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  1. hello talha.reason i was spaming is that none of admins werent replying at me.I accept that i blocked you 1 time but i let you go because was the starting of the mod.1 player said why talha why shot my lm?This question is on my prof.I dont distrub anyone i want to play in peace and resolve every problem if happens in the server.And 1 thing that u forgot.Before you did a gag first u need to make warning then make a gag.if i shot any lm amx_slay name command is avalilable.IF i block you all time please i need a proof
  2. ¤ Your name:Rei ¤ Claimed Admin name:Mr.Talha ¤ Date and time:before some minutes ¤ Reason of complaint:Someone got nemesis and he started shoting lm.he left the place and blocked in another place.I asked another admins for a slay and he gaged me.If i did something wrong please let the prof here ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  3. o brz mshkr icik

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      @Suarez ke ngatrru rein mer bab 😂

  4. *Type(avatar/signature/cover):avatar *Dimensions:150x250 Text:JURI but without csbd text only Juri *Theme[Girls/Cars/Nature/Abstract/Dogs/etc]: *Last request link: Other informations:no
  5. have nice dreams.hope you understand this got what u deserved.

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      I have to see my work like you, good night 😉

    3. R e i

      R e i

      ok.good night

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      finaly he got banned he deserve it

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    TRANSFORMERS #Quiz [Easy]

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 56 seconds  
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    One piece #Quiz

