: the way that your entire existence, the narrative that is your life, can be snuffed out in a second, without any warning or premonition whatsoever.Whenever, in the future, I railed against life’s many inequities, I found myself back in the back of beyond, seeing that man alive one moment, dead the next. From then on, I have lived with the idea that mortality is not a future construct. It lurks just around the corner. And as such: the farce of life is a fragile, fleeting one … which is also what makes it so damn precious. Afraid of the Light by Douglas Kennedy (Hutchinson, £13.99) is out now. To support the Guardian and the Observer, order your copy at Delivery charges may apply.
  8. iPhone 13 series is expected to launch at Apple's 'California Streaming' event on Tuesday, September 14. A fresh leak ahead of the launch has now tipped the storage options that will be offered with the upcoming range of smartphones. The Cupertino-based tech giant is said to be releasing four smartphones in the iPhone 13 lineup. Alongside the new iPhone models, Apple is also said to announce the AirPods 3 at the event and sell them alongside the AirPods 2. Apple's launch event can be livestreamed via its website or YouTube Channel.Market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said in a research note, accessed by MacRumors, that the storage capacity of the upcoming iPhone 13 models will start at 128GB and go up to 1TB. The vanilla iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini smartphones are said to get 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options. While the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are said to come with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options. The 1TB storage option will be the largest storage capacity offered on any iPhone model yet.For comparison, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini storage capacity starts at 64GB and only go up till 256GB. The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max storage options max out at 512GB.Epic Appeals Ruling in Lawsuit That Gave Apple a Narrow WinKuo has also reportedly said that Apple will launch the AirPods 3 alongside the iPhone 13 lineup at the 'California Streaming' event. The analyst predicts that AirPods 3 will either be priced higher than the AirPods 2 or will have the same price as the last-generation model, which will then get a price cut. In both scenarios, Kuo says Apple will continue to sell the older AirPods for the people who prefer that design over the Airpods Pro-like in-canal fit expected in the newer model.Apple's 'California Streaming' event is scheduled to take place on September 14 at 10am PDT or 10:30pm IST. You can watch the event through Apple's event page or through its official YouTube Channel. iPhone 13 series specifications, features (expected)Previous rumours suggest that the iPhone 13 series smartphones may feature a smaller display notch than the previous iterations and also larger camera sensors. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are said to come with better ultra-wide cameras. iOS 15 Key Features Teased via Tips App Ahead of iPhone 13 LaunchThe vanilla iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are reported to come in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, (PRODUCT) RED, and White colour options. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max may come in Black, Bronze, Gold, and Silver colour options.The entire iPhone 13 lineup may get heftier and thicker than before. iPhone 13 Pro Max is reported to get an 18-20 percent larger battery capacity compared to its predecessor. The Pro Models may also get 120Hz refresh rate displays and may work at 60Hz refresh rate in low-power mode.Previous leaks also suggest that the iPhone 13 may come with a portrait cinematic video feature that uses an electronic image stabilisation (EIS) system, also known as "Warp". This will let users blur the background while recording a video. The optical image stabilisation (OIS) and Night Mode features are also said to get optimised in the new models.WhatsApp May Soon Let Android Users Move Chat History to iOS: ReportThe iPhone 13 models are also reportedly getting a new satellite feature, that is said to allow users to transmit short emergency texts and send SOS distress signals in the event of a disaster. It may only work in areas with no cellular network and only in select markets.The prices of the upcoming iPhone range were earlier expected to rise due the global chip shortage, but recent reports suggest this may not be the case. Apple is also reportedly working on improving its FaceID tech. The upcoming iPhone 13 models may also come with Always-On Display along with the integration of Wi-Fi 6E
  9. New command bar will make it easier to find files and access primary commands Finding the right files in Microsoft's cloud storage service will soon be even easier as the software giant is currently working on a new interface for OneDrive. According to a new post on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, OneDrive will soon be getting a new command bar later this month.We've assembled a list of the best cloud storage available These are the best cloud backup services on the market Also check out our roundup of the best portable SSDWith this update, OneDrive users will easily be able to “identify the right file and access primary commands”. However, the simplified view in OneDrive's new interface will also help boost productivity as it allows users to focus on the content they're working on as they won't be distracted by additional menus.In two separate posts, Microsoft also revealed that OneDrive will also be getting a new sharing experience in November of this year. The company is updating OneDrive's Share menu to provide easy access to additional sharing options such as email, copy link, Teams chat as well as manage to access settings.However, the “Copy link” button is set to be replaced by a footer where users will be able to set permissions before copying links and sharing them with recipients.After releasing the 64-bit version of OneDrive earlier this year, Microsoft has continually updated its cloud storage service and it will be interesting to see how these visual and sharing updates pan out.
