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  1. CSKA's sports director commenting on Italian football CSKA's Sporting Director Cristiano Jarreta uses his Facebook profile to comment on the situation in Italian football. Here's what Jarrett wrote: "There's a lot of talk these days about football, numbers, money, salaries, turnovers, and so on, and at the risk of providing misleading and 'football picture' information. Especially to people who love this incredible sport. Football arouses the interest of more than 30 million Italians, employs more than 300,000 families, generates 1% of gross domestic product and 3 billion in revenues, as well as 8 billion euros in other related activities. Last but not least, it contributes 1 billion and 250 million euros a year to the Treasury, 130 million is allocated to club schools, as well as to other sports disciplines. Once we become familiar with the activity of the football industry in Italy, we can give our assessment of the system. The priority right now is to think about all the victims and to do everything possible to stop the negative trend. After dealing with this problem, we will need things to bring us back to normal. Football will be one of them. "
  2. Never forget to fix your bed! It's more important than it looks Do you realize how quickly we get involved in our daily challenges? And only a few minutes after the last alarm sound. We are in a hurry to get into the rhythm of the world around us. We tend to neglect small household obligations because "it is not so important". Many health experts advise starting the day with a glass of lemon water and exercise. Today, however, we want to pay attention to something that does not take so much time and effort but has hidden psychological benefits. Get your bed right! This is an important part of the morning ritual, just like the first coffee of the day and face wash. This action sends a signal to your body that it is time to wake up and prepare for a positive productive day. And the best part is that you choose what efforts you make to the habit. Some will just throw away the top and gently smooth the covers, while others will spend much of their time decorating with decorative pillows. You have all the freedom within your home. Take the first step! Because no one will feel good in a tidy home. Do you think we're exaggerating? Oh, on the contrary. People who tend to miss small household tasks very rarely do it once. And this neglect grows into a daily chain reaction. Just think: your bed is not fixed, the laundry basket is full for a few days, the Christmas decoration is still there ... Do we need to continue? We call you again: fix your bed! It will take you a few minutes, but your day will be transformed. Because you will prove to yourself that you have the power to do something when you have the least desire for it. If you're having a bad day and feeling depressed, just say, "At least I woke up this morning on time and got my bed right!" Sometimes our life doesn't go according to plan. But there are some small but very important things that depend solely on us. And sometimes that is enough to make us feel happy and satisfied. This morning, we got our bed straight, did you?
  3. You will not believe what people have with a coronavirus The Turks buy cologne, the French condoms, what do Bulgarians spend? Answer given by Ali Gulen in material for Turkish newspaper Sozju The coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan in the Hubei province of China and became a global epidemic in a very short time, has revealed the habits and priorities of many countries. Once the coronavirus crisis has accelerated, it became clear which products are most sought after by the citizens of different countries. The Turkish people, who stockpiled flour, bulgur, legumes, olive oil and sugar in times of coronavirus, in the war of coronation and epidemic, rushed to traditional cologne (called a colony in Turkey and used primarily for hand disinfection, ed.). The results from other countries are quite different, Ali Gulen writes in a piece for the Turkish newspaper Sozju. Five of the most po[CENSORED]r purchases in Russia with the advent of Kovid-19 Here is the country consumption of the coronavirus Germany - toilet paper German citizens, who, thanks to timely measures against the coronavirus, are in a much better position than other European countries, as the epidemic increased, they rushed to buy toilet paper and hygiene products. Supermarkets in the country, hygienic shops and pharmacies have become the most visited places. Demand was so high that the price of a toilet paper package jumped to 20 euros a while ago in online trading sites. Is there speculation, are food prices jumping? USA - a weapon In the US, as with any crisis, many things remain the same in this crisis. In addition to stocking up on food and beverages, Americans also stormed gun sales. In many gun shops, the products were depleted and not only weapons were sold, but a huge amount of ammunition was sold. Italy - pasta and wine In Italy, the hardest hit by the coronavirus country, the highest sales of pasta were made. In this country, where more than 10,000 people lost their lives, toilets in combination with bidets, like Turkey, are po[CENSORED]r, so there is little demand for toilet paper. Instead, pasta and wine were sold. Spain - pasta and wine In Spain, where 5982 people died (7340 according to the most recent data, ed.) And over 73 thousand (already over 85 thousand, ed.) Fell ill, the greatest interest is in pasta and pasta. and wine. There is no excessive demand for toilet paper. Coronavirus pandemic - why toilet paper Netherlands - drugs The country in which light drugs are allowed in a certain amount before the places of sale and consumption of these products are closed, the young people stocked up with marijuana for personal consumption. The buckets, which will remain closed until April 6, have long queues in front of buckets. Turkey - cologne The eau de toilette, which we call a colony, the original of which comes from Cologne and is known as "cologne 4711", has led our search during the coronavirus crisis. Cologne, which is used as a disinfectant because of its high alcohol content, has led the way in Turkey's top-selling products. France - wine and condoms France, which has more than 31,000 infected (according to recent data, 45,000), has opted for a different product from the other countries. In the days of the coronavirus crisis in France, condoms and wine sales soared. Tails in front of shops in Sofia, people are hoarding Scandinavian countries - painkillers Coronavirus sales in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland differ significantly from those in other countries. In the Scandinavian countries, there was a high demand for painkillers, temperature-lowering medicines and insulin. This is what has been looking for pharmacies in the area lately. Bulgaria - citrus fruits Neighboring Bulgaria has turned to citrus fruits. Bulgarians buy large quantities of lemons, oranges, etc. Switzerland - Frozen Foods In Switzerland, however, where there is a high per capita prevalence of coronavirus, mostly frozen food, vegetables and - like Germany - toilet paper are sold.
