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  1. Rejected. Improve your activity, read all the rules then come back with a new request after 7 days / a week.) good luck!
  2. Cibo, i think you are reporting admins a little bit too much.. you rpeort them for every little thing, how the .... are they supposed to learn if you want to get them removed by reporting them for every mistake.. you are currently dedicating your time to report all their mistakes, stop.. It's a shame really. you were an elder before, so i expect you to understand people and not rpeort as often as you do, instead tell them what they did wrong
  3. Not a single person except the Manager and the admin that is beign rpeorted is allowed to reply on a complaint! And i am very sure we dont have the rule "Last human hide or SLAY" -Unless i am missing out on a lot, which i doubt.. So, Bolfosu, warning to you for replying on a complaint that does not belong to you. and @Mishkn;x you have 12 hours to reply and explain your actions!
  4. Are you currently a manager on another server? If you are leaving that server, then Pro, good luck.
  5. That is something. Moster. you have 24 hours to reply and give a convincing reason for the ban
  6. Karlen. You need to have patients and give the players time. you let them do what they want and have fun for about a minute, when the time hits 2:00 you warn them then start slaping/slaying/freezing. when the time hit's 1:00 you say: Zm attack or slay directly, then start slaying those who dont attack directly. you do not slap/slay/freeze directly, and even if you do.. you need to give a warning first! You will get a warning this time karlen! but be careful next time you might get punished. Solved, T/C
  7. Pro looks like your activity is ok and you've read the rules.
  8. Good bye friend. I wish you luck, Take Care!
  9. Accepted, Send me a pm with your info.. Nick, Pw and Tag. T/C
  10. Fix your activity, Read the rules and come back with a new request after 7 days / ( A WEEK) Good Luck, Rejected. T/C
  11. Then why are you attack the nemesis that is giving free and not warning / slaying him?
  12. Guys Stop! this is not an admin request, you don't need to interfere, the only time you can reply is if the report is on you, Stop this
  13. I want an explanation right now ROY, you have 12 hours to reply!