  10. You may not need to upgrade your PC to run Windows 11 after all, just your BIOS Asus is in the process of testing and validating BIOS updates for dozens of older motherboards based on Intel's 200-series and 100-series chipsets, that would allow users to run Windows 11 on a system with an unsupported CPU. So if you're sitting pretty on a 6th generation Skylake or 7th generation Kaby Lake processor, there's hope yet.The fact that Asus is able to do this only adds to our bewilderment of how Microsoft is already screwing up Windows 11 this badly, in terms of support requirements and less than clear messaging. Adding to the confusion, it's a fluid situation in which Microsoft is prone add more CPUs to the support list on a whim.Microsoft did exactly that a couple of weeks ago, adding around a dozen more CPUs to its official Windows 11 compatibility list. The ones it added are all from Intel's 7th generation Core series, though all but one are Xeon chips for workstations. The lone standout is the Core i7 7820HQ, a mobile CPU that happens to be in Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 system. Coincidence? Not likely.Beyond those chips, official Windows 11 compatibility only extends back to Intel's 8th gen processors, AMD's second generation Ryzen CPUs, and some Qualcomm chips. Why is that? Only Microsoft truly knows. Microsoft attempted to clarify its criteria in a recent blog post, where it noted that unsupported devices "had 52% more kernel mode crashes," compared to "devices that do meet the minimum system requirements had a 99.8% crash free experience." It also doubled down on security, and specifically the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 requirement that it is staunchly sticking to.Most modern processors have built-in TPM 2.0 support. That's true for Intel chips dating back to Skylake, and AMD processors going back to Zen+. On Intel boards, the TPM trigger is labeled PTT (Platform Trust Technology), and on AMD platforms, the option is listed as fTPM (firmware TPM).Circling back to Asus, its Windows 11 microsite now lists a whole bunch of motherboards based on Intel's Z270, Q270, H270, B250, Z170, H170, Q170, B150, and H110 chipsets as being "compatible with Windows 11 under current testing." While BIOS updates are not available for the entire lot, they are for more than 30 boards, in beta form.All these BIOS updates presumably do is enable PTT by default, so Windows 11 can recognize that the required security protocol is present and turned on. I can't say for sure, but I don't think the BIOS updates do anything beyond that. If they do, they're not listed in the release notes. They simply state, "Support Windows 11 by default, no settings changes required in the UEFI BIOS," followed by a disclaimer on the beta status.
  11. This article was updated at 8 pm PT Sunday to reflect that the ghosts have been busted.For parts of this weekend, many Rainbow Six Siege players were unable to access Ranked, Unranked, and other game modes due to an issue related to lobbies and player account levels. "We are not having a good weekend," tweeted Siege creative director Leroy Athanassoff on Sunday.The issue was that Siege seemed to think everyone was partied up with a brand new account, which meant they couldn't join most playlists. There was no one to kick from the squad to fix it, because that low-level 'ghost' squadmate didn't really exist. Two Siege players at PC Gamer experienced the bug first hand. Morgan took the screenshot above, showing a level 205 account being informed that its empty squad doesn't meet the level 50 requirement for a Ranked game. Spooky. (And frustrating.)Reports from players on social media indicate that the bug started Saturday at a smaller scale, but has been spreading since. This weekend was a free weekend for Siege, which just started a new season. Some players reported hearing the sound effect that indicates that a player has joined their lobby; the 'ghost' causing the problem. A bot on Siege's official Discord also attributed the bug to ghost players, but Ubisoft's official forum post and tweet about the issue didn't mention it.At about 4 pm PT on Sunday, the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account said that the developers were working on two separate issues, "one impacting matchmaking on PC" and "one impacting online infrastructure on Xbox." The Xbox issue was resolved first, and few hours later the account reported that an update had been deployed to fix the PC version. UPDATE: We're happy to report that the issues affecting matchmaking on PC have been successfully resolved.As some of you have reported, there was an emerging issue preventing console players from joining Squads. We have addressed this and things should be returning to normal.September 13, 2021 "We'll continue to closely monitor the game's performance to ensure these fixes hold," said Ubisoft. "Over the next week, we will implement more robust long-term measures to prevent this from happening again." We're not exactly sure what it is Ubisoft will be working on preventing. A bug? An exploit? A mundane server issue? Some players have claimed that a hacker was behind it all, but that rumor hasn't been substantiated, and Ubisoft hasn't acknowledged it. We'll look for more info on that, but for now, the good news is that Siege is returning to normal.