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    Grindstone Game info Developer:Capybara Games Platform:IOS, MacOS, Nintendo Switch Release:September 16, 2019 Genre:Adventure, puzzle Apply the minutiae of your daily tasks to the mechanics of Grindstone, and you’ve got a recipe for a satisfying lifestyle as far as we’re concerned. This methodical puzzle game has a delightful focus on the excitement of building momentum and a beautifully balanced sense of risk and reward. It’s also about killing monsters, which is an element that mostly does not directly translate to your real life, but they could be a metaphor, if you like.Basically, you’ll be presented with an all-too-familiar grid of colourful monsters called "creeps", and must trace a path through similar-toned beasties in order to build up a combo and move around the screen. You can go in the cardinal directions as well as diagonally and it's often possible to trace much longer paths of monsters than it initially appears, thanks to elements such as the introduction of larger, stronger creatures as well as other modifiers such as path-blocking bouldersThe effortlessness of building chains and the way the game flows mean that even as an essentially turn-based title, the action constantly feels dynamic, punchy and exciting. Strong art and animation contribute to this, but while it's well-drawn and a good fit, we couldn't help but find its character designs a touch familiar – a very en vogue sort of cartoon style, like you'd see on Cartoon Network. We're not wild about some of the music, either – one track called to mind the appalling PS2 title Crash of the Titans, which is never fun to be reminded of. Still, it all works, it's contemporary and it's never anything other than perfectly clear what you're doing.Ending a turn next to a monster in a... let's say irate mindset will see you taking damage, and as each level goes on you'll find more and more creeps taking (frankly, understandable) umbrage to your slaughter of their kin. As the screens get increasingly dangerous, you're incentivised to stick around and take out more and more monsters in order to acquire special items, such as keys to open chests or crowns worn by powerful, kingly opponents. It's a smart application of risk and reward, as once you've achieved each level's completion goal – defeating a certain number or certain type of enemy, for example – the most expedient move is simply to leave via the now-open exit. But that won't net you those bonuses, which you'll be using between stages to produce items from blueprints, craft useful bonuses and refill your waning health, which doesn't restore automatically. As you can likely tell, then, there's much more going on here than it will appear at first. Never wavering from its appealing simplicity, Grindstone's introduction of new elements drastically changes your approach to its challenges, and eventually, you'll need to make more and more use of the advantages offered to you. There are alternate outfits to be unlocked, which confer in-game bonuses, but most crucial are the aforementioned items. The ability to teleport to any space or execute a powerful spin attack can change the tide of a battle, but these boons won't recharge until the stage ends – some of them will even require you to expend resources in order to regain them.These resources are the, er, source of the only real issue that we had with Grindstone; there are a fair number of them and they can feel a little redundant – a firm reminder of the mobile origins of the game. Of course, there's nothing wrong with mobile games, but it's generally pleasant when the seams are a little less visible. We're not wildly keen on the gating of progress behind collecting certain items, either; while the requirements are extremely far from unreasonably demanding, it still feels like it runs against the otherwise freewheeling and friendly nature of the proceedings to suddenly drop a gate in the player's way and state "by the way, those optional objectives? They weren't entirely optional after all".It's a very minor issue, though, as Grindstone absolutely nails the most important thing about any game of this nature – the central mechanic of chaining enemies never, ever stops being fun. Factoring in the titular grindstones that allow you to switch colours mid-combo, there's so much to consider that no single turn is a no-brainer. Yes, occasionally there'll be situations where very few meaningful moves are possible, but you'll spend these planning ahead as you become more familiar with your arsenal and get better and more efficient at laying waste to wave after wave of creeps. There are plenty of levels, each with side objectives for additional replay value. The inclusion of boss battles which change up the gameplay further are also very welcome, but even without this well-tuned variety, Grindstone would still be an outstanding effort. It's such an accessible game; simultaneously challenging and incredibly friendly – booting the game lets you jump straight back into your last session, even mid-level, for example. It only took a single tutorialized level for me to be sold on Grindstone. I'm that into the core concept. Basically, it's a mishmash of colored gem matching and turn-based tactics, and it's executed brilliantly.Playing as Jorj, an adventuring dad who's definitely seen better days, you'll try to ascend Grindstone Mountain floor by floor, level by level, turn by turn. My initial read on the game had me thinking I was in for a punishing roguelike (since you need to top up your health between rounds and occasionally grind for gear-repairing resources), but it isn't one. Grindstone can be super tricky, but it's not a roguelike.Each turn, you'll trace a path between a group of red, yellow, blue, green, or purple monsters in hopes of making the largest chain possible – while also ending your attack in a safe spot and, ideally, setting yourself up for future success. It's that simple! (Except, in many cases, it totally isn't.) Like all the best brain-busters, you have to constantly consider micro and macro factors. You can't get tunnel vision.Jorj can move in eight directions (in other words, diagonals are fair game), and if he takes down at least ten creeps in a single strike, a gem will land on the map that can be used to string together an attack on different-colored monsters – for instance: a yellow group first, then green (or whatever else is in reach).That basic premise – generating enough momentum to clear the board when the time is right – factors into larger foes, who have HP and roam around. The longer your combo, the more damage you'll dish when you bump into a Big Guy. The principle also goes for breakable obstacles, trap-door-opening levers, skeleton-raising tombstones, bosses, and so much more. One of my favorite parts of Grindstone is seeing an enemy for the first time, working out its quirks, and using them to my advantage.Most levels require you to kill a certain number of creeps – or in some cases the smarter, non-color-coded creatures – to open the exit door. Here's the trick, though: even the simplest foes can be deadly if you ignore them for too long. Every turn, more and more puny monsters will become enraged, a signal that if you end a turn sitting beside them, you'll take a hit. By default, Jorj only has three hearts.When he bites the dust, you'll lose all of your items and progress in a level. Failure stings when you're deep into earning an optional objective (say, unlocking a treasure chest), or clearing a bonus challenge ("kill three bats in one chain"), or simply trying to depart from a long battle after a job well done. It isn't necessarily enough to win – you have to get out alive. There's a sense of mounting urgency. Grindstone System Requirements Minimum Requirements OS: Win Xp 32 Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Graphics: AMD Radeon X600 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 210 System Memory: 1 GB RAM Storage: 500 MB Hard drive space DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card Recommended Requirements OS: Win Xp 32 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ Graphics: AMD Radeon X1900 GT or NVIDIA GeForce GT 340 System Memory: 2 GB RAM Storage: 500 MB Hard drive space
  10. R e i

