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  1. I upgrade you Monday to PRince and u have acces to Jetpack as Prince. Make good active (look rules) and next week u can up Elder
  2. So press Win+Alt+R to start then again to stop. All this time u need to use CS in windowed mode. Just check box windows mode in console - options - video
  3. Bad location for request upgrade. You must wait one week to request, read rules and tell us how many minutes each day you need for administrator.
  4. WAiting Mali explains
  5. Done! You got upgrade semi-god! Congratulation - u deserve it! PS - Go fast and open banlist as rules say~s!
  6. there was a speed hacker there too... dress!
  7. if u respect rules - especially do not rrzm and dont camp, im pro helper! you was here admin GOD and didnt open ban list?!!! you have proof ?
  8. ¤ Nickname (same as forum): ¤ Skype/Facebook: ¤ Age: ¤ Your Country: ¤ Admin experience: ¤ key/pass of our rules: Rules To Be Accepted: -Read Rules + Respect/Follow Them -You must speak English Clearly no issue on it -You Should Be Daily Active In The Server at least 3 hours per day & spectate in night - You Should Be Active On TS3/TeamSpeak3 Also If U Can Test 1 week!
  9. Topic reopened. No one passed the test. We need link proof for your experience as manager! Name: Age: Experiences as admin (link proof): key/pass of our rules :
  10. 😃Looking 2 Co-owners with good experience on ultimatex ZP 6.2 

  11. Ok - iti dau de incurajare! Daca nu respecti 400 minute/zi o sa primesti down direct helper

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