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    VW Arteon

    The inscription Arteon The rear demonstrates what the car is capable of: the rear hood's Arteon captures the eye and emphasizes the aesthetics of the body design. Design that you can feel. In the New Arteon R-Line you will find an extraordinary interior that impresses not only with its appearance but also with its sense of touch. For example, thanks to the multifunctional leather sports steering wheel and the R-Line logo with decorative stitches, as well as the optional "Silver Rise" aluminum trim designs. Custom-made Nappa leather seats with Carbon Style side rests, decorative seams and embroidered R-Line front-seat backrest make any trip a delight for all senses. Equipment For those who want even more: Arteon Basis, Elegance and R-Line equipment options offer high-level comfort, design and sporty spirit. Arteon R-Line. Unspoken sports spirit. Power is in the touch that can be touched. Arteon Elegance. Gaze Magnet: Exquisite design of the highest category. Arteon Basis. Confident character. It combines everything that the senses yearn for. Cockpit. Relax and enjoy high quality interiors with exclusive materials and top-level comfort. Optional ergoComfort seats with 14-way electric adjustment and Nappa leather trim in Mistral gray and Raven gray provide extra care for the driver and his back. Multifunction steering wheel and Active Info display. With a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, you not only control the direction of travel of the new Arteon, but also control all the important infotainment features while driving. In addition to the innovative Active Info Display, all important data is projected directly into your vision: from the speedometer, speedometer and odometer to detailed travel data and graphics from various assistive systems. Trunk with "Easy open" and "Easy close" functions With the new Arteon, serenity conquers you before you embark on your journey. With its 563 liters capacity, the luggage compartment is impressive for the Fastback and provides ample space for your belongings and purchases. With the Easy Open function, it is enough to move your foot under the rear bumper to open the electrically operated boot lid. With the push-button delay function, the power cover can also be closed automatically to make loading and unloading as easy as possible. Assistance systems Attention to detail: the new Arteon shines not only with its expressive premium design but also with the genuine driving pleasure it delivers. When it comes to assistive systems, it is on the crest of the wave. Sixth Sense. Serially on board. Always on your side - enjoy all the benefits of numerous assistive systems, such as Lane Lane Assistant. It helps to avoid road accidents as a result of accidentally leaving the lane. Within its limits, the system monitors the road marking by means of a camera. As soon as the possibility of accidentally leaving the lane outline is registered, Lane Assist alerts the driver and, if necessary, triggers a corrective impulse in the steering gear. This makes driving much safer - especially on long crossings or on uniform road sections.
  2. Tuhel praises Neymar after the defeat over Galatasaray PSG Senior Coach Thomas Tuhel was extremely pleased with the 5-0 success over Galatasaray in the Champions League. The mentor praised his players and stated that they were gaining more confidence in their capabilities after such victories. "I feel the same way after the Montpellier match. I am pleased with our presentation and the spirit shown. We played in a 4-4-2 again and did well as a team. We left some room for the opponent. We were able to win the ball in the half of the opponent, which allowed us to quickly transition into attack. I saw a great spirit from the team. We continue to gain confidence in our capabilities, "said Tuhel. The specialist praised Neymar for his production in the match. "Neymar showed how important he was to us in the Montpellier match. He is a key player and is getting better. He works hard today and won a lot of balls, which he helped defend. It appears that he is beginning to find his best shape. It is now much easier for him to gain speed. He also made a big gesture to give Cavani the ball to fill the penalty. Anyone can see that he is very sensitive. He gave Eddie the ball and that is an important sign for everyone on the team, ”the specialist added.
  3. The funds will be distributed to 17 companies that will invest in the development of lithium-ion (liquid and solid electrolyte) batteries. The European Commission has approved € 3.2 billion in research and innovation across all segments of the development of batteries for electric cars. This money will be distributed to the seven initiators of the initiative, with Opel and BMW taking the money. This is a very important project of common European interest (“IPCEI”) signed by Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Poland and Sweden. Its purpose is to accelerate research and innovation in the field of lithium-ion batteries (liquid or solid electrolyte). These seven countries can now subsidize research projects in the field, with Germany accounting for the largest share (EUR 1.25 billion). Research funding will cover the entire process of creating a lithium-ion battery - from the extraction and processing of raw materials, the production of advanced chemical materials, the design of cells and modules, and their integration into intelligent systems. Finally, the recycling and reuse of old batteries remains. Germany, BASF, Opel, Umicore and Varta will receive funding in Germany. The aim is to create innovative modules that can be used not only in the automotive sector but also in various instruments. These funds will come in addition to the one billion euros promised last November by German Economy Minister Peter Altmeyer, also known as the Altmeyer Billion. It is also intended to finance R&D activity in the field of lithium-ion batteries. Strong in the area right now are Sweden's Northvolt and France's Saft, which works with Manz, Siemens and Solvay. These companies want to develop European-funded solid electrolyte batteries. Currently, the continent is producing batteries from Asian (China and South Korea) CATL and SK Innovation. The € 3.2 billion mega-subsidy will be distributed to 17 companies and will help generate an additional € 5 billion in private investment.
  4. Which professions are considered the most unattractive The answer to this question is given by a British survey Which professions are considered the most unattractive? An answer to this question is given by a British survey that sewage cleaning employees practice the "most stinky" craft, the Daily Star reports. The profession in question was cited as the least attractive by 34% of participants in a poll conducted by PlayOJO. Judging by their attitude, the respondents do not tend to engage in intimate relationships with representatives of this craft. The occupations of cleaners and gravediggers were also considered to be not very attractive, indicated by 12% and 11% of the respondents, respectively. The jobs of garbage collectors, politicians, fish sellers, bailiffs, regulators, pest controlers, prepers, slaughterhouse workers and accountants are also considered unattractive. At the same time, it is accepted that some crafts are sexier than others. For example, firefighters are able to beat more than one lady's heart. The professions of paramedics, lawyers and data processing and analysis professionals are also considered attractive.
