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  3. [Nike]

    [Skins] Default P90 Grimm

    Versiune 1.0.0

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    [EN] Default P90 with Grimm textures including PeeWees and Buy Menu Pic for Counter-Strike / Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Note: If you're having problems with PeeWees, type mp_consistency "0"on Server.cfg located on your Counter-Strike / Counter-Strike: Condition Zero directory. [RO] P90 implicit cu texturi Grimm, inclusiv PeeWees și Cumpărați pic de meniu pentru Counter-Strike / Counter-Strike: Zero Condition. Notă: Dacă aveți probleme cu PeeWees, tastați mp_consistency "0" pe Server.cfg localizat în directorul dvs. Counter-Strike / Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
  4. A few weeks ago we offered you the sketches that BMW used to approve the patent of an electric motorcycle, which looked like a production motorcycle. The new BMW E-Power Roadster Concept is, for the moment, that: a concept or prototype, made of parts of different vehicles of the Munich brand. The front (fork, brakes and cupolino) belong to an S1000R, while the rear, swingarm and gimbal, are of a R1250R. The chassis is new, a multitubular in steel of the Trellis type. The batteries, enclosed in a metal box, are from a BMW 2 series hybrid car, and the engine, liquid cooled by two radiators, comes from the 7 series. The batteries, enclosed in a metal box, are from a BMW 2 series hybrid car, and the engine, liquid cooled by two radiators, comes from the 7 series. Without having declared the power, this engine offers a huge torque of 67 kgm, so that the BMW E-Power Roadster Concept is able to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 s and leave behind the S1000R ( of 165 hp), accelerating from standstill, in a comparison they made in BMW. The current weight is 290 kg, but at BMW they believe it will be relatively easy to lower it to a reasonable 260 kg (more or less what an Energetic Moto-E World Championship weighs). Autonomy is very important. Another of the virtues of the BMW electric motorcycle is that it is capable of charging quickly, in less than an hour. The idea of the Munich brand is that in 30 minutes it will be able to already have an autonomy of about 180 km, and that at maximum capacity it will be between 200 and 300 km.
  5. Just today AMD has launched the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 package with important news. Performance improvements, game monitoring and other solutions have been added. Today NVIDIA has also launched the new GeForce 441.66 WHQL Game Ready controllers to support the MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries and Dretroit: Become Human titles. These two games will get official support with improved performance and performance. They are not the only novelties that have been implemented in this controller, since new NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible monitors have been added. As usual, various corrections of previously detected problems have been implemented. We recommend the update a bit if we do not have one of the corrected problems or we will play these new games. GeForce 441.66 WHQL Game Ready now available In addition to support for MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries and the Dretroit: Become Human, support for two monitors is added. The MSI MAG251RX and the ViewSonic XG270 are supported for NVIDIA G-Sync compatible. The list of compatible monitors is increasing with each new driver distribution. Some problems that had been detected have been corrected by NVIDIA. The first is a Blackmagic RAW codec correction that caused it to hang while playing multimedia content. The stuttering in Forza Motorsport 7 that appeared after a couple of turns is corrected. Fixed performance issues in Fallout 76 when G-Sync technology was activated. The problem is also corrected with the GTX 1080 Ti that did not give 5.1 or 7.1 sound option in the Windows Sound Properties. The NVIDIA Control Panel reported incorrect framebuffer size with the GTX 1060 6GB.
  6. Intel has currently stalled in the 14nm lithograph because they wanted to go too far with the 10nm. Bob Swan, CEO of the company indicated a few months ago that improving in x2.7 times the density with respect to 14nm had been excessive. This has caused that to produce chips in 10nm is complicated and depend on a lithography that does not give more of itself. All this at a time when AMD is taking firm step with its Zen architecture processors. Making the leap in the Ryzen 3000 to the 7nm lithograph of TSMC has allowed them to take a leap in performance. This together with the adjusted prices is causing a sharp increase in sales. Intel talks about its future lithographs Intel's problem with 10nm lies in the fact that the amount of chip valid per wafer would still be low. A productivity problem that means that the company should sell its processors at least twice the current price. Logically if they are now expensive and fall in sales, doubling prices would be crazy. The company expects to expand the production of processors by 10nm for next year based on the improvement of lithography (10nm +). After months of silence, the company has black-and-white about its lithographs and when they should be launched. Despite all the current problems, the company indicates that in 2021 they will have the 7nm lithograph ready. It will be at that moment when they will return to the Tic-Tac process. By 2023 they hope to launch the 5nm, by 2025 they hope to launch the 3nm, by 2027 the 2nm and by 2019 they expect the 1.4nm. Intel also highlights that they have invested a lot of money to recover the lost ground in terms of research and development. They have also increased investment in production plants during this year and will continue to do so in 2020. New lithography strategy Intel has commented on something quite curious about lithographs. The company indicates that they are working on carrying advanced nodes to old lithographs. For us to understand, it would be to work to port the 10nm node to the 14nm node in order to take advantage of the latter's production capacity. Remember that Intel currently has more demand than production capacity in 14nm. The company indicates that these special nodes will be baptized in a special way. Commercially the 7nm node manufactured under the 10nm node will be called 10nm +++. The 5nm for the 7nm node will be called 7nm ++ and so on. Yes, it is a complex thing to understand and a rather curious strategy, what a doubt. Also from the company indicate that they rely heavily on Moore's Law. Hence, they present this plan so aggressive in terms of lithographs, returning to the Tic-Tac system that I abandon with 14nm. For this they have invested billions of dollars in R&D. Remember that Bob Swan, CEO of Intel a few days ago indicated a change in the company's strategy. It should be noted that they forgot about 90% of the market share of domestic processors to go for 30% of the silicon market. It indicates that the strategy they had devised was disastrous and hence the current problems of the company would come.
  7. [Nike]