  12. Our spy photographers have snapped the new Volkswagen Aero B on the road tackling its development programme. The electric large hatchback will make its debut in 2023, rivalling the Tesla Model 3 and acting as an electric alternative to the Passat. The Aero B is the production version of the ID.Vizzion concept that was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show – and, at the show, Volkswagen bosses said the finished car would be capable of driving up to 600km (or 327 miles) on a single charge. If Volkswagen’s current battery technology is anything to go by, this range figure should be easily achievable, especially when considering the Aero B’s more aerodynamic shape. The ID.4 Life, when fitted with the brand’s 77kWh battery and rear-mounted 201bhp electric motor, can cover up to 323 miles between charging stops.The Aero B will likely use the same battery, electric motors and MEB platform as the rest of Volkswagen’s ID. models, as suggested by the proportions of this prototype. The nose is relatively short and low; the panelling around the C-pillar is broad and tall, and the driver sits quite far forward, as the cabin and bodywork have been mani[CENSORED]ted to make space for the electric motor on the rear axle. We can also expect a four-wheel drive (potentially GTX-branded) version of the Aero B, with an electric motor on each axle and a combined output of 295bhp and 310Nm of torque. The same powertrain is already on sale in the hot. Eventually, Volkswagen will launch an estate version of the Aero B, too, as previewed by the ID. Space Vizzion concept from the 2019 LA Motor Show. The concept was also fitted with a dual-motor electric powertrain, which produces a more potent 335bhp. It remains to be seen whether this powertrain will make it into production, though. The ID.X concept (which spawned the ID.4 GTX), had its output trimmed back to 295bhp by the time it reached production, so it’s likely that Volkswagen will do the same with the Space Vizzion.Inside, we expect the Aero B will share the same compact digital dashboard and 10-inch infotainment system as the rest of Volkswagen’s MEB models. It also looks like there’ll be plenty of space in the rear, with the high angle of these spy shots giving a clear look at the car’s rear bench seat and footwell.Now click here to read about the upcoming Volkswagen ID.3 GTX electric hot hatch.
  13. The quarterback’s rift with Green Bay has been well documented. And he’s enough of an oddball to spark wild stories he most important thing about the first game of the NFL season is to never read too much into it. This is particularly true this year, after the league added an extra game to the schedule. There’s no guarantee that anything, barring a major injury, that happens on a Sunday in early September will be relevant by the time the postseason starts. So, it’s possible that the New Orleans Saints’ Week 1 win over the Green Bay Packers will be all but forgotten by January. Still, it was a strange game. Last year, one of these two starting quarterbacks was the MVP while the other played just four games. Yet, there was Aaron Rodgers being benched after throwing two interceptions while Jameis Winston threw five touchdowns in a 38-3 romp for the Saints.In a vacuum, the Packers’ loss could just be one of those fluky Week 1 things. A statistical aberration perhaps or maybe a perfect example of one defense doing nearly everything right and another doing everything wrong. Yet the players are not nameless cogs in a machine, and there are outside factors at play.Famously, there is a disconnect between the Packers and their star quarterback. After reportedly asking the team to trade him during the offseason, Green Bay and Rodgers have come to an uneasy truce. Now, in the first game since that drama, Rodgers put together one of his worst games as a Packer, putting up a dreadful 36.8 passer rating.The reaction was swift. By the time the Packers benched Rodgers for Jordan Love, “Jeopardy!” was trending on Twitter. In other words, people were wondering if there was still time for Rodgers to retire and take up the reins on the game show, which he guest hosted during the offseason. Others speculated if his performance, in fact, was an act of quiet protest. Was Rodgers pulling an Office Space, by attempting to sabotage his unloved bosses with a subpar effort? These questions are absurd, but Rodgers is enough of a singular oddball that you can understand why they are raised, even if it’s in jest. Besides players try to force trades. The best case you can make against the idea is that it feels counter-productive for Rodgers to tank his trade value if he legitimately does want a change of scenery. If he keeps playing like this, teams will conclude he’s either not right or he’s not giving the Packers his best effort. Either option could make teams less eager to trade for him, despite Rodgers’s stellar history in the league.It’s a story that Rodgers can quickly end with a bounce-back performance against the Detroit Lions in Week 2. And, as the man himself put it, the reason behind his performance is probably the most obvious and banal option: he just wasn’t very good on the day. “We played bad. I played bad. Offensively we didn’t execute very well. One game. We’ve got 16 to go,” Rodgers said after the game. If, however, Rodgers manages to lay an egg against the Lions, one of the worst teams in the league … well, we’ve already listed the reasons why the story will not go away.