  5. When the original Max Payne SEE DEAL came out in 2001, it was hailed for its storytelling, visuals, and gritty noir setting. The eponymous hero wreaked bloody vengeance upon the corporation responsible for the murders of his wife and daughter, but Max was painted as a hero thanks to a powerful man named Alfred Woden, the head of an inner circle of Illuminati-type power players. Yet although Max found some closure, the years have not been kind. He is still a haunted man, now living in a hole-in-the-wall, run-down apartment and back to working for the NYPD. He thinks his past is behind him when he responds to a police dispatch regarding shots fired at an old warehouse. Unfortunately, he couldn't be more wrong, and he will end up tumbling through another long rabbit hole into a Wonderland of mayhem and drama at least equal to what he waded through many years before. Along for the ride are our old friends Chief Bravura, Vladimir Lem, Vinnie Gognitti, Mona Sax, and a couple others, but I don't want to give too much away. You'll notice some immediate improvements over the original as the scene opens at a city hospital. Close-ups of faces are remarkably realistic. A lot of animation has been motion-captured. You can knock things over like chairs, stools, boxes. Puddles of water give accurate reflections of their surroundings. People have funny conversations. Your first firefight will be different as well, thanks to some adjustments in Bullet Time. You'll still be able to do those slow-motion dives, but you can actually stay on the ground until you've stopped firing. However, there's another button that will put you in the new Bullet Time, and with each kill during this phase, your enemies become slower, until you can easily dodge bullets at medium range. It doesn't last for very long, but it's enough to get you through some tough spots, especially when a van pulls out in front of you and spills out more people than even Rambo could handle. You still get a boost in your hourglass when you take someone down, but the meter also gradually refills while you're not using that mode. Also, the slow-motion dives don't use up the meter. If this makes things sound too easy, well, let me tell you, these guys are quick on the draw and very rarely travel alone. Plus they will all be wearing body armor eventually, forcing you to aim right at their heads if you want to take out two or three people in one dive. Once you've finished a dive and are getting back to your feet, they better be dead, or you'll get a deadly lead salad before you've gotten all the way back up. Thankfully, the new Bullet Time mode also gifts you with rapid reload, which you will perform with a dramatic whirl and a swooping camera. It's pretty cool. There are some interesting changes in the arsenal, speaking of which. The grenade launcher is gone, but you now have the MP5, a versatile assault rifle with a short-range scope. There are so many fully automatic weapons, though, that a few get lost in the shuffle. You have the Ingrams, three assault rifles, and two machine guns. You'll forget the Ingram ever existed once you start wielding the Kalashnikov AK-47. Each round does some vicious damage, and you can cut someone down with only a couple bullets if you aim right. But they can also cut you down with it too. Since many of the bad guys camp positions waiting for you to appear, you'll find yourself enabling Bullet Time before bursting through a lot of doors. Save often, folks. Although AI difficulty adjusts somewhat to your skill level, an AK is an AK and it's hard to not put some serious hurt on someone. Another nice tweak is dual Desert Eagles. I didn't use the single style Desert Eagle in the first game much, because of its slow rate of fire and smaller clip. Here, though, they pack a satisfying punch that, in combination with some Bullet Time, will allow you to put some hurt on a much better armed enemy. Plus, with the 2.0 mode, you get those wicked-fast reloads. You may have noticed that I didn't specify Max when I mentioned all the things you can do in the game. That's because you'll actually get to play Mona Sax, the femme fatale contract killer from the original game who survived a bullet wound to her head and resurfaces early once you start digging around what was going on in that warehouse. Playing her is almost the same experience, except she has a Dragunov sniper rifle she'll be putting to heavy use about midway through the game. I don't want to give too much away, but it was probably the most tense and exciting segment in the game. Their star-crossed love story plays a major part in the game, and pulls Max Payne 2 SEE DEAL head and shoulders above the action game style. Combine that with Max's own haunted past, and you have a story that stands on its own in terms of drama. From what you know about the story in the original Max Payne, it's clear that Mona Sax is probably the only woman who could break through Max's shell of loss and heartache. She's like him--violent and lost, but a soul struggling back onto a better path. Max can identify with this, and lets her in. However, this is a crime story, a mystery of sorts, and Max Payne 2 brims with a cascade of revelations about who these people are that you think you knew from the first game. Some of those revelations are pretty Shakespearean. And since Max Payne 2 opens with an alarming but obscured montage of death, you don't know who is going to make it out alive, who the red herrings are, and what will become of Mr. Payne himself, and this veil doesn't fall away until the very end. Along the way, Max will struggle with his alliances, his enemies and himself before he finally finds freedom. If there's any downside to the game, it's the length of it. I managed to mow my way through in less than a dozen hours, and many have claimed finishing it in less than half that time. It's in three parts this time, and a few of the chapters are just comic book panel vignettes bookended with in-game cutscenes. But you really should stop and smell the roses. There are some long overheard conversations really worth hearing through to the end, especially at the police station. The TV shows are worth lingering for as well, and you'll have a bunch of answering machine messages you can go through. There are a few dream sequences, but, thank God, they don't involve any instant-death jump puzzles or aggravating, endless mazes. Instead, the dreams illustrate the mind of Max Payne, the world inside his head. These are strange, often disturbing segments, but they are very engrossing and illuminating. For the most part, the actual game world is far more grounded in sanity. The new Havok 2.0 physics engine, which was supposed to make its debut with Half-Life 2, is pretty darn cool. Instead of taking time to record death animation motion capture, you can just plug this thing in and watch the fur fly. Bodies go flying, tumble brutally down stairwells, and go flying off precipices with satisfying realism. A particularly good hit will give you a slow-mo rotating camera close-up of the bad guy getting flung back by the killing shot, but this feature is used sparingly enough so that it never feels like a gimmick. There's also some partial map destructibility--you'll actually have to blow some stuff up in order to make progress towards your destination, but keep clear of the explosives when you do. There's a lot more explosive stuff lying