    [Plugin] Knife Drop

    Versiune 1.0.0

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    [EN] This plugin allows you to throw the knife. Commands: say / knife = Menu to buy a knife. kd_type <2 | 1 | 0> = 2> You can throw the knife without it disappearing. 1> You can throw the knife, but in doing so, it disappears. 0> Cannot throw the knife. kd_onlyadmins <1 | 0> = 1> Only admins can throw knives. 2> Everyone can throw the knives. kd_showmsg <1 | 0> = Activate / Deactivate the message that appears when you throw a knife. kd_msg_cantdrop <1 | 0> = Activate / Deactivate the message that appears when the knives cannot be thrown (kd_typer must be 0). kd_menu_enable <1 | 0> = Activate / Deactivate the menu to buy a knife. kd_menu_cost <nro> = Sets the cost of the knife. kd_usage <1 | 0> = 1> If a player kills X enemies, the knife is removed (controlled with the kd_kills command). 0> The knife is not removed. kd_kills <nro> = Set the number of enemies that can be killed with the knife before removing it (kd_usage must be in 1). kd_showmenu <1 | 0> = 1> Displays the menu if the chucillo was removed (kd_usage and kd_menu_enable must be activated). 0> Does not display the menu if the knife was removed [RO] Acest plugin vă permite să aruncați cuțitul. comenzi: spune / cutit = Meniu pentru a cumpăra un cuțit. kd_type <2 | 1 | 0> = 2> Puteți arunca cuțitul fără ca acesta să dispară. 1> Puteți arunca cuțitul, dar, făcând acest lucru, acesta dispare. 0> Nu puteți arunca cuțitul. kd_onlyadmins <1 | 0> = 1> Doar administratorii pot arunca cuțite. 2> Toată lumea poate arunca cuțitele. kd_showmsg <1 | 0> = Activați / Dezactivați mesajul care apare atunci când aruncați un cuțit. kd_msg_cantdrop <1 | 0> = Activare / Dezactivare a mesajului care apare atunci când cuțitele nu pot fi aruncate (kd_typer trebuie să fie 0). kd_menu_enable <1 | 0> = Activați / Dezactivați meniul pentru a cumpăra un cuțit. kd_menu_cost <nro> = Setează costul cuțitului. kd_usage <1 | 0> = 1> Dacă un jucător ucide X dușmani, cuțitul este îndepărtat (controlat cu comanda kd_kills). 0> Cuțitul nu este scos. kd_kills <nro> = Setați numărul dușmanilor care pot fi uciși cu cuțitul înainte de al scoate (kd_usage trebuie să fie în 1). kd_showmenu <1 | 0> = 1> Afișează meniul dacă chucillo a fost eliminat (kd_usage și kd_menu_enable trebuie activate). 0> Nu afișează meniul dacă cuțitul a fost scos
  8. Versiune 1.0.0