  4. UPDATE 29: The End of the Beginning Hello Miners! It’s time for another update as we’re ramping up for full release! The main focus for this update has been on improving the first experience new Greenbeards will encounter, but we also have a lot of goodies for veteran players, such as Armors finally being able to get new Paintjobs, and an all-new Miner’s Manual to name a few! Cheers, The Ghost Ship Crew --- PATCH NOTES --- PICKAXE CUSTOMIZATION ---------------------------- Every miner needs a pickaxe, but no two pickaxes need to look the same! Find and unlock new parts to customize each of the six different sections of your pickaxe, not to mention a handful of brand new Paintjobs for it as well. Crack those rocks in style! LOST PACK ENCOUNTER ---------------------------- If you see some lost gear scattered around the place, try to find a blinking helmet. Use that to download the location of the lost dwarf’s backpack and track it down using your Terrain Scanner. They are always full of pickaxe parts and precious minerals. DROP POD OVERHAUL ---------------------------- Let’s be blunt… the Drop Pod has been in need of a facelift for a while. That has now happened - including Fuzzy Dice! NEW DWARF SHOUTS ---------------------------- BISMOR, BISMOR, BISMOR! A good bunch of new shouts have been added, including some notorious missing Laser Pointer shouts! SPACERIG EXTERIOR ---------------------------- Did you know that the Launch Bay is only a small part of the Spacerig infrastructure? MINER’S MANUAL ---------------------------- Missions, Crafting Resources, Damage Types, Weapon Mods... There are so many systems in DRG! It can be overwhelming at first. We collected as much information as we could and created a ton of new infographics to make a guide. Hopefully this will help during the first few hours of the game. There might even be some details veteran miners didn’t know. It’s the intention that the Miner’s Manual will continue to expand with new entries and chapters in future updates. IMPROVED TUTORIAL ---------------------------- Mining is way more fun once you know the basics. There is now a brand-new and more streamlined Tutorial with clear instructions and tasks. Let’s get the Greenbeards up to speed as soon as possible, Management wants to see that ore flowing! ESCAPE-MENU OVERHAUL ---------------------------- With the inclusion of the Miner’s Manual, we decided to redo the whole Escape menu. The main tab is the Status, where you can read all the information about your current Mission, Loadout, and Team. Many of the items link directly to the Miner’s Manual, so you can learn more about, for instance, the current Mission Warning Mutator with just one click. VANITY ICONS ---------------------------- All cosmetic items, both from The Shop and The Forge, now have proper icon previews! They are perfect for quick sorting and to avoid “guess forging”, but, most importantly, they look cool. ARMOR PAINTJOBS [COMMUNITY REQUEST] ---------------------------- All the ingame Armor Sets have received the same split between Frameworks and Paintjobs that weapons got recently. Several brand new Armor Paintjobs can be found in the Lost Pack Encounters, with more to come further down the line. Also, for those with Supporter Upgrade, the Gilded Armor is now a Gilded Paintjob and can be applied to all Armors. WEAPON BALANCE ---------------------------- “THUNDERHEAD” HEAVY AUTOCANNON Moved some of the AoE range bonus of Carpet Bomber OC to the Base Weapon and Shrapnel Rounds Mod Moved some of the AoE damage bonus of Carpet Bomber OC to the Base Weapon Added an accuracy bonus to Big Bertha OC Removed starting fire rate penalty on Big Bertha OC, now only the max fire rate is affected Reduced the direct damage penalty on Neurotoxin Payload OC Slightly increased the DR bonus from the Damage Resistance at Full RoF Mod “WARTHOG” AUTO 210 Moved some of the damage bonus of the Bigger Pellets Mod to the Base Weapon Increased the base rate of fire Lowered the rate of fire bonus of the Miner Adjustments Mod Increased the bonus of the Supercharged Feed Mechanism Mod Removed the Improved Stun Mod and increased the base duration of a weakpoint stun Fixed the stun chance stat display to be more clear that the stun chance is calculated for every pellet that hits Made it so the Minishells OC can't stun targets Fixed crosshair misalignment Fixed the Cycle Overload OC not affecting weapon spread properly Lowered the spread penalty of the Cycle Overload OC “STUBBY” VOLTAIC SMG Reduced recoil especially the horizontal recoil so it is now easier to manually compensate Greatly reduced max shot spread Improved base accuracy Increased base damage Consolidated all base damage into one damage type Increased base chance of electrocution Modification Tweaks Replaced the Floating Barrel Mod with a Recoil Reduction Mod Improved the bonus of the Improved Capacitors Mod Removed the Larger Capacitors Mod Relocated the Conductive Bullets Mod to Tier 4 Removed the Overcharged Rounds Mod and added some of it’s bonus to the Base Weapon BRT7 BURST FIRE GUN Increased base damage Decreased base ammo Lowered the base armor breaking Decreased base recoil Decreased max spread Increased base clip size Modification Tweaks Increased damage bonus of the High Velocity Rounds Mod Removed the Burst Damage Mod Increased the stun duration of Burst Stun Mod Swapped positions of the Floating Barrel Mod and the Disabled Safety Mod Increased the bonus of the Quickfire Ejector Mod Overclock Tweaks Increased the damage bonus of the Experimental Rounds OC to work with the new weapon damage and ammo numbers CRYO CANNON Reduced base charge-up time Increased discharge time Increased the base effective range Increased the speed with which the spray extends to its effective range Increased base freezing power Increased base damage Increased the base size of the pressure chamber Lowered the base re-pressurisation delay Fixed the weapon damage and freezing power stats displaying each other's values. Cold Mechanics Tweaks Mactera Spawns freeze a bit faster Enemies slow down faster as they get colder Modification Tweaks Combined the Larger Pressure Chamber Mod and Increased Chamber Pressure Mod Improved the value of the 2nd Stage Pump Mod and renamed it to