around than in the first game, so you can use that to your advantage when a bad guy decides to duck behind a stack of ammo boxes. You can even set off a chain of explosions that will clear out an entire room. You'll also have a couple more "get out of the burning building" areas, but they aren't nearly as frustratingly difficult as the restaurant back in the first Max Payne, which was loaded with a string of explosives that made it impossible to linger in a single room for more than a couple seconds. There also some particularly tough spots, even in the standard difficulty mode. Early on, you have to rescue an old friend from a horde of mobsters, and you'll have to clear out a wave of about a dozen of them before the game allows you to progress. They come from all angles and pack some serious heat. Also, the final fight is particularly troublesome, even after you've figured out how to defeat this last guy. Your only clue on how to get past him is in the title of that chapter, and it's a vague clue at that. Thankfully though, there is nothing like what you experienced when entering the high-rise office building near the first Max Payne, when several people at multiple elevations were firing some suspiciously accurate and long-range rocket grenades. In fact, there are no rockets or grenade launchers at all in Max Payne 2 SEE DEAL . However, the enemy AI is handier with grenades and Molotov cocktails this time around. But they're not completely competent and will sometimes blow themselves up with a bad throw, or they won't run away when you throw one at them from a sufficient distance. For the most part, you will be dealing with quantity over quality, and they will be no match for your Bullet Time. They are still whip-fast, though, so you won't be able to go in guns blazing and expect to come out without a scratch. Thankfully, they will randomly drop painkillers, unlike the first game. You'll never be without some of those for too long--but you won't be walking around smugly with a full load of them for too long either. Damn that AK-47! Another problem I feel duty-bound to point out were some significant sound issues. This game was tested on two different computers with three speaker setups: stereo speakers with subwoofer, a 2.1 setup, and a 5.1 setup. Both of the setups with a center channel had random drops in volume for dialogue and some sound effects. A person talking right in front of you would be almost impossible to hear. All of Max's in-game comments come through this channel, and during the middle of the game, Max and Mona will be using headsets through this center channel as well. If you can't hear what one of them is saying, you'll have some frustrating guesswork ahead of you, and this mid-game segment is very time-limited. I used one system with a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 and another with an Audigy 2, and occasionally experienced some harsh, repetitive clicking that could only be cured by restarting the game. Remedy recommends lowering audio hardware acceleration in Windows if you have problems, and you can also disable multi-channel audio and go with standard stereo. Your subwoofer should still kick in with this mode, but the environmental sound won't be nearly as cool. This wouldn't be so bad if the game, then loading the saved game, didn't take so long. It seemed to be related to Bullet Time, which dynamically lowers all sound effects to a low pitch, then raises them up again when you go back to normal mode. However, since the rest of the game is of such high quality, I'm giving the developer the benefit of the doubt, and hopefully a patch will come out to address this. The game also crashed to the desktop a couple of times when loading the game, but was otherwise stable and lockup-free. Other than that, the sound was great, especially with surround sound. You get environmental noise like televisions and conversations panning around as you rotate, and there's also the drone of steady rain on the rooftop (the game takes place during autumn), and footsteps that sound different according to the floor surface. Every weapon sounded slightly different. The Desert Eagle packs a lot more punch than the 9mm, the shotgun has an appropriate boom, the AK-47 has a dry, mechanical stutter, and grenades clink and clatter to a stop before they explode. It would be nice if grenades didn't always make fiery explosions (since standards ones almost never do in real life) but hey, you're playing this game for the explosions, right? Believe me, there are plenty to go around. Max Payne 2 also takes advantage of a lot of high-end features, like triple buffering (which smooths out framerate to avoid the slideshow effect when your rig can't keep up), radiosity lighting, cubic environment mapping, and tone remapping (a color effect that, in this game, increases contrast during Bullet Time). If any of these sound like Greek to you, each one has an informative tool tip in the Options menu. Unfortunately none of these features can be adjusted while the game is running--not even the resolution--so start conservatively. The game has uniformly excellent textures throughout, and detailed character models. Max's jacket looks like leather and swings back and forth as he runs, and Mona's blue jeans are pretty easy on the eyes as well. Voice synchronization isn't as advanced though, with only a few basic expressions for different sounds. But almost all of the dialogue comes through the comic book vignettes, so it doesn't stand out much. The voice acting, though, is truly excellent stuff. Not only did I not cringe, but I genuinely enjoyed all of that aspect of the game. Although Max Payne 2 is a short game by any standard, it is thick with drama and action. And once you've played through the first time, you'll have higher difficulty levels, including all the modes from the previous installment. You'll also have Dead Man Walking, where enemies endlessly spawn while you try to stay alive as long as possible. There's also no multiplayer to speak of, but we suspect you'll see some life-extending mods once the tools are released. Verdict If you didn't like the first one, there's probably nothing new or different enough to pull you in this time. The love story adds some dramatic depth to Max's haunting story, and somehow makes what's going on more important and interesting. Wreaking havoc is nice, but it's great to also have a love interest complicating things, and Mona Sax is definitely up to the task. The visuals are excellent, the voice work is superior to what we usually get dealt in the action genre, and I only wish the game was a bit longer. A lot longer actually, but it's more because this kind of game is such a rare find than because that find is relatively meager. SPECIFICATIONS Developer Remedy Entertainment Platform PCPS2Xbox Release Date October 14, 2003
  6. [MC]Ronin[MC]

    [Review] Anno 1404

