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  1. ussell Wilson and the Seahawks host Lamar Jackson and the Ravens; the Patriots and the 49ers try to stay undefeated; and the Cowboys try to figure out what’s gone wrong. Russell Wilson has been dominant this season, using his arm and his legs to power the 5-1 Seahawks.CreditCreditKirk Irwin/Getty ImagesBenjamin HoffmanBy Benjamin HoffmanOct. 18, 2019After Week 6’s series of improbable results, Week 7 can bring some normalcy back to the N.F.L. It offers a terrific quarterbacks matchup between Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson, a chance for both the 49ers and the Patriots to stay undefeated, and the possibility of Teddy Bridgewater finishing his run as the Saints’ starting quarterback with a perfect record.Here is a look at N.F.L. Week 7, with all picks made against the point spread.Last week’s record: 5-9Overall record: 53-38-1Week 7Sunday’s Best GamesSunday’s Other GamesMonday’s MatchupThursday’s MatchupHow Betting Lines WorkSunday’s Best GamesRavens at Seahawks, 4:25 p.m., FoxLine: Seahawks -3.5 | Total: 49Lamar Jackson is a force for the Ravens (4-2). He runs the ball like no quarterback since Michael Vick — and in terms of total yardage, often better than Vick. He has also developed enough as a passer that teams can’t cheat against him for fear that he will throw right over a stacked box and into the hands of ready and willing receivers like Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown.AdvertisementBut if Jackson were to set a career goal, it would be to find the consistency of Russell Wilson of the Seahawks (5-1). Wilson is still a legitimate dual threat in his eighth season. His lowest passer rating this season came in his lone loss to New Orleans, when he threw for 402 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. He leads the N.F.L. in the percentage of his throws that result in touchdowns. He has yet to throw an interception — leading to an N.F.L.-leading 10.5 adjusted yards per attempt — and has tacked on three rushing touchdowns for good measure.Seattle’s defense is not what it once was, which could give Jackson some room to work, but Seattle’s 12th man will make conditions awfully harsh for a young quarterback still figuring things out. Pick: Seahawks -3.5 the Saints have won all four games that Teddy Bridgewater has started at quarterback in place of Drew Brees.CreditStephen B. Morton/Associated PressSaints at Bears, 4:25 p.m., FoxLine: Bears -3 | Total: 38Coming out of a bye, the Bears (3-2) are likely to have Mitchell Trubisky back at quarterback, which qualifies as an upgrade from Chase Daniel, but only a small one. Chicago seems to lack a high gear on offense, and its defense is weakened considerably with Akiem Hicks, a standout defensive tackle, being placed on injured reserve. Now the Bears are faced with a home game against Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints (5-1), who seem to find new ways to succeed each week. Drew Brees is far enough along in his rehab that a start in Week 8 seems possible, so Bridgewater may soon have to step aside despite what could be a 5-0 record as a starter after this game. Pick: Saints +3Texans at Colts, 1 p.m., CBSLine: Colts -1 | Total: 47.5The Texans (4-2) are rounding into shape with Deshaun Watson at the helm. They have put up 1,064 yards of offense and 84 points over the last two weeks in a pair of impressive victories, and they have done it with a balance between running and passing, allowing them to control the clock. With a win at home, the Colts (3-2) could move into first place in the A.F.C. South, but while Indianapolis has been a nice story, it seems to be overmatched against Houston. Pick: Texans +1Advertisement49ers at Redskins, 1 p.m., FoxLine: 49ers -9.5 | Total: 41.5Anything can happen in the N.F.L., but the chances of the red-hot 49ers (5-0) falling to the lowly Redskins (1-5), even on the road, are remote. San Francisco showed last week against Los Angeles that its defense can stand up to a top-tier offense, and Washington is hardly that. In a game that does not figure to be competitive, San Francisco may chew up clock with its running game — a strategy that just so happens to prey on one of Washington’s most glaring weaknesses — which would put the large point spread in question. Pick: Redskins +9.5
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  3. The global value of sports rights hit $49.5 billion in 2018, up from $36.2b five years ago, according to Sports Business Consulting. Sports rights are forecast to be worth $52.2b by 2021, the analysts say. Why are broadcasters paying huge sums for sport? How do they make money from their content? Are major players more focused on bringing in more advertising income, or building their subscriber numbers? And will broadcasters struggle to turn a profit as they pay ever-higher prices? While New Zealand is a small market on a global scale, the record price tag for rugby rights follows a trend seen across the globe. Po[CENSORED]r sports rights are in massive demand, with an ever-increasing pool of interested bidders. Local streaming companies like Spark Sport have entered