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  1. >HD

    [Accepted] Request co-owner

    I am still per-manager Why did you remove my comment for upgrading ? @wizz @ThheIncredibleHulk
  2. I need to be upgraded to co-owner my activity 1.4k https://www.gametracker.com/player/HD/ I have more than 2100 hours
  3. >HD

    (rejected)Request Admin

    rejected Your activity is low .. you can submit another request next week .
  4. >HD

    [REJECTED] Report Hulk

    This is not reason u received a ban. I'm sure >Hulk > was fair
  5. Man u should be patient u got an admin yesterday so it can't be now
  6. hy


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    2. >HD


      I promise u but u should keep your activity good 

    3. forestMan
    4. forestMan



  7. >HD

    (rejected)Cerere Admin

    rejected . Your activity is good u should be active for 1 week at least You can apply after one weeks
  8. >HD

    (Accepted)Request Admin LuisOMG

    @dreen that player his activity is so bad and it's supposed to be rejected not accept at all he should be active more much than now
  9. rejected your activity is low you should be active 300 minutes at leastd daily Sumbit another request after a week
  10. >HD

    (rejected)Report HD

    rejected well why are u behaving like boys and I said the reason of suspension u give yourself nemesis in the second round that's thing forbidden according the rules of the game ! and also all the chats I have as you know I am a founder is shown everything
  11. we will wait admin's reply through 12 hours
  12. rejected your activity is low you should be active 300 minutes at leastd daily
  13. >HD

    (rejected )request :D

    sorry rejected I will help u but your activity doesn't exceed just one day so submit a new request the next week good luck
  14. >HD

    (rejected)Request up FlIn

    sorry Rejected your activity is not good enough you should be active at least 550 mins per day so increase your activity to get upgrade to semi god