Faster Turbine Spinup Increased the value of the Bypassed Integrity Check Mod so it now completely removes the re-pressurisation delay Increased value of the Overclocked Ejection Turbine Renamed the Faster 1st Stage Pump Mod to Fast-filling Pressure Chamber Reduced the value of the Improved Mixture Mod and renamed it to Supercooling Mixture Renamed the High Water Content Mod to Hard Mixture Increased the power of the Cold Radiance Mod Overclock Tweaks Added a flow rate bonus to the Flow OC Increased the Ice Spear OC damage and it no longer depends on pressure, it's now always hits the same Increased the Ice Spear OC ammo cost and it now always consumes the same amount and you can always shoot it as long as you have the ammo and the weapon is not repressurising Tweaked Ice Spear OC damage and ammo cost Increased the damage bonus and lowered the pressure drop penalty on the Ice Storm OC Removed rate of fire bonus from Ice Storm OC Added an ammo penalty to Ice Storm OC Increased the radius and freezing power of the Snowball OC, like the Ice Spear the damage is now constant Lowered the ammo cost of the Snowball OC, like Ice Spear the ammo cost stays constant Increased Snowball OC ammo penalty BREACH CUTTER Increased the base width of the plasma beam Increased the base damage Changed how damage is shown in the stats to a DPS value Decreased line speed Increased the plasma line life-span Decreased the rate of fire Increased the base magazine size Increased the "hitbox" of the plasma beam so it is more forgiving Modification Tweaks Increased the values of the Loosened Node Cohesion Mods Increased the value of the Prolonged Power Generation Mod Removed one of the damage Mods and increased the value of the remaining one Added a Mod to extend stun duration Removed one of the magazine-size Mods Removed one of the Expanded Ammo Bags Mods and increased the value of the remaining one Improved the effect of the Quick Deploy Mod and it now affects both deploy speed and deploy delay Changed the Double-split line to a Triple-split line that covers a larger area both above and now below the standard line Combined the There Can Only Be One and Explosive Goodbye Mods and made it that firing while you have a line out will detonate that line wout shooting a new one. Lowered the explosion's damage but it now leaves a residual plasma field that continues to damage enemies over time. Added the Plasma Trail Mod which causes the beam to leave a trail of residual plasma which damages enemies over time Rearranged many of the Mods NOTE: Anyone who owned the removed Mods will be refunded the Minerals and Credits they spent Overclock Tweaks Yaw Man has become an Unstable OC and is now called Spinning Death. It causes the beam to spin while moving slowly forward dealing a lot of damage over time in the area. Roll Control will not spin the beam if you click to fire but only if you hold. Releasing the fire button after the projectile starts spinning works as before. Return to Sender no longer has a damage penalty Inferno now ignites most enemies in one pass and no longer reduces your rate of fire High Voltage Crossover is now a Balanced OC and no longer has a damage penalty DEEPCORE 40MM PGL Improved the responsiveness of the Proximity Trigger Mod and fixed the description which referenced a damage bonus based on a time mechanic that was not actually being used LEADSTORM MINIGUN - Improved how quickly the Burning Hell OC sets things on fire - The Leadstorm OC now removes the Minigun's stun ability and has a slightly lower - Lowered the damage bonus on the Leadstorm OC a bit OTHER WEAPON TWEAKS Made the Persistent Plasma effects always kill swarmers that go through them. This impacts both the EPC and the Breech Cutter. Lowered the splash radius of the Pheromone Canister and lowered the number of enemies a pheromone-affected target can attract MISC ---------------------------- Added a new first person death animation Added a new attack to the Glyphid Oppressor Added new equip animations to the Equipment Terminal Added a new terminal design for the Accessory Terminal and renamed it The Shop Added a new terminal design for the Mineral Trade Terminal Added pathfinder blockers below the platforms of the Minehead in Point Extraction to prevent enemies from walking there Overhauled the Tutorial Hints Weapons that do fire damage can now ignite gas clouds Hoverboots perk now have particles coming from the boots and will also burn any creatures unfortunate enough to be right beneath you when you activate them Renamed the Grappling Gun to Grappling Hook Renamed the Zipline Gun to Zipline Launcher Resupply Pods now needs to fall a set distance before it starts doing damage on landing Improved several sprint animations Improved the sound of the Dash perk Improved the logic of the Born Ready perk when activated on clients Improved the spawning logic of Machine Events to prevent Core Infusers from disappearing Fixed several field of view related bugs, including the field of view of the Zhukov NUK17 Fixed a bug in the achievement for Milestones Fixed a bug with the Impact Axe sound effect only playing for host Fixed a bug that caused clients to not see themselves as frozen when they are frozen Fixed a bug that sometimes caused double footstep sounds in first person Fixed a bug that prevented certain status effects from properly displaying on Lootbugs Fixed a bug that caused the Terrain Scanner to become stuck in view Fixed a bug that prevented the salute animation from playing in third person while sprinting Fixed a bug that enabled Silicate Harvesters to walk on walls Fixed a bug that caused the Iron Will countdown to display prematurely Fixed a bug that caused the light of the Proximity Trigger mod for the Deepcore 40MM PGL to stick around after the projectile is destroyed Fixed a bug that prevented Heightened Senses from working after the first time you get grabbed by an enemy Fixed a bug where projectiles could nudge the player around for a brief moment while close. This was especially noticeable when looking down and firing. Fixed a bug that prevented enemy health bars from properly indicating weakpoint hits for clients Fixed a bug that caused LMG Gun Platforms with Hawkeye System mod to shoot marked enemy corpses