the fray, while tech giants Amazon and Facebook have begun to show an interest in international markets. In the UK, broadcasters Sky (not related to Sky NZ) and BT paid £4.64b, or roughly NZ$9.4b, for English Premier League Football rights for three years. Amazon Prime bought UK rights to a further package of fixtures for an undisclosed sum, and international rights have increased significantly in value over the past five years.Broadcasters view live sports as a key way of holding on to customers, bringing in advertising revenue, and encouraging new subscriptions."Broadcasters pay heavily for sport because it is the best live, unscripted drama they can get," says Dan Jones, head of the Sports Business Group at global advisory firm Deloitte. "It is best consumed live, and hence is appointment-to-view television, and it generates a buzz."Sport remains the perfect product in an ever-expanding world of content, Jones says.
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  9. Many international sports-related disputes (including disputes relating to doping issues and contractual disputes between athletes and their clubs) have been settled by arbitration or mediation procedures before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). In order to promptly resolve sports-related disputes that arise during Olympic Games, the CAS temporarily establishes an ad hoc division (Ad Hoc Division) and an Anti-Doping division (Anti-Doping Division) in the host city.In this connection, since the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, lawyers have carried out pro bono activities in host countries by providing free legal services to athletes and others who are involved in the Games. These legal services include representing athletes and others in arbitration proceedings administered by the Ad Hoc Division and the Anti-Doping Division, and legal consultation services for general legal issues.This article provides a brief overview of:The CAS’s activities relating to the Olympic Games;The pro bono activities carried out by lawyers in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016; andThe preparations being made for the pro bono legal services to be provided in Japan for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.CAS’s activities during the Olympic GamesThere are two types of ordinary arbitration proceedings administered by the CAS:The Ordinary Arbitration Procedure deals with disputes resulting from contractual relations or torts; and,The Appeal Arbitration Procedure handles appeal cases with regard to decisions taken by internal bodies of sports organisations (including their decisions on cases of doping violations).In addition to these two ordinary arbitration proceedings, the CAS temporarily establishes an Ad Hoc Division and an Anti-Doping Division in the host city when Olympic Games are held. The purpose of these Divisions is to promptly resolve sports-related disputes arising in connection with the Games.Ad Hoc DivisionThe CAS has established Ad Hoc Divisions in host cities for the Olympic Games since the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, with a general principle of rendering a decision within 24 hours of the lodging of an application1.The jurisdiction of the Ad Hoc Division covers "any dispute arising on the occasion of, or in connection with, the Olympic Games," insofar as it arises during the Olympic Games or during the 10-day period preceding the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games2. During this period, the International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS), which is responsible for the administration and financing of the CAS, establishes an Ad Hoc Division and selects, from the CAS’s general list of arbitrators, several arbitrators who will be involved in the Ad Hoc Division3. The members of the Ad Hoc Division will be present in the host city during the active period of the Ad Hoc Division. Statistics show that the Ad Hoc Division has dealt with between 5 and 28 arbitration cases in each Olympic Games4.In addition to the Olympic Games, an Ad Hoc Division has been established in the host countries of various international competitions, such as the Commonwealth Games (since 1998), the UEFA European Championships (since 2000), the FIFA World Cup (since 2006) and the Asian Games (since 2014)5.Anti-Doping DivisionThe CAS has also established Anti-Doping Divisions in host cities since the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. An Anti-Doping Division is established in addition to the Ad Hoc Division to render rulings on violations of the IOC Anti-Doping Rules.If an alleged violation of the IOC Anti-Doping Rules arises in connection with the Olympic Games, the Anti-Doping Division decides whether there has actually been a violation of the IOC Anti-Doping Rules and whether there should be any sanctions, if applicable6. If a party is not satisfied with the decision of the Anti-Doping Division, the party may appeal to the Ad Hoc Division or through the CAS’s ordinary arbitration procedure (the Appeal Arbitration Procedure) if the Ad Hoc Division is no longer in operation7. As with the Ad Hoc Division, the ICAS