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  3. Hopefully it is a bug which hasn't be fixed this bug was their since profile song was introduced...and kinda disadvantage to our community if a member buyed vip for 1 month then the profile song must be with him for one only . If he need To extend he can buy it with CSBD points. @Mr.Love I hope you fix this problem .
  4. Name:∆VERON∆™ Tag Your Friend:@Legends ♛ @Afrodita. Country: India
  5. Howdy , Like @Mr.Love Just added Two Factor Authentication Which will help us to protect our account and rest of your proposal i kinda agree and disagree at the same time just becausr we have 2 Factor Authentication . So Contra Thank you
  6. Contra ! Like why we need this and on which criteria Member will receive this medal like Pro player as you specified . We have 18 cs 1.6 server how will we decided whom to give pro player and talking about animal medal do we need to buy them from Points ?? Like specifi thing so Contra Thank you
  7. Welcome . Enjoy here and Read rules.
  8. ∆VERON∆™


    I am with you atleast their will be a competition with server and one day a server will reach on 1 at rank with this competition . And every end of month the server will win will get a hold representation in forum section . Lets us create competition within server to improve their activity #Pro
  9. When moderators of this community think like this no one can change it and this is just a idea u never need to react so much like a kid and respect everyone Anyways if you have problem don't reply to my topic as they are not useful PS : Bro this is just a proposal administrator won't imply this so chill we are here for development of fourm
  10. Hola lost friend don't tell me you forgot me 😔

  11. Why not @myCro We just need few room card and some one to supervise the match that I can do it and what about the prizes ? Well I can only do it for pubg Moblie tournament
  12. @myCro have an idea their are pubg and free fire clans ? Why to organize a pubg tournament ? And we will set the prizes accordingly .....