    Of all the RTS/Sim hybrids, Anno 1404 was one of the most enjoyable. It neatly combined the city-building tranquillity of The Settlers with the gunboat diplomacy of Age of Empires to make a deep and absorbing game. Venice is an add-on pack featuring 300 new quests, 60 new items and a series of new scenarios based around Venetian culture. There's also a new island type (Volcano) adding to the trading and tactical possibilities of your old European and Oriental cultures. Visually not a lot has changed – it's still great to look at, with your hoard of animated townspeople going about their business. There's also a new sounds and music, making the city building side of things curiously hypnotic when you've got bigger issues to take care of. Perhaps the biggest change with Venice is the addition of Spies to your diplomatic toolkit. Spies are available once you've built an Operations Base, but once done they can take care of policing your own city or creating mayhem in an opponent's. Depending on the level of the building you occupy you can launch arson attacks, sabotage the water supply, spread disease or sow dissent in the marketplace to (eventually) start a revolt. In Oriental bases you can also send out a belly dancer as a distraction or create false prophets to cause more widespread confusion. Naturally, others can do the same to you but this, and the option to buy Council membership in rival cities offers interesting new ways of expanding control without resorting to naval combat. There's also a decent multiplayer mode which can be played by up to eight people over the internet or local area network in versus or co-op mode. At the time of writing only a handful of people online owned the add-on, making this impossible to test, but it will be interesting to see how the more tranquil pace of Anno survives on competitive online servers. However there are disappointments. Not only is there no single-player Venice campaign (just 15 new scenarios) but you can't even replay the old 1404 campaign using your new units and abilities. For such a notable naval power there's only a disappointing two new trading ships, and keeping track of quests is still as cumbersome as ever, with the all-important Quest log still buried on a sub-menu. So, although Anno: Venice doesn't quite fix all that was broken, luckily there wasn't a lot wrong in the first place. Description For the first time have the critically acclaimed and best selling strategy game Anno 1404 and its tremendous add-on Anno 1404 Venice in only one pack. Anno 1404 and its add-on are an award winning combination of construction, economy, discovery, diplomacy & combat. Raise monumental metropolis and develop an idealized historical empire in the Orient and the Venice of the Renaissance. The game also offers multiplayer support, allowing you to share this experience with your friends. Key Features Play the critically acclaimed Anno 1404 with its add-on: Meet the Orient and Venice! Get to know the culture and technologies of the orient building your own oriental settlement, Develop secret cabinets, infiltrate your enemies and sabotage their expansion by ruling a Venetian Harbor. Rise huge metropolises! Build a unique seaside with the harbor systemConstruct both Venetian and Oriental impressing monuments to crown your creation, Shape the character of your city with alleyways, city walls and castles. Play Anno 1404 and Anno 1404 Venice in multiplayer and online Up to 4 players. Challenge your friends by playing versus mode. Choose Co-op mode and defeat the AI , by merging your techniques. Activation: Automatically added to your Uplay PC library for download. Requirements: You will need to install the UPLAY PC application in order to run this content Release date: 08/12/2010 Type: Strategy, RTS MINIMUM OS: Windows® XP (SP3), Windows Vista® (only) Processor: Pentium 4 3GHz or comparable (dual core recommended) Memory: 1 GB (3 GB recommended) Graphics: DirectX®9-compatible graphics adapter with 128 MB RAM (DirectX®10 with 512 MB recommended) DirectX®: DirectX®9/10 Hard Drive: 6 GB free space Sound: DirectX®9-compatible Peripherals Supported: Windows-compliant mouse, keyboard, gamepad, headset * Supported Video Cards at Time of Release: ATI® Radeon® 9600–9800 / X300–850 / X1050–1950 / HD2400-2900 / HD3400–3870 / HD4300–4890 NVIDIA GeForce® 6100–6800 / 7100–7950 / 8200–8800 / 9200–9800 / 120–140 / 250–295 Laptop versions of these cards may work but are NOT supported. These chipsets are the only ones that will run this game.
  7. Ask Tom Brady and Matt Ryan what they think about halftime adjustments. Those adjustments, major or minor, are the key to winning any football game – the types of championship-caliber adjustments we hoped for from Madden’s move to the Frostbite Engine in Madden NFL 18 SEE DEAL . The engine has enhanced the graphics dramatically and added an immense amount of detail to the absolutely wonderful Longshot story mode, but EA Sports misses the opportunity to really make its mark by refreshing the gameplay in meaningful ways. While playing a rematch of last season’s Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl, it was easy to get distracted by the lighting effects and the improved body types, which, to my eye, have both taken the largest leap of any of Madden 18’s graphical upgrades. While watching a replay I noticed details like how the glimmer of the sun flickered off of a receiver’s helmet, and even while referees are announcing penalties you can see that the glare in their faces is real. The body types brought a second glance from the moment I turned on Madden NFL 18. Players still look a bit stiff and can run into each other while walking around between plays, but each position and body type is well represented, which is more than previous Maddens can say. And while it’s a smaller touch, stadium and uniform detail have really stuck out to me. The pop from the Seahawks’ lime green and the Buccaneers’ orange is a highly appreciated detail. On the more tangible side, the engine switch makes gameplay look more fluid thanks to enhanced movement and interaction animations. My expectations weren’t too high considering FIFA’s first foray with Frostbite encountered speed bumps from using old animations in the new engine, but Madden doesn’t encounter the same problems. The new animations look great and aren’t repetitive, and so do the one-on-one interactions are strong and fluid in every activity I’ve seen (line play, secondary coverage, and tackling). When I picked off Russell Wilson in the red zone, my DB was tripped up by Doug Baldwin, and when I took a closer look at the replay the animation was spot on. (It’s a shame that to truly appreciate the animations you need to watch the replays, but I highly recommend taking the time to do it.) Gang tackling looks smoother as well, but we still see bowling pins and unnatural-looking rag dolls on occasion. The new Target Passing mechanic, which allows you to lead your pass catcher, is a doozy to learn (or maybe I’m just terrible at it) because it moves extremely fast and demands on-point precision. I don’t always complete a pass, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it and how to lead correctly. I don’t think accuracy ratings play into the mechanic, which turns it into a mini-game inside the passing game. I don’t see the point of the mechanic because it doesn’t give me any reason as to why it’s better or a preferred way to be more accurate. Open practice is going to be your friend while learning how to use this, but I’ll stick with traditional button passing. The new Target Passing mechanic, which allows you to lead your pass catcher, is a doozy to learn (or maybe I’m just terrible at it) because it moves extremely fast and demands on-point precision. I don’t always complete a pass, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it and how to lead correctly. I don’t think accuracy ratings play into the mechanic, which