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  • Dată Naștere 12/24/2000

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  1. ⪢ What is your name in the game? : wedson-1 ⪢ What is your reality name? : wedson ⪢ How old are you? : 17 ⪢ What country do you live in? : Brazil ⪢ What city do you live in? : ⪢ What are your favorite games? : CS and League of Legends ⪢ What do you want to do with the time on this server? : Have fun and help ⪢ What country would you like to live in? : Brazil ⪢ What improvements would you bring as an owner? : Would make public tutorials teaching binds and commands to new administrators ⪢ Can you give a brief description of yourself? If so, prove: ⪢ How did you find the CSBLACKDEVIL community and for what purpose do you want to join this server? : I found it when playing on ZMneWord, I want to help and have fun ⪢ If you win 1 million euros, what would be the first thing you would do? : would buy the best computer :)
  2. ¤ Your nickname (same as forum): wedson-1 ¤ Your Skype address, facebook: ¤ Age: 18 ¤ Languages you can speak: English and Spanish ¤ Your location: brazil ¤ Experience as an administrator: Elder ¤ You can remain spectator or have fun between these hours (24:00 At 12:00 PM: yes I can ¤ Link to the hours you played on the server (click here, you must enter your nickname): https: // 27015 / ¤ Reason you want to be a manager: I want to be part of the family
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    thanks. it is Perfect !!!
  4. Corrupt players who do not follow the rules should be removed without a doubt !!! even more if there is evidence. But I'm sad about that. : ( Disappointing.
  5. ¤ Nick: wedson1¤ Real name: Wedson Lucena de Mendonça¤ Birthday (Date): 24/12/2001