  14. It should be alarming to be up this high, but it’s weirdly calming. Is it possible I’m forming an emotional bond with Bumble loved my driving theory test. It involved a video game of old people and dogs, the idea being I had to try not to kill them, like a reverse Grand Theft Auto. I assumed that driving a horse would involve a similar amount of sit-down theory, perhaps an instructional DVD. Yet, within minutes of my arrival at Silvermere Equestrian Centre in Surrey, instructor Charly Press has told me to throw my leg over and sit on top of Bumble, a real horse. I’m not qualified for this, and, incidentally, never passed my actual driving test. I’m too good at Grand Theft Auto.“Don’t you have any trousers?” Press asks. It’s a hot day, and I don’t. “I guess we’re doing this cowboy-style.” She doesn’t mean I have the swagger of a vaquero – in my shorts, helmet and polo top, I look like I’ve been airlifted off a mountain at the taxpayers’ expense. I climb some little circus steps, and get on to a horse for the first time in my life. It feels so wrong. I grew up in south London where only the police or imagined aristocrats rode horses. But times are changing, and the number of people who tried horse riding in 2019 rose to 3 million. (That statistic is from the British Equestrian Trade Association, though obviously one wishes it had been Gallup.) There’s also a less “proper journalism” reason for my visit. I’ve heard that horses are excellent therapists, and my usual therapist is away for the month. I tell the brown-and-white beast to walk, and miraculously, it does. I’m riding! A horse! It’s more comfortable than I’d imagined. Bumble has a broad back, a slow wave of a gait. I hadn’t anticipated this, the easy rise and fall, the sleepy smell of sweaty flank. It should be alarming to be up this high, but it’s weirdly calming. Does being lifted from ground level elevate your attention, to a stratum where larger thoughts reside? I smell clean air. I whisper into Bumble’s fluffy fetlock: “I don’t know if I want children.”Without warning, he stamps his foot, three, four times. I’m pitched up and down. What can this obscure communication mean? Humans have an emotional relationship with horses. They personify freedom, pride and power, their liquid eyes reflecting deep understanding – or maybe we’re guilty of hopeless anthropomorphism, projecting mystical depth on to everything they do. Plus, horses are weird. I read that all racehorses are born on New Year’s Day. I’ve been told all horses have at least two names. I heard that every horse’s favourite song is Ride Wit Me by Nelly, who was actually an elephant. “You’ve had a scratch now, stop that,” Press commands Bumble.Press teaches me posture, stirrup position, how to nudge with my heels to keep up the pace. Bumble knows the contours of this lesson inside out. Aware he doesn’t have a firm rider on board, he slows down, cuts corners, takes a nap. I find this very relatable. Still, I can’t believe how quickly we’re progressing. Within 20 minutes, Press has taught me to post: to rise and fall in time with Bumble’s trot. I hadn’t grasped how rhythmic this all is, the move between tempos, the syncopation. I bet DJs would make excellent riders. Maybe that’s why they’re so fond of horse tranquillisers. Politics is depressing, but apathy is moral dereliction. How do I care for myself and the world? I lament into Bumble’s back. He veers right, worryingly. I was meant to direct him to do this – to cross the arena from one alphabetised point to another – but forgot, so he’s more or less teaching me at this point. But I can pretend I’m in control, and I’m starting to get the hang of posting, catching the music of the ride. When I do, we’re the Marlboro Man and Tiger Roan. For a flourish, Press tells me to ride a full length of the ring, alone, at a trot. The scent of a post-lesson snack in his nostrils, Bumble obligingly gets us there. I laugh out loud. Impossible to rein in this elation, standing in the saddle, in tune with a gentle giant. And all in a 30-minute lesson. Forgetting to keep my head up, I watch the noble flanks working beneath me, ground streaming by. It’s moving in more ways than one.As a child, I blamed God for the mess down here on earth, I think. Now I know it’s people that are to blame, and I don’t know which is the lonelier feeling. Bumble comes to a halt, as if to say: give it a rest. He’s been right about everything. While our path is rarely clear, it’s important to move together. Children or no, there’ll be ups and downs. As for theological torment, the answer is to lift your head and see that it’s a sunny day. The meadowsweet is in flower. Does Bumble have another name? I ask. “Yes, Ladywell Boy,” Press replies. I’m stunned. It’s the same name as the tiny area of south London where I grew up. I’m a Ladywell Boy, too – maybe I do belong here. It’s a symbolic, even mystical moment. I just wish I wasn’t wearing shorts for it. Another triumph of proper journalismI’ve just looked up equine-assisted therapy and it’s nothing to do with riding a horse or telling it your problems. Will be discussing this with my penguin counsellor.