indefinitely Fixed a bug that caused some weapons to become offset when saluting with certain weapons Fixed a bug that caused the Loadout Icon Selector menu to remain open after closing a Terminal Fixed a bug that prevented Bosco skins from working in missions Fixed a bug that enabled two players to tame the same Glyphid, sometimes removing its textures Fixed a bug in the State of the Art achievement so it no longer triggers prematurely when having all items upgraded fully except the armor Fixed a bug when using both the Hardened Drill Tips and Supercharged Motor mods on the Reinforced Power Drills Fixed a bug that caused the canister of the CRSPR Flamethrower to change color when reloading with some Weapon Frameworks Fixed a bug with Air Geysers causing jittery movement for clients while pushed Fixed a bug that caused Bosco to senselessly attack the Drop Pod if you marked it with the Laser Pointer. Silly Bosco Fixed a bug that caused Mactera Spawns to look like they are in their attack stance while fleeing Patch Notes from Experimental Branch During the last week, Update 29 has been live on the Experimental Branch. And thanks to all the feedback and testing, we applied quite a few tweaks, additions and bug fixes. Here follows a list of the relevant changes that happened and didn't make it into the in-game patch notes: Updated the look of the Spacerig personal cabines Improved network code for client movement New Wardrobe menu Improved Mission Map terminal Added Gamma option to the graphics section of the options menu Added icons for keys: P,O,K,L,Z,T Added icons Apostrophe - Colon - Comma - Period - SemiColon Typo fixes in Miner's Manual Added Promotion-Available pop-up icons Added Promotion Directions text (Promotion now happens in the Memorial Hall) Fixed mission control speak on promotion Pheromone Canister: Lowered the splash radius Pheromone Canister: Lowered the number of enemies a single target can attract Fix autocannon impacting cloud left by preatorians Leadstorm OC: now removes the Minigun's stun ability Lowered the damage bonus on the Leadstorm OC Fix Radiactive Preatorians special attack not dealing damage Poison damage type description expanded to include Neurotoxin Fix for AI not respecting pathfinder. Attacking in drop pod etc. Fixed sawed off shotgun jump overclock for clients Fixed High Voltage Crossover OC description text referencing a penalty that was not there Warthog Combat Shotgun: Fixed crosshair misalignment Warthog Combat Shotgun: Changed the stun stat display back to a per pellet value Warthog Combat Shotgun: Fixed the Cycle Overload OC not affecting weapon spread Warthog Combat Shotgun: Lowered the spread penalty of the Cycle Overload OC Cryo Cannon: Added a flow rate bonus to the Flow OC Cryo OC Tweak: Removed rate of fire bonus from Ice Storm OC Cryo OC Tweak: Added a small ammo penalty to Ice Storm OC Cryo OC Tweak: Increased Snowball OC ammo penalty Cryo OC Tweak: Increased Snowball ammo cost Fix Sawed off shells having wrong material when using skin Fix Glyphids footstep particles not matching biome Fix world scrolling ice particles Oppressor: Added a longer delay before the attack starts doing damage and knocks back Oppressor: Targets hit by the tremor attack now need to be close to the surface that the rocks emerge from Oppressor: Tremor attack will now require the oppressor to have line of sight to their main target before starting the attack Oppressor: Reduced the damage that the tremor attack does from 5 per tick to 2.5 Oppressor: Tweaked down size and cooldown of oppressor attack Oppressor: Tremor attack now ends more in line with what the particles look like Tried to fix a bug that caused infinite sounds and camera shake on ammo pods landing on the ground Lost Pack should no longer spawn in supply tunnels and droppod tunnel, only near original parts of the cave Fixed Assault 3rd player equip animation Tweaked interact trigger on the Shop in spacerig Added slide in and out sound for weapon loadout in escape menu Fix projectiles could hit the base collider of enemies, not dealing correct impact damage (ignore armor and not get frozen bonus) Lighting slightly lowered and more tinted in CharacterSelection level Color tweaks for new Armor Paintjobs Fixed a case where enemies would not ragdoll Mastery Rewards: Tweaked text Rotate podium with character Fixed droppod location in tutorial Extra Morkite and Nitra in first missions Fixed the missing texture on blob in Radioactive Zone Unlock Mastery Awarded skins even if you purchased the upgrades before the patch Keyboard icons added: Ampersand, quote, é Added a small light by drone modification terminal Updated images for miners manual spacerig page Fix to Laser Pointer description Fix vanity icons applying armor paint jobs Partly fixed bosco loadout skin problemt at drone terminal Changed the duration mod icon so it is not the same as the delay icon Bosco Mesh and Color skin fix at terminal Fixed droppod random rotation in tutorial Fix loadout alignment in the menu screen when bound to a key with a long name SpaceRig tweaks, fix glass shader world space [Community Request] ESSENTIAL graphical issues fixed on the Space Rig: You can no longer pass through speakers, UV's have been fixed on tatty posters, a Hoop Game monitor is no longer floating, and the Platform Gun lying on the workshop table no longer slightly intersects with the grenade box next to it. Well done, Team. Minor Space Rig tweaks, some old ugly models revamped, some material improvements Smoke no longer disappears from Forge when up close
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  6. Arda starts training online The Arda team, which for the first time in its history played in the elite of native football, shows that it is up to date with new technologies. After more than 10 days, the players were disbanded because of the measures in the fight against the coronavirus, but tomorrow the players of Stamen Belchev start training. This will happen through a dedicated online platform through which all players will be able to perform exercises in a home environment. Through a special video link, conditioning coach Anton Donchev will show what players need to perform. The first online activity is scheduled for 11am on March 25th.