turns it into a mini-game inside the passing game. I don’t see the point of the mechanic because it doesn’t give me any reason as to why it’s better or a preferred way to be more accurate. Open practice is going to be your friend while learning how to use this, but I’ll stick with traditional button passing. But in Madden NFL 18, EA Sports has created a theatrical-quality, immersive, emotional, and educational single-player experience that had me glued to my TV for its five-hour run. The Longshot story mode – an adventure that takes you through the life of former blue chip quarterback Devin Wade as he makes his way through high school, college, and the NFL – captured my attention as a student of the game and kept me coming back to find out what happened next. While walking in Wade’s shoes, I encountered a sense of accountability I’d never felt in a sports game before. The script is very well written, and stays interactive with Mass Effect-like decisions and button prompts that will affect your football IQ, draft grade, and social standing. Even something as trivial as choosing to post a semi-crude video to social media can impact your story. I was torn down by my coach for calling the wrong play and brutally hammered by the media when a press conference quickly got out of hand, and for every big or small mistake I made, I felt bad for Wade because of the repercussions. Those choices felt meaningful on my first playthrough, but after playing 50 percent through for a second time to test their impact on the outcome it’s become clear that Longshot’s story is linear with a few alternate scenes and endings. It’s interesting that Longshot doesn’t rely much on Madden’s traditional football gameplay to succeed. Through the first two hours of the campaign, there was nothing more than a few button games and a quick challenge on the field. But once you hit the halfway point the gameplay kicks it up a notch and becomes a focal point as you begin to encounter former NFL stars throughout the mode. After the ending, Madden seamlessly transitions you straight to Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode, instantly filing your collectible-card lineup with players, coaches, stadiums, and uniforms from Longshot. There are also 27 solo challenges in MUT that let you live relive key moments from Wade’s past, present, and future. The best challenges are reminiscent of the NCAA Football franchise, as you’re controlling the University of Texas vs. the Oregon Ducks with the NCAA theme song playing in the background. It’s a respectful nod to EA Sports’ historic and highly regarded but dormant college franchise. Plus, there’s an opportunity for EA Sports to release new challenges and cards that relate to Longshot throughout the year, potentially keeping the mode somewhat relevant for longer than launch period. Squad Up I have never been a fan of the grind that comes with the collectible card modes, but this year I was enticed to give Madden Ultimate Team a wholehearted chance with the Longshot elements and the new 3v3 competitive mode, MUT Squads, and was pleasantly surprised. You and two other players team up and fill the Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain, and Head Coach roles. The on-field team is a mix of the three users’ Ultimate Team lineups, opening up some really cool possibilities of creating a star-studded team at random. As a foundation, I love the idea, and I could see Squads catching on with competitive esports teams. In fact, I strongly recommend playing with a premade team you know, because some of the games I played with matchmaking were a much worse experience thanks to a lack of communication and a wide disparity in skill level. But winning as a team is much more fulfilling than winning a one-on-one match. The other notable difference between MUT Squads and standard Madden gameplay is that the standard camera angle here is zoomed out pretty far, giving it a different feel. Controlling the smaller players takes a minute to get used to, but once I got the hang of it I appreciated the wide-open space and seeing my teammates run with me. I used the camera view to break a long touchdown run with Barry Sanders, something I wouldn’t have been able to do as strategically in the default camera angle. Another good tweak this year is the ability to play offline and in Franchise mode with three distinct gameplay styles: Arcade, Simulation, and Competitive. This addresses a long-standing frustration I’ve had with the series, in that I play Madden regularly with a handful of friends and acquaintances who all like to play in different ways. Some like to score as many points as possible and go for it on 4th-and-28. Others will delete my number from their phone if I ever go for it on fourth down early in the game while on my side of the field. It’s all about our own styles. So it’s a relief to see that those styles are now officially supported in Madden NFL 18. Arcade provides tons of scoring, limits penalties, and removes injuries entirely. Plus, the hit stick and fancy ball-carrier moves have an increased chance at succeeding, leading to more of the “Wow!” moments that I crave when playing for bragging rights. During my first game in Arcade mode, I launched an 80-yard bomb to the Titans’ Corey Davis for a quick score, only to be on the receiving end of a similar big play courtesy of Russell Wilson only three plays later. It’s a great mode for beginners and those looking to have a quick and entertaining game of Madden, especially considering the AI tends to be on the forgiving side of things. Simulation, which has always been my preferred style, gives the hardcore “Sim Nation” fanbase what it wants: an authentic NFL experience built upon stick skills and player ratings where penalties and injuries stay consistent. While using Simulation in Franchise, it encourages proper team building and play calling giving you the most realistic Sunday possible. Competitive is the final piece of the Madden puzzle, and one that will hopefully show the acceptance of Madden’s growing eSports community over time. Competitive really started to grow on me while I was in matchmaking (by the way – Madden has the most stable online servers of all the sports games). This mode is heavily weighted on stick skill, which made it that much more fulfilling when pulling out a win online. The improved ball hawk mechanics shine in this play style, as mastering the timing on errant throws can really add to your interception rate. Another new mode, Play Now Live, allows you to follow along the real-life NFL season with in-game challenges to rewrite history, or imagine it before it happens. As an added bonus, the commentary is already updated with chatter of the NFL’s first week of preseason, which gives sophomore commentators Brandon Gaudin and Charles David fresh conversational material (which they sorely needed after a limp debut last year). This week, for instance, I played the preseason matchup between the Rams and Raiders, where the commentary of the big Sammy Watkins trade ruled the conversation. Once the game is completed, you can move right into Franchise mode to play out the rest of the season. Outside of the updated commentary, Play Now Live is lifeless, giving no reason to sit down and play awhile. Finally, it’s a bit disappointing that my favorite mode, Franchise, went almost completely untouched from last year’s version to this one. Tiny