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    [EN] model of weapons desert eagle, which is completed with an additional knife. All parts are made in high quality. Download and rate. [RO] model de vultur al deșertului de arme, care este completat cu un cuțit suplimentar. Toate piesele sunt fabricate de înaltă calitate. Descărcați și evaluați.
  9. Administrator of the Year ➤ @Ares @Mr.Love @REVAN Global Moderator of the Year ➤ @#DeXteR @Ntgthegamer Moderator of the Year ➤ @axelxcapo PROJECT NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 1500 CSBD Points) GFX Designer of the Year ➤ @W A L K E R ™ GFX Helper of the Year ➤ @kenzzo @ AROGANTII Gambler of the Year ➤ @a r t h u r Uploader of the Year ➤ @Abdollahシ Overwatcher of the Year ➤ @PrO[T]ExX Journalist of the Year ➤ @[MC]Ronin[MC] MANAGERS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem + 2000 CSBD Points) Manager CS 1.6 of the Year ➤ @PranKk. Manager CS:GO of the Year ➤ @kEnT ™ SPECIAL GROUPS NOMINATIONS (Profile Emblem+ 2500 CSBD Points) The oldest Ex-Staff ➤ @FearLess @- hNk Best V.I.P. ➤ @Supremache TEAMSPEAK 3 NOMINATIONS (Special TS3 Icon + 50.000 TS3 Coins) TS3 Helper of the Year ➤ @TraxData The most active TS3 user ➤ @axelxcapo The user who asked the most for rank ➤ > The best TS3 DJ ➤ > The most AFK user ➤ > SERVERS NOMINATIONS (Special Signature with the server's name) Server of the Year ➤> The most active (32/32) server ➤ NEWLIFEZM The best Zombie server ➤ NEWLIFEZM The best Classic server ➤ The best Respawn server ➤ MEMBERS NOMINATIONS (2000 CSBD Points) The most active membru CsBlackDevil (+1000 CSBD Points) ➤ Banned of the year ➤ @M7K. Loser of the year ➤ @Happy boy The member who dreams about ranks ➤ Spammer of the Year ➤ The most social member ➤ The most beautiful member ➤ The most appreciated member ➤ The most annoying member ➤ The most beloved member ➤ The richest member ➤ The member who helped the most ➤ The member with the best topics/posts ➤ The friendliest member ➤
  10. Honda has registered the patent of a new motorcycle model with ailerons incorporated inside the sides of its fairing, as in the last CBR1000RR-R 2020, but if in the hypercar there are already up to 6 ailerons, in this new patent they have discovered the English of Bennetts there are 8 spoilers !, distributed in 4 on each side. The first CBR1100 Super Blackbird (1996-2005) Honda has registered the patent of a new motorcycle model with ailerons incorporated inside the sides of its fairing, as in the last CBR1000RR-R 2020, but if in the hypercar there are already up to 6 ailerons, in this new patent they have discovered the English of Bennetts there are 8 spoilers !, distributed in 4 on each side. Recall that a few months ago we showed you the patents of mobile ailerons, powered by servomotors, which Honda had registered for the new CBR. In that first sketch, there were two retractable ailerons for each side, although finally they were three per side and fixed. Although perhaps the most interesting is the drawing that shows the fairing and that resembles that of that CBR1100 Super Blackbird, appeared in 1996 as a cazarrécords super-tourism, (achieved a maximum speed of 287 km / h)) with its 165 hp engine declared and that turned out to be a very fast sport-tourism, that its users used both for long trips and for Sunday trips, with a great response engine throughout the range and proven reliability. This motorcycle had a great acceptance and was produced until 2005, initially with carburetors and later with electronic injection. Some circulate with more than 150,000 km in its odometer and with an impeccable appearance. With the engine of the CBR1000RR-R? This new Super Blackbird could very well mount the engine of the new CBR1000RR-R, which we remember announcing 217 hp. With that it produces 200 hp and an even fuller curve than in the hypercar we would already have a very fast sport-tourism that would compete with the Kawasaki Ninja H2, but also - why not ...? - could have all the 217 hp of the CBR What is clear is how fast it will be, in order to need those 8 ailerons, which must exert a significant negative aerodynamic load at high speed ...
  11. This December we should see the launch of a new driver package by AMD. The company in December usually offers a great software package with important news. It is speculated that this new driver pack will add support for Ray Tracing. While they are confirmed, the company has just launched the Radeon Adrenalin 19.12.1 driver package. Those who do not have problems with these drivers do not have to download them, since this new driver only offers support for the RX 5300M. Two small corrections have been made. The first is the correction of flickering in 1080p games and graphic configurations. On the other hand, a block problem is corrected in The Outer World. Both problems with the RX 5700. Support Radeon RX 5300M Issues Fixed Graphic products of the RX 5700 series may have flickerting in some 1090 games and low game configurations Some RX 5700 series graphics products may intermittently block when playing The Outer World Known issues Radeon RX 5700 series graphic products may experience intermittent loss of the screen or video signal during the game. Overlapping performance metrics can cause stuttering or flickering of the screen in some applications. Alternating HDR can cause system instability during games when AMD Radeon ReLive is enabled. AMD Radeon VII may experience elevated memory clocks in idle or on the desktop. Overlapping performance metrics may report improper use of VRAM. Summon Radeon Overlay can cause games to lose focus or be minimized when HDR is enabled in Windows

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