  7. How to get in shape quickly after the flu Respiratory viruses die in warm weather The seasonal flu this year has lasted a little longer than usual, but as time goes on the symptoms gradually subside. In order to recover more quickly, influenza survivors should pay attention to several precautions. Avoid repeated encounters with viruses - for example, in contact with sneezing and coughing people. The weakened body is very susceptible at this time. More rest, more sleep, less exercise and stress will help the body cope more quickly with the effects of the flu. Ventilate the room well enough to get enough fresh air - viruses don't like it. Walking in the sun and clean air will have a good effect on the immune system - Vitamin D boosts immunity and the sun is a natural antidepressant. In the spring, pay special attention to healthy eating. One of the most beneficial foods after a flu shot is yogurt. The lactobacilli in it normalize the intestinal flora and strengthen the immunity. Unlike yogurt, fresh milk and dairy products cause mucus secretion in the body, so they should be avoided. Herbal teas with honey are a wonderful natural remedy that should not be lost - they have anti-inflammatory and cough effects. A spoonful of grated ginger, mixed with honey, is a powerful helper to restore the body and toxin. Don't forget the garlic, at least 3-4 cloves a day. A varied diet and intake of enough fresh fruits and vegetables will provide all the necessary ingredients of an exhausted body.
  8. Rainfall will weaken, temperatures will rise Where has the most snow fallen in recent days? The weather over Bulgaria on Wednesday will remain mostly cloudy. In the northwestern half of the country it will be mostly snow, but it will weaken and in many places in the evening it will stop. Light rain will occur in the south-east. The wind will continue to moderate in the Danube Plain and Eastern Bulgaria - temporarily strong wind from the northeast. The minimum temperatures will be between minus 3 and 2 °. Daytime temperatures will rise slightly and maximums will be mostly between 2 and 7 °, in the extreme southwestern regions up to 9 - 10 °. Atmospheric pressure will rise and be higher than the average for the month. The snow hit northwestern Bulgaria, where there was no electricity After 48 hours, the most snow fell in the region of Vrachanski (28 cm), Sofia (21 cm), Dragoman (18 cm), Vidin (16 cm), Kneja and Pleven (14 cm). Due to heavy snowfall and strong winds, winds and sleet formed in northwestern Bulgaria, along the Danube River, in the Pleven and Lovech regions, as well as in the northeast. The Black Sea coast will be mostly cloudy and in places, mostly on the south coast, it will be raining. A moderate and gusty northeast wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will be 5 - 7 °, slightly lower than the sea water temperature. The waves will be 3 - 4 points. The mountains will be mostly cloudy and snowy. After noon, rainfall will weaken and in many places in the evening they will stop. The wind will be strong east, southeast wind on high and open parts. There will be conditions for sleeping and reeling. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be about minus 2 °, at 2000 meters - about minus 6 °. On Thursday and Friday, another Mediterranean cyclone will intensify the wind and bring a new wave of rainfall in the southwestern half of the country. It will mostly rain, in the mountains - snow. The nucleus of the cyclone passes south of Bulgaria and during the weekends it will bring slight rainfall to the east. Temperatures in the next 5-6 days will move up. At the end of this and early next week, thermometers will once again chase values between 15 and 20 °.