    [Review] Wildfire

    Wildfire game info GENRE: Indie DEVELOPER: Sneaky Bastards PUBLISHER: Humble Games RELEASE DATE: 26 May, 2020 Sidestepping any potential controversy about whether or not they exist or if their persecution is merely an expression of historical misogyny, I think it’s a universal truth that if you’ve got a Witch, you need to be able to burn it. It’s an alarming development, then, that Wildfire begins with the failed immolation of such. Jokes aside, it’s an effective and surprisingly stark in media res prologue; a compelling sequence you’ll see in context later. Look, if it’s a good enough narrative device for The Outer Limits, it’s good enough for any video game. Stealth games are a bit of a sticky wicket. Finding the middle ground between an experience organic enough to be immersive, but “gamey” enough to be fair is a bit of a balancing act. Traditionally, 2D takes on the genre have fared well in terms of raw gameplay but sacrifice edge-of-your-seat tension in favour of transparent, accessible mechanics. Wildfire is no exception. It’s a carefully designed, surprisingly adaptable take on side-scrolling stealth with a killer element mani[CENSORED]tion twist – but not even once is it heart-in-mouth scary the way that the stealth genre can be at its most absorbing. It’s up to you if you want something that leans more unpredictable, or a game like Wildfire that feels much closer to the likes of Abe’s Oddysee (more so than its own remake did, but we digress) in presenting you with all the tools you need to succeed, avoiding any gotchas or obfuscating mechanics.Movement is precise and highly regimented. It doesn’t feel natural per se, but it’s not supposed to. The granular nature of your character’s motion feels grid-based, which means the same thing will always happen if you push a direction, or hold ZL to run in said direction. The distance you can jump is set by stationary or running leaps, and if you screw up, you only have yourself to blame. That’s the ideal with games like this – nothing is more frustrating in the stealth genre than getting spotted with no idea how or where you went wrong. Wildfire avoids this by giving you all the tools you need to succeed from the off, adding more as you make your way through the game. Besides simply making it to the end of each stage you'll need to seek out Meteorite Shards for additional passive upgrades, hit switches to open gates that block your progress, and lead villagers to safety by escorting them as well as simply picking up the dozy sods and throwing them around. Many additional variables come into play; hiding in overgrowth, whistling to attract the attention of enemies, pickpocketing, sliding, climbing and – most prominently – casually mani[CENSORED]ting the elements. Yes, that title isn't just a random word. Your initial attempted roasting seems to grant your Witch the power of man's red flower, meaning you can suck in flames from any given source of such, then throw them around to create absolute carnage. Collectable upgrades let you extract ever more use from your pyromania, letting you bounce your fireballs off walls to terrify, trap or simply murder your opponents. Intuitive controls mean you'll always know exactly where a thrown ball of flame is going to end up, but not necessarily the extent of the destruction you'll wreak. It helps that despite being a fairly stiff, regimented game – and remember, that's not a criticism, merely descriptive – Wildfire has plenty of scope for, well, winging it. Thinking on your feet. Improvising. And sometimes, you'll have to, because you'll overlook some little detail and the ensuing chain reaction will quite literally send your plans up in flames. It's not just fire that you can play around with, mind. You'll also gain the ability to mani[CENSORED]te water and earth, like a murderous Captain Planet. Freezing bodies of water and constricting enemies in vines (among many other practicalities) offers a ton of marvellous opportunities to be sneaky and for the level design to get ever more complex. You'll want to keep playing just to see what opportunities for Rube Goldberg-style escalating madness you'll be able to kick off with a single action.Progressing through the game and levelling up your abilities can fundamentally change your playstyle in a way that keeps things fresh, also allowing you to return to previously-beaten stages in order to fulfil secondary goals and unlock even more powers. It's neat that Wildfire retains its challenge despite constantly giving you more and more skills and approaches to situations, but ultimately it is fairly linear in its structure. There's nothing wrong with linearity, but paired with the extremely methodical and entirely systems-based gameplay, it can occasionally feel more limited in its scope than perhaps is necessary. This kind of stealth game isn't for everyone and its artifice is writ very large, but it's a richly-designed game that tells a decent story, not a richly-designed story fitted around a decent game. Despite its thoroughly organised progression, Wildfire does throw in some nice curveballs to instil a sense of genuine anticipation to the proceedings. You can play the whole thing in local co-op, too, which is always a joy. The aesthetics let the game down a little, being as they're so