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  1. Hello everyone, I can tell something, that I am tired of everything, I have problems with my family for a marihuana joint, they get angry with me and they think I smoke and I had a quilombo but well I can not be here I want to go far 😕 but its okay...

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    2. Playboy™


      Fumar es bueno pero a lo pendejo tampoco pes. calmadito


    3. emino@ v i p

      [email protected] v i p

      It is important that you are fine

    4. BOSS @ Csblackdevil

      BOSS @ Csblackdevil

      Your family  is thinking right buz you told me you smoke 😂😂

      And sorry I complaint to your mom  😛

  2. estas vivo?

    1. DrayeNNN-


      Aca estoy, ando con problemas con mi familia por faso :v me quiero ir de aca 😕 

    2. axelxcapo


      espero que se arreglen tus problemas, te estare esperando vuelve pronto (deja el faso mrd xd :v)

  3. Margelatu, waiting for his reply, you have 24h to answer, if you didn't you get SUSPENDED.
  4. DrayeNNN-

    Banlist DrayeNNN-

    ¤ Nick: Heat ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban:60MIN ¤ Reason:Retry.donate, bug ammo ¤ Proof: Photo
  5. Quiet at home :D what's up with Saturday hehe here smoking a couple =))


    1. axelxcapo
    2. [N3CR0]_bLn


      Illuminated, O my heart ❤️❤️ 

  6. Name ts3:#DrayeNNN- What level did you have ?:10 How many coins did you have in the balance ?:90408 Last entry on ts3?: 7hours.
  7. There are 24players and we can't buy sniper and survivor, and i will slay him. CAREFULLY: It's forbidden to buy sniper/survivor from admins and player , if there's not more than 15 players, without counting the spectators(will be followed by slay). REJECTED
  8. send a message

  9. Yes i slay you, for destroying my lm, good luck.
  10. @PlayBack & @Jungle →♫ waiting for his reply, we have 12hours to respond, if who didn't respond will get Suspended/Downgrade!
  11. The report is clearly. T/C
  12. Accepted! are admins didn't respond here now are Removed. T/C
  13. @SanTA- waiting for his reply, you have 12h to respond if you didnt respond, you will be removed. @Zelzal waiting for his reply, you have 12h to respond if you didnt respond, you will be Suspended/Removed. CAREFULLY: the commands: zp_human, zp_zombie, zp_respawn, zp_nemesis, zp_assassin can be used by admins only under the rules !!! the abuse made from this command, will led to remove.
  14. That's what everyone says! you think that the anonymous banned you, that was not the one that banned you, the one that banned you was Teory , because you ask for more grade, you can talk to the founders privately not here on the server! Regards. T/C
  15. Waiting for his reply @LUrde you have 12hours to respond, if you didnt respond you will get Suspended/Removed.

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