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution review — Relive your childhood Live out your childhood fantasy and become the King of Games. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: Requires 64 bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7x64, Windows 8x64 (64-bit OS Required) Processor: 2.5GHz CPU Memory: 2 GB memory Graphics Card: 512MB DirectX 11.0 compatible video card DirectX: Version 11 Storage space: 2 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 11.0 compatible sound card RECOMMENDED: Requires 64 bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 10x64 (64-bit OS Required) Processor: 3GHz CPU Memory: 4 GB memory Graphics Card: 1GB DirectX 11.0 compatible video card Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage space: 2 GB available space A sound card: When I was growing up I lived and breathed two things: Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon. I'd watch cartoons, collect the cards, and — in Pokémon's case — play the video games. Yu-Gi-Oh! never really had a great video game I could go to. At least not one that could replace my physical deck of cards. The Pokémon video game and card game are completely different, whereas Yu-Gi-Oh! is mostly the same experience no matter how you play it. I haven't collected Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in several years, and haven't watched the show in even longer. I dropped off around the middle of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, so I'm a little unfamiliar with the new series and ruleset. Still, it'll always hold a special place in my heart. Getting to experience the series again with Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution was a treat. It's an incredible way to revisit my childhood without spending thousands and thousands on new Yu-Gi-Oh! cards (shamefully, I have probably spent well over $1,000 on my collection in real life). Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution What I like If you're a hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, there is a lot to love here. It features over 150 iconic battles across several generations of Yu-Gi-Oh!, with 10,000 cards at your disposal (many of which need to be unlocked first). It's every kid's dream for anyone who grew up watching the show and collecting the cards. If you're a hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, there is a lot to love here. While you need to play the duels in a specific series chronologically and can't skip around until you beat the previous opponent, you can choose between each series without needing to completely beat the previous one. Should you get tired of the original series, you can jump right on ahead to Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Arc-V or VRAINS. The first match in each series is a tutorial match that is impossible to lose as it's predetermined which cards you and your opponent will draw. The game then walks you through the duel by telling you which cards to play and explains the rules that you'll need to know. Those who want to take a spin and duel as the villain can do so in reverse duels. This essentially adds double the amount of content to the game because you're using an entirely different deck of cards. You'll need to strategize differently and no two duels will ever play the same way. By participating in duels, you'll win Duel Points that can be redeemed for new cards. Collecting cards is a huge element to any Yu-Gi-Oh! game, whether it be digital or physical. Opening up the packs and seeing which cards you've received scratches that itch of opening up a loot box without actually needing to spend any money. There are no microtransactions in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. Once you have these cards, you're also free to customize your deck as you see fit — though you need to have a minimum of 40 and maximum of 60 cards per deck, not accounting for any extra cards like Fusion or Xyz monsters. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was build my own deck from scratch, and I still have several of them to this day. In Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, you're limited to 32 different decks that can be saved at any one time. Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution also supports local and online multiplayer in ranked or random matches. Because I had an early code for the game before it's release, I couldn't effectively test its multiplayer servers. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution What I don't like Link Evolution is an updated version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist that was released in 2015. It adds, like the name implies, Link Monster cards along with an increased roster and about another 2,000 or so cards. On paper, this seems like a lot. In practice, it doesn't make for a drastically different game. More is always better in this regard, I just don't think it changes the game enough — though I realize there's only so much you can change a Yu-Gi-Oh! game while retaining the series' core mechanics. When I used legacy decks — the same that were used in the show during specific battles — instead of my own custom deck, it was frustrating to see so many repeating cards. It can be useful to have double of one card or another, but most of the time I found that it hurt me rather than helped me. I could draw a card and realize it was the exact same useless spell card that's already in my hand and that doesn't do anything in the situation I'm in. This is a bit of a double-edged sword, but I also don't think it can replace the feeling of using physical cards. I know this can be said for any simulator, and people decry how sports games aren't a replacement for playing the actual sport — and that's true — but Yu-Gi-Oh!'s a bit of a special case. The video game and card game in real life are nearly identical. What you lose when playing a video game is that personal interaction with another person, and no, multiplayer does not make up for this. At the same time, it being a video game and giving players access to several thousand cards makes it so much more accessible. Should you buy Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution? Probably not I know what you're thinking. "But you gave it such a good score, why not buy it?" I did give it a good score because it's a good game. That doesn't change the fact that nothing substantial was added from Legacy of the Duelist, and you're probably better off buying that instead since it's much cheaper.
  10. Age (Real age please): 32 When was the last time you left your house: Yesterday to buy provisions for my family!