  15. A BBC Panorama investigation has found evidence that suggests one of Britain's biggest companies paid a bribe to the former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. Documents show British American Tobacco (BAT) was involved in negotiations to pay between $300,000 and $500,000 to Mugabe's Zanu-PF party in 2013. The documents also reveal BAT was paying bribes in South Africa and using illegal surveillance to damage rivals. BAT says it is committed to the highest standards of corporate conduct. President Mugabe's 37-year rule was secured through elections marred by allegations of fraud and violence. He was ousted in 2017 and died in 2019. The ruling party Zanu PF is now under new leadership. Robert Mugabe: From liberator to tyrantCannabis part of the future says tobacco giant in a joint investigation with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the University of Bath, Panorama obtained thousands of leaked documents.They show how BAT funded a network of almost 200 secret informants in southern Africa. line Watch BBC Panorama: Dirty Secrets of the Cigarette Business on BBC One on Monday at 19:30 BST line Most of this work was outsourced to a South African private security company called Forensic Security Services FSS was officially tasked with fighting the black-market cigarette trade, however former employees have told the BBC that they broke the law to sabotage BAT's rivals. The Zimbabwe connection Internal documents show in one operation, FSS staff were instructed to close down three cigarette factories run by BAT's competitors in Zimbabwe. FSS paid a local firm to conduct surveillance on a Savanna Tobacco factory in 2012, but the company got caught. Three of its directors were charged in connection with illegal surveillance. The arrests prompted the then president, Robert Mugabe, to make a speech condemning the men's actions and BAT's suspected involvement. However, Panorama has found that behind the scenes, contractors working on behalf of BAT were talking to Zimbabwean officials. The man who was sent in to negotiate a deal, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Panorama he bribed a number of government officials to secure a meeting to discuss the men's case.He said: "I had to make it clear that they're going to expect a nice thick envelope of notes."lineWhat is British American Tobacco?British American Tobacco is one of the world's largest tobaccocompaniesIt is one of the UK's ten biggest companiesIt owns major cigarette brands including Lucky Strike, Camel and Pall MallLast year, it sold close to 650 billion cigarettes lineDocuments seen by the BBC confirm that the man was provided with the equivalent of US$12,000 in local currency. They also suggest the money for the bribes was provided by BAT.An internal memo outlines the deal that was proposed. The Zimbabwean official said that with the upcoming presidential elections, a donation to Mugabe's party - Zanu PF - would help.The memo said: "With this donation, they could then go back to the President" to try to get the problem sorted out."The amount of the donation would have to be in the region of between USD300,000 to USD500,000 to Zanu PF," it said.The documents do not show whether the bribe was in the end paid, but Panorama has spoken to three sources who have confirmed that BAT was aware of the terms of the deal on offer.Within days of the deal being offered, all three directors were free.BAT declined to answer Panorama's questions about the Zimbabwe payments, but it did not deny paying a bribe to Robert Mugabe.It is against UK law for a British company to pay bribes, no matter where the payment takes place.The wider network FSS worked for BAT in southern Africa between 2000 and 2016.Evidence strongly suggests they bribed customs officials and police officers, and that BAT secured access to information from the police camera network, which was used to spy on its rivals.FSS tapped the phones of BAT's competitors, placed tracking devices on their delivery vehicles and bribed staff to hand over information.Documents show senior staff from BAT's London HQ personally recruited and paid some of the informants working at competitors' factories. BAT staff would also load cash onto currency cards in London and the informants could then withdraw the money anonymously in South Africa. It is a payment system sometimes used by organised crime groups to evade detection.
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