unremarkable, but they get the job done and never obfuscate the challenges, level layouts or goals. Frankly, the music went in one ear and out the other but we suppose that just means it never got in the way of our enjoyment. It certainly looks nice enough throughout, but it seems to be lacking a certain something. Its visuals are reminiscent of a lot of other indie games of recent years and while they're far from bad, they didn't really stand out to us. The only major issue here is slowdown – when there's a lot going on, like guards panicking to and fro as an unquenchable fire rages – the game really chugs. It's a little odd, given that the graphics here don't exactly seem to be taxing the Switch, but will most likely be patched. Conclusion Taken at its intended pace, Wildfire is a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting game with a multitude of interlocking systems that caters to players who don't mind thinking on their feet if their best-laid plans go scorchingly awry. The slow pace and frustration of failure won't appeal to all (though checkpoints are generously placed) but for gamers who don't mind a bit of a slow burn (tee hee), Wildfire is an expansive and inexpensive title that's a healthy mix of tropes and ideas familiar enough to feel cosy, and unpredictable elemental action that rewards creative thinking. And the further through the game you play, the more interesting it becomes. An impressive debut.It’s rare, but once in a while I get the opportunity to play a special type of indie game. Over the years I can name just a handful of exceptional, yet underappreciated, titles that were serious contenders for game of the year. The likes of CrossCode, Recettear, and Owlboy come to mind. When I first saw Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, it immediately stood out. But I never imagined that it would become the latest entry on my all-time favorite indie games list. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is an open-world adventure game focused on wildlife conservation. The small island of Pinar del Mar is a paradise full of unique and diverse animals. But as of late, it has been struggling to bring in the same level of tourism it once did. Concerned about the financial stability of the island, the mayor plans to introduce a large hotel to revitalize tourism. System Requirements OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 / AMD FX-4350 Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DX10 Adapter with 512 MB VRAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 310 MB available space Additional Notes: 4GB of RAM is required for integrated graphics cards
  11. Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.06 has just been deployed on PS4 (and PS5 through backwards compatibility). Cyberpunk 2077 has been a hot mess of bugs, glitches and poor performance on the PC, Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, and PS4. But developer CD Projekt Red is pushing out the 1.06 patch that should go some way to prevent game crashes and make the game a little more stable. CD Projekt Red noted that the patch will deliver “improved memory management and stability, resulting in fewer crashes” on game consoles. The patch also removes the 8MB save file size limit of the Cyberpunk 2077 on the PC. And in the game’s quests, the developer noted that Dum “Dum will no longer go missing from Totentanz entrance during Second Conflict.”My colleague Henry T. Casey put the game through its paces for his Cyberpunk 2077 review, and was deeply disappointed by the bugs and crashes the game threw up on his Xbox One X. And he wasn’t alone, as many other Cyberpunk 2077 players complained about the bugs and poor performance, all of which culminated with CD Projekt Red offering refunds and Sony pulling the game from its PlayStation Store. In fairness to CD Project Red, it looks like the game maker is working hard to fix the game, though it arguably shouldn’t have been released in such a state to begin with. Nevertheless, we’d advise you to wait for a few months for more fixes and patches to be applied before you go out and buy Cyberpunk 2077. Where to buy PS5: Latest restock update Which console wins? PS5 vs Xbox Series X Plus: PS5 price is not really $499 — this is the true cost This hotfix isn’t going to be the panacea to all of Cyberpunk 2077 woes. You’ll need to wait until 2021 for that, as CD Projekt Red has promised to push out “two large patches” in January and February to tackle performance issues on the PS4 and Xbox One, with next-gen updates coming for the PS5 and Xbox Series X next year as well.It's the game's second update in the space of a week, with this particular patch promising "improved memory management and stability" on consoles. In theory, this should result in fewer crashing issues — something that has plagued the open world title since launch on PlayStation platforms.
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  13. Nickname : Rei Tag friends : all jorunalists vgr devil harmony and newlifezm staff Have you shared this topic ? :ofc
  14. Your nickname: R e i Your problem/question: when i enter ts3 and join in 1 chanel i see only members who are in chanel.Members in another chanels i cant see them Screenshot (if needed):
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