  11. Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly Premiere date: March 4, 2020 Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows Developers: Dogmelon Games Pty Ltd, DM Games Pty Ltd Publisher: Gamera Game, Dogmelon Games Pty Ltd, DM Games Pty Ltd, ORENDA Inc. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: Requires 64 bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7 Processor: Core i5 Memory: 8 GB memory DirectX: Version 11 Storage space: 800 MB available space RECOMMENDED: Requires 64 bit processor and operating system What do you get when you cross biplanes, the first World War and cartoon animals? It’s a question we never thought we’d ask ourselves, but Dogmelon has offered the answer in the form of their new game Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly (referred to simply as ‘Baron’ hereafter, for the sake of brevity). We took a look at the aerial battle royale. Strap in, it’s gonna be a bumpy flight. Story Set against the background of the Great War, Baron is all about aerial dogfights, with the title referring to the infamous Red Baron. The twist here is that the pilots that duke it out are a variety of semi-anthropomorphic animals. The selection of animals is actually surprisingly broad, with the oddest inclusion being a snake. Of course, the titular Baron is a dog, simply because of the obligatory “dogfight”-pun. At first glance, Baron seems incredibly light on story content. We had the impression that the developers were expecting us to fill in the blanks based on our historical knowledge. There are no cutscenes or intro text to be found anywhere. However, one of the first things you’ll notice when booting up the game is the soundtrack, which features not only period-appropriate music but actual singing as well. This is covered more in-depth a bit further in this review, but the lyrics provide the backstories for each of the pilots, adding a surprising layer of story to Baron. Graphics Baron gives a fantastic first impression, as one of the first things you’ll see when booting up the game are the designs of the animal pilots. These have been rendered as characterful drawings that ooze personality. Unfortunately, these top-notch illustrations are the peak of what Baron has to offer in the graphics department. While the drawings are beautiful, they never go further than still images and once you get into the actual gameplay, things are less impressive visually. Most of the game is spent piloting bi-planes, and the in-game models for these just don’t look very impressive. Part of this is because of the fast-paced gameplay, meaning you won’t really have time to appreciate intricate plane models but the contrast with the rest of the game’s looks is big. Sound The soundtrack for Baron impresses from the get-go and is clearly the highlight of the game. It features 10 original songs presented in an old-timey style, including a victory song for each of the pilots. The songs are catchy, upbeat and really manage to capture an appropriate atmosphere. At the time of writing, they haven’t been made available to listen online, but here’s hoping the soundtrack album makes its way to a streaming platform soon. The lyrics provide the backstories for the characters, and they can get surprisingly dark, despite the cheerful tunes. Both the lyrics and the tracks themselves can be found as a separate feature as well. Gameplay The meat of the game lies in its aerial dogfights. After selecting a pilot and plane of your choice, you’re thrown into an arena where you duke it out with other pilots, attempting to get as many kills as possible. In this way, Baron has somewhat of a Super Smash Bros feel to it, with quick and chaotic fights that are all about tactically avoiding your enemies while you try to ramp up your score. As such, it is best enjoyed as a multiplayer game. While the single-player mode plays essentially the same, it’s just not as satisfying to take down enemy AI rather than players that sit next to you. Controls are simple and responsive: planes are controlled with the left control stick and the A-button serves as both the take-off button and the shoot button. Once you are in the air, you can maneuver your plane and flying off the left side of the screen has you re-appear on the right side. You can’t really turn around and fly in the other direction unless you rotate your plane upside-down, so getting up close with the enemy is all about aerial acrobatics such as loops and nosedives. Given the simple control scheme, it’s quite easy to get a good grip on flying your plane. This adds to the pick-up-and-play multiplayer nature of the game. Players can make their own profile, which keeps track of their records, or they can instantly jump into the fray using a guest profile. The variety of available planes offers a bit of tactical depth, as they all play in a slightly different way. Some trade speed for firepower, while others sacrifice maneuverability for defense. Upgrades can be purchased as well, although this does mean that weathered players might have a better plane than guests do. A single-player practice mode is also present, inviting you to hone your flying skills by collecting coins while a timer counts down. It’s a quick way to get used to the controls, although it does get somewhat repetitive. The major flaw in Baron lies in the lack of substance over style. This is a well-polished game, and while it’s obvious that a lot of care has gone into what’s on offer, it’s ultimately a shallow affair. The best way to explain it is by comparing Baron to a meal: there’s a ton of side dishes but the main course is lacking. For all the care that has gone into customizing your plane, the tight but simple controls, the character designs and the soundtrack, Baron’s main attraction, the actual gameplay, doesn’t have a lot to offer. The arenas are -literally- empty affairs, and could have benefited from variety by including stage hazards, such as trees, barns and the like. Every round of Baron feels and plays exactly the same, and if you expect to get a satisfying experience in the single-player mode, you’ll be left disappointed. This is why Baron works as a fun multiplayer game, as it’s super easy to pick up and play, but it also grows stale really quickly. Conclusion Baron is a game that never fully reaches its full potential. There’s a decent foundation here, but not enough variety to make it interesting for long play sessions. Nevertheless, the fantastic soundtrack is worth checking out, and although the core of the game is a shallow affair, there is some fun to be had with the multiplayer mode. Here’s hoping Dogmelon will bring the Baron IP back in a title that has more to offer.
  12. RBI Baseball 20 Review: Strike Seven, You're Out Premiere Date: March 2020 Developer: MLB Advanced Media Series: R.B.I. Baseball Publisher: MLB Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo E8400 / AMD Phenom II X2 550 Memory: 4 GB memory Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 GT, 512MB / AMD® Radeon ™ HD 4850, 512 MB or better DirectX: Version 10 Storage space: 8 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0X compatible RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i7-920 or AMD FX-4350 Memory: 8 GB memory Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD 8950 DirectX: Version 11 Storage space: 8 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0X compatible © / ™ 2020 MLB. All rights reserved. OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRO For what it's worth, this is my first time playing the series. Though its reputation preceded it, I wanted to see for myself, especially as we are now just a year out from Sony Santa Monica's series going multiplatform. Maybe the competition would light a fire under the RBI Baseball series. Or maybe not. The same issues I've heard of hurting the series since its revitalization in 2014 have come back for a startling seventh consecutive year, it seems. Animations are broken, and they often depict a ball that magically appears in a fielder's glove after looking like it's bounced over or past them. Players sometimes make plays on grounders without ever looking at the ball or moving their arms. Pitches approach the plate with such little depth perception that you'll likely find it difficult if not impossible to ever make good contact on the ball. Trying to finely tune your pop fly positioning results in an awkward A-pose dance to the center of the catch circle. Players clip through one another like the MLB is made entirely of major league ghosts. By no means does RBI Baseball 20 fix these legacy issues which I've been reading about for years, but now I've experienced them first hand and it's not been fun. The presentation is lacking, too. There seems to be one home run cinematic that will repeat every time there's a ball hit out of the park. A decent mix of songs pumps into each stadium for walk-ups, but players all behave like one another when they get