tweaks to the presentation were made, including lineup introductions showing full 3D model players rather than headshots. And the soundtrack is one of the better ones in recent years. But other than that, EA Sports’ developers really meant it when they said at E3 that the focus would be entirely on Longshot and the port to Frostbite, and it sucks that I haven’t been given a reason to fire up the new version. Verdict The shift to the Frostbite Engine definitely lets Madden NFL 18 look fantastic, and Longshot makes great use of that to tell a short but powerful against-all-odds story. MUT Squads also opens up a new way to play with more than two players. But beyond that, the underwhelming feel of gameplay improvements and lack of much of anything new within Franchise, Madden NFL 18 sails wide-right in the final seconds. That said, being a much better-looking version of a solid football game with a great new story mode makes it at least a significant improvement, even if it’s more incremental than we’d hoped from a new game engine. Premiere Date: August 25, 2017 Series: Madden NFL Programmers: Electronics Arts, EA Sports, EA Tiburon Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One Awards: Satellite Award for Outstanding Sports Game Modes: Single player game, Multiplayer game
  8. Garfield, the famous lasagna-loving cat is back to take on Jon, Odie and company in a no-holds-barred racing game! Choose your character and kart according to their characteristics and your driving style, get off the starting line first and control skids to outrun your opponents. Use crazy bonus objects, like the Pillow or the Magic Wand, to gain an edge and get over the finishing line first. Are you lazy like Garfield? Take shortcuts to overtake the other racers with the Spring! Race your friends in local mode or online, with up to eight players on 16 iconic circuits from the world of Garfield. 3 GAME MODES: Grand Prix, Single Race, Time Trial MULTIPLAYER up to 4 players in split-screen mode and up to 8 players in online mode 16 CIRCUITS: Crazy races in stunning environments inspired by the world of Garfield, such as Palerock Lake and Pastacosi Factory 8 CHARACTERS: Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Harry and Squeak 9 ATTACK AND DEFENSE BONUSES to turn the race around CUSTOMIZE your character and kart with dozens of accessories Games about Garfield went unrecognized for years, and the world was a better place. Europe got a series of dreadful 3D platformers, the Wii saw some miserable party games, and there was probably some DS shovelware, too. But in 2013, millennial irony began to pick up in po[CENSORED]rity, and so it was that Garfield Kart became the subject of widespread sarcastic, ironic admiration. One glance at the 2013 title's Steam page reveals a "Very Positive" consensus out of over 4,000 reviews. Now, five years later, Garfield Kart: Furious Racing arrives at a time when Jon Arbuckle drinking canine ejaculate is a bonafide classic meme and Garfield has been reborn into a postmodern icon. In a way, it doesn't matter what the establishment says about this game - the people have accepted it as art, and so art it is. But I, a simple critic, have a job to do. And that job entails saying that despite surefire improvements over the last entry, Garfield Kart: Furious Racing is nothing more than a basically serviceable kart racer with clear budgetary restraints, lack of content, and some glaring flaws. Furious Racing joins a long, pedigreed line of mascot kart racers. It stands side by side with classics like South Park Rally, Homie Rollerz, and M&M's Kart Racing. Joking aside, players basically know what to expect here. Cartoon characters get in silly cars and race each other on whimsical tracks, chucking items at each other in a blistering race to the finish. It's the same formula Nintendo shook up in the early 90s, and there's not too much different here. Furious Racing definitely takes more than a few cues from Nintendo's latest kart racer, speaking of which. The focus on constant boosting, drifting, and stunting is hewed very closely from Mario Kart 8, but without that game's lively physics or, y'know, any sort of mechanical soundness. That isn't to say that it's broken, per se, but everything feels just a little off-kilter - like thinking too hard about what Jon did to Lyman. For example, you can do tricks, but the inputs for them are a bit unclear. You can drift, but karts lean into it just a little too much. You can throw projectiles, but they never aim quite the way you want, and some of them are just buck wild with what they can do (such as a magic wand that swaps your place with another racer). There's something unmistakably inspired by its bigger, better competition in here, yet it feels less like a carbon copy and more adjacent to a sketchy 3 AM gas station Xerox. Like a Faygo alternative to a po[CENSORED]r soda, Furious Racing offers a take on the genre that isn't necessarily bad, and a serviceable alternative to the main product, but is absolutely a knock-off and definitively never going to be the mainstream choice. The thing is, that Faygo-tinged kart racer is just about all you'll be getting with this game. You race around sixteen tracks, pick up the optional collectibles, and that's about it. Rinse and repeat. There are different ways to mess around with cars in the garage. There's an online component that works well enough. Oh, and for the DOTA 2 fans out there, you can collect hats for each character! That's... fun? That's one of the main problems with Furious Racing. What's here is fine, but it's not enough. There's no story mode, no bonus modes, no incentive to snag all the collectibles other than the bragging rights of having weird collectible photos of the cast and all the hats. Why would you invest much time in this thing outside of playing all the tracks, then go about your way? I'm not sure, because if someone's in the market for a go-to kart racer, most people aren't going to keep coming back to this one. Even if they're looking outside of Mario, stuff like Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed exists. It's with this lack of variety and length that Furious Racing starts to fall apart. There are better, and at this point, cheaper alternatives that offer the same thing with more to do. But while the rest of Furious Racing could be described, at worst, as unremarkable and flaccid, one part of the game drags the whole package down: the sound design. The bloody, dreadful cacophony of hell noises that is the soundtrack and sound effects. Everything about the audio track of this game almost gave me a headache, and frankly, it was unplayable with a headset. There's so much discordant audio, so many clashing and loud noises, such grating music that it made me physically recoil every time a race got hot and heavy. The audio design isn't just poor - it's an active affront to the senses and a slight against the very concept of sound itself. Ultimately, I muted the thing, cranked up some Luxury Elite, and powered through the rest of this. Weirdly enough? It definitely improved the game. But even replacing the audio and repressing the traumatic memory of ever having heard it can't trick me into thinking Garfield Kart: Furious Racing is anything other than a thoroughly mediocre kart racer. There's not a lot here, and what's here is technically acceptable but unremarkable. Yeah, it's fifteen dollars, and yeah, it's for kids. But fifteen dollars can get you a lot more, and kids are smarter than we give them credit for. So the people may claim Garfield Kart: Furious Racing as art. They'll prop it up as a postmodern masterpiece and turn this time-warped mid-aught's licensed racer into some kind of strange meme. But just like Freddy Got Fingered isn't secretly a brilliant work of anti-humor, this game isn't anything other than a cheap, budget racer that's content to rip off its bigger, better competition while not offering any substantial improvements on them. MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 Processor: AMD Athlon 7850 Dual Core Processor 2.8GHz Memory: 2 GB memory Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 512MB DirectX: Version 11 Storage space: 5 GB available space RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 10 Processor: AMD FX-6100 Six-Core Processor 3.3 GHz Memory: 4 GB memory Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 2 GB DDR3 DirectX: Version 12 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage space: 6 GB available space