selects arbitrators who constitute the Anti-Doping Division from the CAS’s general list of arbitrators8. According to the CAS’s statistics, the Anti-Doping Division handled 13 cases at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games9.Past pro bono activities relating to Olympic and Paralympic GamesSince the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, lawyers in host countries have provided athletes and others who are involved in the Games with pro bono legal services, including general legal consultation services and representation services for the Ad Hoc Division, at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The purpose of the pro bono legal services is to contribute to the smooth operation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games by providing free legal advice to athletes and others who are involved in legal problems in the host country. As mentioned above, the Ad Hoc Division is, in principle, required to give its decision within 24 hours of the lodging of an application and, as a consequence, each party has to take extremely prompt actions in the course of the arbitration proceedings. Therefore, it is considered particularly useful for athletes who are not accompanied by legal counsel during the Games to utilise the pro bono services in the host country so that necessary actions can be taken in a timely and appropriate manner10.2012 London Olympic and Paralympic GamesDuring the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, a collection of leading barristers’ chambers, solicitors’ law firms and individual practitioners was organised to provide athletes and others who are involved in the Games with:legal advice in the fields of sports law, criminal law, defamation and privacy law, immigration law, discrimination law and personal injury law, and,representation services before the Ad Hoc Division and other IOC/IPC hearings (London 2012 Pro Bono Legal Advice and Representation Service).From over 150 applications, (i) 17 barristers’ chambers and solicitors’ firms were selected to provide legal advice services and (ii) 18 individual advocates were appointed to be in charge of the representation services11.The London 2012 Pro Bono Legal Advice and Representation Service was overseen by a management committee, which was composed of representatives from the Bar Council, the Law Society and the British Association of Sport and Law. Sport Resolutions, a national dispute resolution service for sport in the UK, served as the secretariat of the management committee and managed the operation of the services by, among others, coordinating schedules of law firms and individual lawyers to ensure that 24-hour responses were made during the Games.It has also been reported that the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games provided effective advice in the implementation of the services, and that the National Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee played important roles as information centres in the dissemination of the services.The London 2012 Pro Bono Legal Advice and Representation Service received nine inquiries and six applications with respect to the Olympic Games12 and two inquiries and one application with respect to the Paralympic Games. According to Sport Resolutions, the assistance provided by the members of the service was extremely well received and the feedback received from applicants on the efficacy and value of the service was excellent13.Following the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, as a legacy of the Games, Sport Resolutions has created a list of pro bono lawyers that includes many lawyers who were in charge of the London 2012 Pro-Bono Legal Advice and Representation Service. These pro bono lawyers have been available to assist individuals of limited financial means before domestic sporting tribunals, including Sport Resolutions panels14.2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games15During the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, the Rio de Janeiro Bar Association organised a pro bono legal project and provided athletes with representation services for the Ad Hoc Division and the Anti-Doping Division free of charge (2016 Olympic Games Pro Bono Arbitration Counsel Program). Unlike the London 2012 Pro Bono Legal Advice and Representation Service, the 2016 Olympic Games Pro Bono Arbitration Counsel Program did not provide legal consultation services and therefore the services available were limited to those relating to the Olympic Games and were not active during the period of the Paralympic Games, for which the Ad Hoc Division and the Anti-Doping Department were not in operation.With regard to the selection of lawyers in charge of the program, based on the criteria of:having experience in international arbitration and/or sports law;being fluent in at least three languages;having more than five years’ experience in practice; and,being under 40 years old, 30 leading law firms in Rio de Janeiro which have a practice in the field of international arbitration each recommended a candidate, and then 24 young lawyers were selected from among these candidates.Two-thirds of