there. Pitching movements can look different, but it doesn't seem like players were modeled after their real-world counterparts. Rather there seem to be a few throwing motions the game shuffles through and deals out to all the pitchers, over and over again. RBI Baseball holds the distinction of being the only MLB-licensed game on most major platforms, but it doesn't bother doing much with it, and few games I've played have ever felt so cynical in their design. It feels as though this series is trotted out to capitalize on The Show being nothing but a dream for some fans, and given how next spring makes that multiplatform dream a reality, one has to wonder if RBI Baseball even returns for another season. A fair mix of expected modes decorates the main menu, like Home Run Derby, Franchise, and online play, but there are cripplingly few reasons to participate in any of them. Games are exceedingly boring, inning after inning, due to there being little fanfare and plenty of bugs and ugly moments. Despite it all, the series does make some strides as evidenced by a total overhaul of both batting and pitching. The camera angle is more akin to other baseball games and pitching looks like you're watching a game. No longer do you float your batter around the box pre-pitch. Now you step up to the plate and have to perfect your timing on power hits or swing away for contact. Because the game allowed me to try out both the "Classic" and "Modern" gameplay styles, I definitely noticed that these areas are better than they've ever been, but that distinction just serves as a reminder that better doesn't necessarily mean good. RBI Baseball 20 Review — The Bottom Line Pros: New pitching and batting mechanics, though still flawed, are the best they've been Player models look really good with a newfound commitment to detail Cons: Broken, buggy animations make every moment totally unpredictable and inconsistent Virtually no element of presentation No depth perception when batting means lots of strikeouts and fouls Feels rushed to prey on MLB fans lacking licensed games outside of PlayStation The best aspect of the game is its new pitching mini-game, which features the real-life repertoires of pitchers around the league and takes into account confidence and ability, which change as fatigue grows more impactful. This is unlike in previous years where you released a pitch and then cartoonishly spun it toward the plate with the control stick. Along with player models that try to look more lifelike than past years' somewhat featureless players, these changes are building blocks for the series moving forward, but I wonder if this may just be the end of the line for RBI Baseball. It may be too little, too late. For the seventh consecutive year, RBI Baseball has put forth a buggy, messy game for sale, and I genuinely feel bad for most everyone involved. I worry about the sports gaming fans that pick this up because they love baseball and don't know any better. I feel sorry for the developers who probably wish to be working on a different series. I feel some self-pity for taking the assignment, but I guess I was going to be stuck inside anyway. While the series makes some overdue strides for the better, there's still a lot of work to be done, and this time next year, the choice will be much clearer for MLB fans. This may be the last of RBI Baseball, and if so, it will finish with an on-base percentage of 0.00. [Note: A copy of RBI Baseball 20 was provided by MLB for the purpose of this review.]
  13. Here is the declaration for passing through the checkpoint in the regional cities The Ministry of Interior provides a declaration form to facilitate citizens to move through the checkpoint in the regional cities The Ministry of the Interior has developed a special form to facilitate the citizens to move through the checkpoints built in the regional cities. "In order to avoid unnecessary clusters and queues of citizens in front of the municipalities and the counters of the Bulgarian Identity Documents Directorate for changing the address and displaying it in ID cards, a declaration form was prepared in an urgent manner," the Ministry of Interior said. BTA. The declaration will serve as a presentation to the checkpoints in the regional cities that were built in connection with the implementation of the order of the Minister of Health, which introduces new anti-epidemic measures from March 21. Interior Minister Mladen Marinov added that police checkpoints at the checkpoint will also have blank forms and anyone who has not obtained one will be able to fill it. The declaration also provides for criminal liability if the declared is not respected, the minister said, adding that he relies on the conscience and responsibility of every citizen to fill in the declaration correctly, because these measures are in the name of protecting the lives of people and already to adults. From the Ministry of Interior remind that from 00.00 hours today at the entrances and exits of the regional cities have been established checkpoints through which the entry and exit of citizens is allowed only in case of urgent necessity - work, health reasons or return of permanent or current address.
  14. BFS is waiting for instructions from UEFA, working on options The special stakeholder workshop on the continuation of the Bulgarian football championship scheduled for Monday (March 23rd) in Boyana does not seem to be the last and will not give definitive answers, as the situation to fight the COVID 19 virus is constantly changing . The BFU, PFL, AFL and TV rights holders are expected to get acquainted with the club's attitudes, given that there is no known contagion among the players so far. Currently, the plant itself operates on the so-called emergency mode - each department has 1 employee and the rest are on leave. But the contact between the BFU and the clubs did not break for a minute. BFU President Mikhail Kasabov has been in constant contact with UEFA and has been waiting for instructions there, as well as with the National Operations Headquarters. It is clear that both the state and the European Football Association must say "Yes" before any possible renewal. So subsequent instructions from UEFA can largely determine the Bulgarian Football Championship. On the other hand, it is most realistic for European club tournaments to undergo partial changes in the qualification stage, and to be offset by August and September even. Most likely, the instructions will be individual for each championship, and the instructions may also contain instructions on how to determine the final standings in the event that the season cannot be completed in its normal mode. First of all, there are two points that the BFS will take into account in the construction of the remaining calendar - the barriers for the European Championship and the participation of the Bulgarian teams in the European club tournaments. This means that the efbet League has to finish first and the next levels may be a little late. At the moment, there is no national federation in Europe that is going to cancel its championship. But it is clear that human health is a priority. If the Bulgarian championship is renewed in early May, then by the end of June, the 12 rounds in the elite can be played - two from the regular season and 10 from the playoffs for the title. If the games are resumed in mid-May, then in reality, the two seasons may merge. And this will also be offered to the clubs as a completely realistic option. The question remains about playing the semi-finals and the Cup final, which will determine a participant in the Europa League tournament. Given the expected relocation and European tournaments for the later summer of 2020, this season finale should also not be a problem.
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