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  1. Okay, I understand everyone, it's better that you stop trying to unite with your team, I know that everything will be against you and this issue will be rejected. Thank you all for your opinion.
  2. Name:[D]aniela Age:22 Country:#Venezuela How would you say your English skills are:Good. Why do you want to be Gambler:I would like to help you and I love football I am a fanátic What Football team do you support:Barcelona Your Favorite league: Favorite player:Toni Kroos Do you use Team-Speak?: Screenshots of your 5 wins: •1):1Here •2):2Here •3):3Here •4):4Here •5):5Here •6):6Here •7):7Here
  3. Hey they forgot me all😑😶

    1. .Straju



      no one forgot u 😞 

    2. Shyloo
  4. Congrats for journalist🙃🙃

    1. Shyloo


      Thank you 😉


    Lotto Battle Journalist's & Devil Harmonys .

    Check out this first edition between groups! 😉


  6. Well, I liked V1 better It has a good text + effects not so strong and a good Colors my vote is for V1
  7. helloooooooooooooooooo 😄 

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    2. Shyloo


      i like ur photo can you tell me how did you make it blur and effect ?

    3. [Đ]âńîêlâ.εїз╰‿╯


      Well, I didn't just do it, I look for it and if I like it I put it in my profile mi If you want you put it in your profile too☺

    4. Shyloo


      can you give me ur last photo please i like it so much 🤩

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