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  1. ¤ Your name:Neymar ¤ Claimed Admin name:King_of_lion ¤ Date and time:10minute ago ¤ Reason of complaint:I wanna report for this! He ask for admin and any manager Add it... on NewLifezm king_of_lion was admin in highlifezm really? is BLACKLIST ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  2. Stop voting V1 me 10 votes V2 2 votes I won
  3. ★ Your Nickname : Neymar ★ Map suggested : zm_strike_2k18 ★ 1 pictures of the map :
  4. ¤ Your name: Neymar ¤ Claimed Admin name: [Zakaria. ¤ Date and time: 2/02/2020 all details in the picture ¤ Reason of complaint: He Has Changed Map without he decided guys ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  5. Nєymar™

    CSBD History Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 70 seconds
  6. I can't understand you making photos for me and for me

    1. King_of_lion


      what u mean


    2. Nєymar™


      Do not mind photo For req Avater Me 

    3. King_of_lion
  7. Best My Love 


  8. My Name is Mohamed😉


  9. حسبنا اللة ونعم الوكيل في كل من ظلمني

    1. [Paul]


      Ishaa Allah 😉 

    2. Nєymar™


      امن يارب العالمين

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CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world. For this reason we consider ourselves, an international gaming community where members have the opportunity to know and interact with each other.

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