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  1. Prensente.Sorry I’ll be on the server more and I’ll follow the rules + my work
  2. [Nike]

    Report Happy boy.

    @HappyBoy Of course, if you said to come to your sv, and delete my admin. Everything is concidiendo: You said A KarLeN, Mr.BshaR, Ang3L. Etc left STREETZM, they said I go to another sv. They asked to be eliminated. @Supremache - @Mr.Love - @Sethhh.
  3. [Nike]

    Report Happy boy.

    Name applicant: Nike Complained Name: Happy boy. Reason for complaint: Asking all admins to remove their admins, and to come to your sv. He is looking for a person. Wait for the person to arrive on their own. Time / Date: 14/05/2019 Proof (OBLIGATORY):

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