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    Football , CS , Tennis .
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  1. Maybe some of you will learn something from my story. Have a nice day !


    1. W A L K E R ™

      W A L K E R ™

      that really hurt , i hope you and your family stay safe and those things never happen again! 

      i am really sorry that this happened i didn't know that 😢 

    2. GRC21


      take care of yourself and your family..Mr. Sky, I hope your father is resting in peace..we all know that you are a real man..and we (ThunderZM Family) were trying to help you or at least laugh a little us, we are your second family, and our father is Jaegarn As we nicknamed him😅, anyway, take care of yourself💞


    [SKYFALL's Story]

    1- Nickname : SKYFALL 2- Type of story : A sad story from my life 3- The Story : Hello , boys , my real name is Adi , and here I want to say a bad story/moment from my life, a story that make me to feel how the real life is... To make a little introduction , I have a family bussines, a shop with meat , cheese , sausagges and more. Everything was perfect in our family life , me , my mom and dad worked so much at this shop to have all possibilities. So , the story is : In 3 september , 2017 , my dad was going to make the supply for our meat shop with our car (a mer
  3. Win 5 euros, Devil Coins, Medals, even a game on Steam. More details here: 

  4. Still your request is not solutioned , so I have the opportunity to answer at your request. As I told you many times , you work perfectly as manager in my server , I have no doubt that here will be the same , I think that you will be a plus for our community, but like a good man , I need to say your disadvantage. Is about your TEMPER , if you can control this , you will have more succeses . Is a BIG PRO for me and I wish you good luck , rich boy from Dubai!
  5. Obviously , my vote for you is CONTRA. Is a difference between activity , responsability and maturity! Don't forget the moments when you spammed me a lot of times to give you helper or moderator on teamspeak3. I don t want to make some influencies, but you need to work hard at your attitude first of all and then to improve yourself. Good luck!? P.S : Don't take this as a criticism , take it as an advice!
  6. This song must to unite all of us , from all countries . #WaveUrFlag.

  7. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  8. Bot :v come ts3 anytime 

    1. Dark-ImmoRtal^


      really  .-.

  9. Did u finish?

    1. Vevo


      a @The GodFather rak srx ?

      ak tchof <22:37:19> You are banned permanently. Reason: "INSULTS"

      and they have fake Proofs

  10. The best  relaxing and motivational song for SKYFALL. Good night guys!

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. #LiNeX


      Gn habibi

    3. Nıco


      Nico Grabbed Skyfall  ? ?

    4. SParKleSS


      that song brings back good memories and makes me sad 

      R.I.P for all who gaved me good moments and passed out 

      any way gn mate 

  11. Let the Sky Falll ?

    1. SKYFALL


      When Linex crumble!

  12. This is you when you will be an OLD MAN ?


    1. Nıco


      When orgasm reaches the head, Creativity springs up ?

  13. Name: SKYFALL Tag your friends: @robila , @YaKuZa--BoSs, @#PREDATOR, @JaEgArN, @-VaLeN, @Nıco, @All What football team is your Favourite: LIVERPOOL.
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