the selected young lawyers were men and one-third were women, and one half of the total number were international arbitration experts and the other half specialised in sports law. All of them were fluent in Portuguese, English and another language, which included French, Spanish and Chinese.CAS staff visited Rio de Janeiro and held two four-hour seminars for the selected lawyers, the curriculum content of which included the structure of the CAS and the applicable rules of the CAS’s ad hoc arbitration. In addition, the Rio de Janeiro Bar Association, together with experts familiar with sports law, held two whole-day seminars as well as weekly workshops in the last two months to study the jurisprudence of the CAS.The 2016 Olympic Games Pro Bono Arbitration Counsel Program received three requests for representation in relation to the Olympic Games16.Preparations for 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic GamesTo preserve the legacy of the pro bono legal services (as described above), members of the Japan Sports Arbitration Agency (JSAA), which is a national sports-related dispute resolution centre in Japan17, conducted research regarding past pro bono legal services, and they played an important role to establish the management committee of pro bono legal services for the 2020 Games with the cooperation of various organisations, including bar associations and the Organising Committee of the Games. There are some points that should be mentioned, including the following, with regard to the preparation of the pro bono legal services in Japan.In Japan, arbitration and mediation procedures administered by the JSAA have been used since 2003 to resolve domestic sports-related disputes. The JSAA has handled and resolved various sports-related disputes, including selection, disciplinary, doping, contract and eligibility disputes, through the arbitration and mediation procedures set forth in the JSAA’s rules18. Also, the number of cases that are brought before the JSAA has been increasing as upcoming big sporting events, such as the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, gain significant attention from the public19. However, despite the rise in the number of cases, the latest number of cases in the 2018 fiscal year was still around 20. There are still many sports lawyers and arbitrator candidates on the JSAA’s arbitrator list who have not experienced any sports arbitration proceedings in Japan.In addition, only three cases in which a Japanese individual was a party in connection with the CAS ordinary arbitration procedures can be found on the database of CAS awards:Ms. Suzu Chiba v. The Japan Amateur Swimming Federation20,Mr. Kazuki Ganaha v. Japan Profession Football League21, andMr. Koji Murofushi & Japanese Olympic Committee v. International Olympic Committee22.The low number of cases involving Japanese athletes brought before the CAS may have resulted in a lack of Japanese experts who are experienced with the CAS procedures and jurisprudence.In light of the circumstances above, it is difficult to deny the fact that Japanese lawyers may not be ready at this stage for providing pro bono legal services for the Games, particularly with respect to representation services for the Ad Hoc Division and the Anti-Doping Division. It is important that pro bono lawyers be familiar with the applicable CAS rules of arbitration proceedings and jurisprudence of the CAS. Without a good understanding of these rules and jurisprudence, it is impossible to handle cases before the Ad Hoc Division and the Anti-Doping Division within a limited period of time.In any case, as the lawyers in Rio de Janeiro did for the 2016 Games, Japanese lawyers will have to gain the required knowledge regarding the CAS rules and awards. On this point, the management committee of pro bono legal services for the 2020 Games is currently in the process of selecting talented pro bono lawyers23 and is planning to hold at least eight training sessions for the selected pro bono lawyers to make them familiar with the CAS rules and awards. The training sessions will include ones that are lectured by CAS personnel and other international sports lawyers specialising in the CAS proceedings.The gaining of expertise in international sport arbitration through the preparation of pro bono services will lead to the improvement of the relevant arbitration practices in Japan. Of course, the main purpose of the pro bono services is to contribute to the smooth operation of the Games by providing free legal advice to athletes and others who are involved in legal problems in the host country. However, at the same time, we would like to utilise this great opportunity to educate ourselves to move the level of individual sports lawyers to the next stage.24There are many preparations to make and issues to be resolved by Japanese lawyers to successfully support athletes and others who are competing or otherwise involved in the 2020 Games in Tokyo. Given the short amount of time left, it will be an immense challenge to complete every task in time. However, I am confident that Japanese lawyers will make the pro bono project successful and the project will contribute to the further development of sports law in Japan.For details analysis and guidance on the CAS Ad Hoc & Anti-Doping Division see the following articles:
