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    I am the alpha omega!


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  1. done manager in my sv CongratzzZZz

  2. 117996776_950773742092529_524089460734953587_n.png?_nc_cat=105&_nc_sid=b96e70&_nc_eui2=AeFQ65lCZqtVilu1cod6aELNDU4K4FYg09MNTgrgViDT0-kUMKLWGbMb7VvEPGaD5B98QIi4FCnRgWpUCX2tYhJs&_nc_ohc=KnSFyPtJ-zkAX90lNzr&_nc_ht=scontent.fkhi17-1.fna&oh=47e465f23a5971ab1afd929c2354ed6e&oe=5F6836F2

    1. -Messi-


      ur admin owner done

  3.  HI bro...can i be admin??

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    2. nima.k


      OK TY BRO

    3. nima.k


      hi SnK


    4. nima.k


      SnK me old reqsept my requsst for admin bro

  4. bro can u help me with the zombie mod 6.2 remake they are not working idk why

  5. Scan a message from you

  6. send me message important 

    bcz i cant send msg 


    1. AyM3N ✾

      AyM3N ✾

      @sNk_DarK send me msg important man 

  7. sNk_DarK

    [Accepted] Request admin

    Accepted! Pm with nick , pass, tag!
  8. Descriere: is zm 6.2 ultimatex with cpp Autor:SideWinder Versiune:2.0b Descarcare-UPDATED LINK: Edit:UPDATED ZPA62-CSBDsma Pluginuri: ZPA62-CSBD.amxx WelcomeMessage.amxx csstats.amxx Admin_OnlyMsg.amxx LastMap.amxx AutoJoin.amxx Pluginuri Optionale: cutit.amxx ; bug fix knife Gloante_Jump ; infinite ammo and double jump Tutorial compilare modul - ... e_on_Linux Tutorial Compilare Modul Video:
  9. ¤ Your name:sNk_DarK ¤ Name of admin:MasterMain ¤ Date and time:hour 20:25 ¤ Reason of complaint:kick,slay and gag abused and no reason ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo): and more Remove+Ban ?
  10. Descriere: is 6.2 ultimatex with the modul Autor: SideWinder Versiune: 6.2 Descarcare: Pluginuri: ZPA62.amxx amx_who_reloaded.amxx Admin_OnlyMsg.amxx csstats.amxx LastMap.amxx AutoJoin.amxx Welcome_Message.amxx Addons contains sma to all plugins + cpp I do not know if something is missing, the module is functional and tested on 24 and 32 slots For all: The bugs have been solved. Lack the leap for the zombie classes. I'll come back with edit for the new



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