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  4. Nick ( used to play on the server ) : Exo Age ( I want not to lie about your age ) :19 Experience ( How much time you've been admin on another servers ) : ZmDarkNight Reason ( The reason why you want this rank on our server ) :i want help sv and players Experiences as admin ( link proof ) : 2years You can stay afk at night? :yes
  5. Robots vary greatly in size and shape depending on the type of artwork, but they are always characterized by their near-human form, which allows them to carry weapons in both hands and engage in exciting combat with similar types of robots or bulky vehicles just like in Daemon X Machina. The type of artwork Mecha was used extensively in Japanese cartoons in the 1970s and 1980s, and there were some notable works of the period such as Grandise, Mazinger, Gundam and many others. In fact, GUNDAM is one of the most important works affecting Japanese culture and the life of Japan in general to the extent that they built a life-size statue of the robot in the series. Daemon X Machina is a robot-driven action game that recreates the glory of the golden age of Japanese mica games like GUNDAM and Armored Core. Kenichiro Tsukuda, the product arm of the Armored Core gaming series, is personally chairing this new project, making us observe the experience in the finer details of robot and weapon designs in the game. Daemon X Machina is now available in Nintendo Switch. Daemon X Machina .. Excellent fighting style, a lot of iterative. I want to address this point at first, Daemon X Machina looks great. Japanese cartoon skins, futuristic hologram display, stylish robot designs, and the idea that all this looks and works perfectly on the Nintendo Switch made me fascinated by the game from both technical and artistic sides. The game makes you choose the character of the hero at the beginning and also the robot design that you will lead during the game, which is called here Arsenal. There are many different customization styles that can make you resemble any character you want from the game characters, and you can define the shape and color of each piece in the Arsenal combat machine as you want before you start playing. The idea of the game world is simple and mysterious at the same time. You live at a time when the moon fell on the planet to cause the destruction of half of mankind, in addition to controlling the artificial intelligence of all machines and robots in an unknown way, turning them into armies of immortals robots capable of cloning themselves and making danger endlessly. Things seem desperate, but fortunately, the fall of the moon has helped a group of humans acquire special abilities that enable them to drive Arsenal mechanical machines and act as protectors of humanity throughout the war with endless armies of robots. You play the role of a new member of the team of land protectors called Outers, and despite the different reasons they work for, such as money, love of destruction, etc., all share the primary goal of destroying robots and protecting the earth from destruction. Fashionable story style and narrative style Life at the Outers team follows a familiar pattern. Before any mission, the player can tamper with his Arsenal robot and supply him with weapons and equipment, then go on missions with various objectives such as attacking a robot control site, or protecting some important places of humanity such as libraries and transportation, and then return the player after the completion of the mission to collect his salary and return All that again. Often the basic mission you go for is different and you find a pilot from different Outers teams blocking your way, and you have to defeat him alongside the main mission objective so you can return to base. The game uses this method extensively in many different missions, and you'll find yourself fighting many pilots with whom you were fighting without a clear explanation, or vice versa to find yourself in the same team with friends who were enemies to you on a previous mission. It is not entirely known why contradictory missions were issued to each group of main characters. There are some characters who are ordered to protect a place, and some who find themselves responsible for the destruction of this place. The game hides all the secrets and does not explain anything until you approach the last chapter or Rank A in the game, which made the topic repetitive and a little boring because you do not know anything about anything except as the end approaches. Each mission follows the same storytelling: marvel at contradictory tasks, ignore it, and engage in a battle with the hero team. But at the same time the player knows more about the world of the game and the types of characters and their various objectives through dialogues that take place between your team and the team of enemies before each battle. The game world is exciting and full of details that deserve knowledge and attention. The characters of the game are diverse and talk about many important topics, different ways of thinking and their conflicting feelings about life in this world full of destruction. Unfortunately, the hero of the game does not participate in any of these dialogues at all, but even did not appear in any of the stories of the story only two or three throughout the game, which made me wonder what his existence from the original. I used to be a silent hero in many Japanese games like Persona 5 or Astral Chain, but here the topic has gone too far. There is also no way to communicate with the characters of the game and learn more about them other than what they say in the communication devices during the task, which is difficult to focus and read the words they say at the bottom left of the screen because of the rapid thrust of the game and the battles that need to focus. This does not mean that the game does not contain any story at all, but there are many powerful ideas and puzzles that motivate you to continue and discover the origin of this world. But I can't say the same about the characters, because of the little show time for each character I couldn't sympathize with or care enough about what you do during the story, unlike the amount of my interest in the nature of the world itself and its secrets, which I found that this feeling increases with me more and more as the game progresses. How to create your own Gundam robot The fighting speed varies greatly depending on the type of confrontation and the weapons and equipment used in the Arsenals robots. Smaller sizes require fast-paced shooting and movement skills to control the crowds of enemies as quickly as possible. The robot consists of five basic parts: the head, body, right hand, left hand and feet. The robot can use two different weapons in both hands, with the possibility of placing two additional weapons behind his back to switch with front weapons at any time. This robot can provide itself with some support on the back such as rocket launchers, lasers or others. There are a wide variety of weapons in the game such as machine guns, rifles, sniper pistols, rocket launchers and some crazy weapons such as flamethrowers, acid ball guns and laser guns. The robot is also able to use some near-range weapons such as ordinary swords and laser swords. You get these weapons by fighting with Stral robots that look like you, or by fighting with your friends' robots as I mentioned earlier. The player is also able to make new weapons or buy more from the store as he needs close to Monster Hunter or Gundam Breaker games. last word Daemon X Machina takes advantage of inspiration such as video games and anime series to create an exciting new world that attracted me from the very first moment and made me interested in completing missions to learn more about its details and the characters in which it lives. Its only problem is that it is not a good video game by today's standards. The missions seem to be very repetitive, and the story is not revealed until the end of the circumstances, and the single game does not pay me to pay attention to return to the game again after completion or experience the search for the rest of the weapons and equipment that I could not get. Apart from that, the fighting system is very fun, the sound effects, rock and metal songs used in the combat are great, and if you really intend to have an excellent mica game on the switch, there is no better than this game, but I don't think it is worth the price currently offered, and I can To recommend it to you when its price drops slightly. But it really is a fun short mica experience if we overlook the rest of the flaws. Existing. Positives 1-The game is the inspiration of mica elements and ancient Japanese series 2-The idea of the world is exciting and led me to pay attention to the finer details about it 3-The fighting system is fast and fun and varies depending on the weapons 4-Arsenal can be customized by many means 5-Excellent rock and metal music works all the time and fills all the action with excitement 6-Excellent anime graphic format and stylish robot designs 7-Can get the weapons and pieces you need Negatives 1-The story reveals its secrets as the end approaches and does not offer much detail about the main characters 2-Missions become duplicate shortly after the game starts 3-You can't experience collaborative play in the story 4-There is no point in personalizing your hero or trying out his missions 5-The information display looks a bit crowded 6-There is no additional content after you finish playing or missions worth replaying
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