  10. Download all videos from all social networking sites whether they are on Instagram or Whatsapp or Facebook with distinctive quality that you will not find in other programs, but what are the possibilities of the program? And how it works in the user service? This is what we will recognize in the coming lines. Read also: Download lucky patcher for Android without root What is Fat Matt Often the user needs to download videos from different sites on the Internet, but some applications can not download applications and this is what makes a lot of people download this special program to use in downloading all applications in high quality HD and this of course what the program provides. Many other downloaders can not give users the ability to download from different sites, especially since some sites do not allow the user to watch more than just videos without downloading this in addition to the possibility to download and retain videos very easily. The program has a lot of privileges that make it the most downloaded amid a lot of other applications because of its many features: Downloading the app can not be limited to one location but to different sites. The application is small in size compared to other applications where the size of about 8.48 MB so it does not need to provide as much space in your phone as other applications. It supports all Android systems. The application can be downloaded through various electronic stores. The app is available in many languages so it can be used by everyone around the world. The program downloads videos for songs in HD or any other systems available within the application. The application or software supports more than 1000 different locations. Through the app you can convert downloads to MP3 or MP4. Unlimited app in downloads. Enables you to play live streams of programs and football matches in the highest quality unlike other apps that do not work well. Disadvantages of FatMat 2020 There is no doubt that each application or program has some disadvantages in spite of many of its features, but this application does not have to minor flaws Although it can not be underestimated, but it can be avoided by the developer of the application in the future. Where the application is maligned that it is not suitable for download for young children without censorship from parents, the application has a lot of videos that may have some violence or other things not suitable for children The company producing the application did not control it and put some additions or improvements that make it easy to Child download it like other applications found in software platforms in electronic stores. It is also maligned that slow loading in the case of Internet problems or slow network and this disadvantage can not be seen because it occurs in all downloads and other applications normally. Download Fat Matt 2020 app for Android What are the steps to download Fat Matt? In the beginning, you must access one of the various electronic stores, most notably the Google Play Store and click on the download link of the program from here. After clicking on the word Download your browser downloads the application. You see a message with the download permissions that you must accept and click to approve. After that the application is downloaded in a few minutes and the icon of the application appears on the phone and can be opened and used after that with ease. The application has a lot of distinctive videos that can be downloaded from religious videos and humor and other clips. Inside the app is a search engine that can upload the video you want. Requirements for FatMate for Android The application is free other than the applications deployed on the software platforms that must be purchased. Some applications provide users with a free but watermarked application that cannot be disposed of until purchased. The size of the application is small compared to other applications if you have a little space in the phone you can download this application where the size of up to 8.48 MB. The app has been rated by four-star users. The application has been installed more than 100 million times. The application needs an Android 4.0.2 or 4.0.1 phone. The program is supported in several languages other than Arabic so it is suitable for many people. Download Fat Matt 2020 How to download videos from FatMate 2020? After you finish downloading the app and open the app you can choose the right video you like. Then you start by clicking on the upload arrow in the video. You can also choose the quality of the application you want to download. The video will then be ready for download within a few minutes and will appear on the phone in the downloads file or any other file that has been prepared in the phone for downloads. Then you can watch the video with ease. The application allows you to register it by using your Facebook account or e-mail whatever account to control all the features of the applicati

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