  9. Passat Alltrack. Impressively active. Take your own path with the Passat Alltrack. If you've ever wanted to get off the beaten track, away from the freeway and the city, the Passat Alltrack is your perfect companion. It is ideally suited for virtually any nature outing with its off-road capabilities. Design The modern, confident design of the new Passat Alltrack exudes elegance and class. With its clear contours and dynamic proportions, you will not just impress the road. Thanks to the protection in the lower part of the body, it is perfectly prepared for rough terrain. The new Volkswagen Passat Exterior It looks good everywhere. The self-confident exterior also shows when driving away from paved roads - the Passat Alltrack is distinguished vividly in suburban conditions by its durable undercarriage and attracts stainless steel-style body panels in the lower body. With your increased ground clearance, the new Passtat Alltrack allows you to go beyond the usual routes and drive confidently on macadam roads. The unique front bumper grille with sporty off-road design and visible stainless steel floor protection in the front and rear also visually emphasize the ability to move in challenging terrain. The distinctive styling of the model is accentuated by the standard fog lamps in the front and the chrome-plated exterior mirror housings. The trapezoidal chrome nozzles of both exhaust pipes add a brilliant accent to the design of the rear, and the shape of the lights visually lengthens the rear of the model. Alltrack logo grilles on the side of the body and on the boot lid, as well as the standard 17-inch "Ancona" alloy wheels also demonstrate the special significance of the sporty details in the styling of the model. Interior Charm equipment. The dynamic and solid style extends into the interior of the Passat Alltrack. The high-quality elements in the design of stainless steel, chrome and aluminum are impressive at first glance. The Passat Alltrack also impresses with its interior - the Alltrack-style dashboards feature chrome frames and welcome you with nice animation. The comfortable seats, in turn, provide even more comfortable and relaxed travel with excellent back support, which is especially important for longer journeys. The upholstery of the seats in combination with the Alcantara and the "7 Summits" textiles are complemented by Alltrack emblems in the front and give an even more sophisticated interior look. Sturdy stainless steel paneling on the sills and textile floor insoles make the car look and feel when getting out and about. Stainless steel pedals also make an impression, and high-quality, carefully selected details will help you with any trip.
  10. Liverpool are not scared of the Austrian Bulls and are in the 1/8 finals The Salzburg RB team failed to stop the European champions Liverpool and lost by 0-2 in a decisive Group E match of the Champions League. Nabi Keita gave the visitors the lead in the 57th minute, and Mohammed Salah doubled only a minute later. This way, the Merseyside win their group with a 13-point asset, one more than Napoli and will continue their defense of the trophy in the spring of the 1/8 finals. However, the Reds had to shudder in the first half, when the hosts played well and had a few hundred percent headshot situations. They hit six straight shots and only good intervention by goalkeeper Alison prevented a goal from their own goal. The second part also started with the pressure of the "bulls", but the first hit of the "reds" tilted the scales in their favor. The second hit that came seconds after the first hit completely killed the intrigue. Egyptian Liverpool star Mohamed Salah did eight shots at Stankovic's door, but he only made one of those positions. The Salzburg RB team failed to stop the European champions Liverpool and lost by 0-2 in a decisive Group E match of the Champions League. Nabi Keita gave the visitors the lead in the 57th minute, and Mohammed Salah doubled only a minute later. This way, the Merseyside win their group with a 13-point asset, one more than Napoli and will continue their defense of the trophy in the spring of the 1/8 finals. However, the Reds had to shudder in the first half, when the hosts played well and had a few hundred percent headshot situations. They hit six straight shots and only good intervention by goalkeeper Alison prevented a goal from their own goal. The second part also started with the pressure of the "bulls", but the first hit of the "reds" tilted the scales in their favor. The second hit that came seconds after the first hit completely killed the intrigue. Egyptian Liverpool star Mohamed Salah did eight shots at Stankovic's door, but he only made one of those positions. The Leipzig RB team will also continue its European participation in the spring, but only in the Europa League. RB Salzburg - LIVERPOOL 0: 2 0: 1 Nabi Keith 57 ' 0: 2 Mohammed Salah 58 ' The meeting started with pressure from the hosts. Hi-chan Huang got the opening pass in the first minute, but Virgil van Dyke managed to stop him. A minute later, Dominic Szobolshai struck the first shot against one of the two doors, but out. Seconds later, Enok Mwepu made the first accurate shot in the match, but straight into the hands of goalkeeper Alison. Liverpool responded with a dangerous attack, in which Mohamed Salah was brought in from the right into the penalty area and fired, but home keeper Chicano Stankovic managed to block the shot and the ball came into the corner. In the 7th minute Takumi Minamino got a great pass with a heel from Chi-Chang Huang and fired immediately, but again Alison managed to save. In the next attack, Sadio Manet fired a rebound shot, but the ball went out. In the 20th minute Manet fired, but goalie Stankovic saved, followed by a shot from Nabi Keita, who was blocked by a defender in the black, and Trent Alexander-Arnold finished the attack with a shot high above the beam. Two minutes later, Chi-Chang Huang received a pass from the penalty box to the left and tried to find Erling Holland at the penalty spot, but Alison managed to catch the ball just in front of the Norwegian striker. 