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  1. Sjlar

    UnBan Request

    Your nick: few42 Your ip ( ) : The reason you have been banned: tell me go scan ur self for cheat defender and give me result me work on scan and banned me permanently!!! The admin who banned you: SLASHER me know that him because no admin playing just him.and server just 3 admins joined me and flexxme and slasher. The time: just now. Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo):
  2. Sjlar

    Report SLASHER

    ¤ Your name: few42 ¤ Claimed Admin name: SLASHER ¤ Date and time: just now ¤ Reason of complaint: server make player nemesis and he retry with 85k,HP &turned player nemesis . player tell me ban him he reconnect , u know rule ,me tell just last zombie me read it in rules ""Players Who Retry As Last Zombie Gets Ban. (60 Minutes)"" and player not die with nemesis , if last zm or assassin mod me will ban or slay him becz he will die the player that not justice. tell me i will ban him. and come by SLASHER nick.SLASHER use other nick idk why. and tell me private i will ban u . idk why dont respect me and admins & server rules . and give me ban that that was fast, and he did not talk to me much to understand togather that all and u can see proof. note: he not banned the retry. just me !! , he banned me for just that! and use cmd on admin are u kidding me !!
  3. ¤ Your Nickname (same as in forum): few42 ¤ Your Address Skype, facebook: pradox97 ¤ Age: 25 ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: Good at English ¤ Your Location: Iraq ¤ Experience As Admin: Iam old player CS and on csbd servers zm ihave semi-god on newlifezm admin access before. ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): yea me can stay up 5 hours daily .¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server (Click Here) You Must Write Your Nickname):¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: i hope to make all players enjoy on server & keep server rules truth. ¤ Pass/key From Rules : Bestzmtop1
  4. Sjlar

    (rejected)Helper request

    reading all rules good luck with admin way pro for helper.
  5. Sjlar

    (rejected)Helper request

    hi all .first welcome in newlifezm family Pro wrong pass go ready rules fully and good luck.
  6. Pro for helper give him a chance test 1 week.
  7. Hi All. He insulting palastine .here proof. And changing nickname a lot . some time retry in last zm. that all. NOTE: he disconnect and back with other nickname to passing from admins
  8. Sjlar

    AcceptRequest Tag

    ¤ Nickname: Freju ¤ Grade: Semi-God ¤ New Tag: Anti-Riot ¤ Link of Hours Played GT link:
  9. Sjlar

    rejected Request Up

    In-game nick; Freju Played hours; Steam; non-steam Current rank; Semi-God
  10. Sjlar

    [Accepted]Change tag request

    ¤ Nickname: Freju ¤ Grade: ¤ New Tag: Friendly ¤ Link of your last request:
  11. ¤ Nickname: Freju ¤ Grade: ¤ New Tag: That Is ¤ Link of your last request:
  12. Sjlar

    [ACCEPTED] Tag Request

    ¤ Name : Freju ¤ Age :21 ¤ Desired Tag : HardToDie ¤ Link of your last request : That is first ¤ Link for hours played (minimum 10 hours) Chick Here