120 seconds later Holland received a pass from the left in the penalty area and attempted a shot from a small angle, but again the Brazilian guard of the Reds managed to catch. In the 29th minute Salah was left uncovered in the penalty area, but failed to strike. In the 34th minute Liverpool received a direct free kick in a good position, but Salah fired over the door. In the first half, Salah led Kate alone against Stankovic in the penalty area, but the hosts' keeper saved. Two minutes after the start of the second half, the home side demanded a penalty to play with Dejan Lovren's hand, but the referee overturned the situation. Seconds later, Manet provided a great pass to Salah in the penalty area, but once again the Egyptian did not hit the outline of the door. In the 50th minute Salah was again behind the defense of Salzburg, but Stankovic stepped outside the penalty area and managed to stop the striker at the last moment. A minute later Holland delivered a nice shot into the box that went past the left beam. In the 53rd minute Lovren was injured and had to play Joe Gomez. In the 57th minute, the Merseyside came to such an important first goal. Trent Alexander-Arnold turned the front of the attack to the left to Andrew Robertson, who fired at Manet. The Senegalese went past Leipzig's defender and entered the penalty area, where goalkeeper Stankovic came out to meet Manet, who, however, centered on the penalty spot and Nabi Keita shot a header into the empty goal - 0-1. Immediately after, Liverpool scored the second goal. Stankovic was late again and allowed Salah to get to the ball first. The Egyptian struck from a very small angle, but was well aimed and the ball stopped in the bulls net for the second time. The hosts continued their attacks on the Reds' door, but never came to clean goals. After 74 minutes, Minamino got through on the right and was very close to equalizing for the home side, but didn't get the shot away. A minute later, Roberto Firmino tried to hit, but out. Immediately after that, James Milner came into play and replaced the Brazilian. In the 77th minute Salah managed to enter the penalty area of Salzburg and set up a shot, which was saved by Stankovic. In the 82nd minute, Manet fired into the penalty area, but Stankovic prevented another goal. Three minutes before the end of the meeting, Kate was replaced by Divok Origi.
  11. Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is located just 25 km from the city To visit the Swedish city of Malmö it is best to take a plane to… Denmark. Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is located just 25 km from the city. Malmo is then easily reached by train or car on the Joresund Bridge. Here one quickly begins to feel as if he is traveling to nowhere - the waters of the Joresund Strait, which connects the Baltic and the North Sea, stretch before his eyes. One cannot imagine that he will soon find himself in front of the industrial facilities on the Swedish coast off Malmo, Deutsche Welle (DW) wrote. In the 19th century, Sweden had its heavy industry in the southernmost part of the country, in the province of flax Skåne, as it provided perfect access by water to northern Europe. Thus approaching the Swedish side, the outlines of old shipyards and cranes, as well as former workers' homes, are gradually being found on the horizon. Even contemporary architecture is inspired by industrial architecture - the Emporia shopping center, with its glass-metal facade, is one of the first buildings that visitors see when arriving across the Joresund Bridge. The Stortorget Square, which has existed since the 16th century, can be seen the statue of King Charles X Gustav, who reigned from 1654 to 1660, who conquered different territories of Denmark and annexed them to the Swedish Empire in the mid-17th century. the connection between the past and the present, because the important town hall and district government buildings are also located here. Around the corner is the next place that every tourist should visit: Lilla torg Square. This is the most tempting place in the city - it offers a variety of cafes and restaurants where guests and locals stop in to Feel the lagoon, a Swedish philosophy for perfect balance and enjoyment of life. A local moosehead called Moosehead serves a variety of moose dishes. Eger - the small town worth visiting In fact, this is not typical of local cuisine; in Sweden, deer meat is considered a delicacy. For marinated fish lovers, December is the best time to visit Malmo. Especially for the Christmas holidays in many places in the city there are festive meals with fish delicacies. You can try them at one of the best restaurants in town - Rathauskeller. Over the last 15 years, Malmo's appearance has changed radically with the construction of several unique buildings. One of them is Turning Torso (ie the turning torso), built in 2005 as a residential tower in the northern part of the city. With its 54 floors, the 190-meter, award-winning tower is today the tallest skyscraper on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Malmö's castle would be an interesting destination for those who prefer the transient in architecture. The oldest parts of Malmo Castle date back to the 15th century. Here you can learn a lot about the Danish King Christian III and the Norwegian King Eric Pomeranian, as well as James Hepburn, the third husband of the famous Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, who was imprisoned here in the 16th century. For those who want to travel the rest of Scandinavia, Malmö is a convenient starting point - Denmark is only half an hour away, and the Swedish capital Stockholm is about four hours by train
  12. The two space agencies are working together to protect Earth NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) will discuss the progress of their joint AIDA program, which seeks to explore different options for diverting Earth-dangerous asteroids from their trajectory. The project also provides for a real asteroid deflection test in 2021. It is then planned to send the DART spacecraft to one of the two asteroids in the Didymos pair. It will strike the younger asteroid at a speed of about 23 700 km / h, and the purpose of the experiment is to test whether such an impact can divert the asteroid from its trajectory. The DART apparatus is at NASA and this part of the mission will be led by the US Space Agency. ESA will send the small LICIACube satellite to track the impact and analyze it. Then, in 2024, ESA will also send the Hera apparatus to study the impacted asteroid in detail. Detailed measurements of the site will also be made, as will happen in 2026 when Hera reaches the asteroid. The diameter of the smaller asteroid of the Didymos pair is about 160 meters. This is sufficient to cause serious damage if such a body collides with the Earth. However, it is quite small compared to most typical asteroids that can reach a diameter of up to several kilometers. To deflect such a large asteroid will require a much stronger impact. However, the purpose of the scientists is first to check whether such an approach is realistic at all and approximately how much force is required to deflect a smaller asteroid. Of course, in addition to the size, the structure and composition of the asteroid is important, but it is the first test impact that will provide very valuable information to scientists to be able to make more accurate predictions for most different asteroids. Will the only evidence of dark matter be confirmed
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