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Loading a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Septembrie 29 2017

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    Freedom and peace in the world.
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  1. It takes like forever to see you again, where the hell have you been.


    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. #DEXTER


      my deepest condolences for your brother's soul, Belive me i feel you, you just need to be patient🔇😢

    3. Loading


      Thanks, it is the plan of God

    4. Loading


      I need a picture like I requested here:



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    Request avatar A4

    → Tipul imaginii: avatar → Dimensiuni: I prefer an image A4, I want to print it for my room. Its a picture with my little brother... → Text / Watermark: 05.03.2003 - 16.08.2021 → Link cu ultima cerere: I dont find it.. but im sure it was în 2015-2016 → Imagine/imagini: 1. It is my creation: 2. It is a picutre with mask, but i dont want mask: 3. It is a picture that I want to put online the picture from nr 2: I want an funeral picture... like in picture nr 1.. Guys, use your ability of designing to make an emotional picture, that can send me, to my family and friends good things about my little brother... that died.. I request your help because I remember that here on this comunity are many good designers. Thank you, God bless you
  3. #gazaunderattack
  4. Nice avatar mate 😅

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  3 alții
    2. Angrry.exe™


      Nice to see u again 

    3. Loading


      Shokran a5oy @Angrry.exe™ Allah yhalik


    4. Angrry.exe™


      @Loading I used to remember saying that you would learn Arabic. Really, you are a miracle

  5. Hello, is someone here who speaks polish and bulgarian? 

  6. Hey mate, 


    i hear your song profile its our National anthem(IRAQ) ❤️


  7. id2020-bichip-1024x576.jpg


    HACKERS Leak 25.000 email adresses, passords from WHO, Gates Foundation and Whuan Lab


    While the Christian militia going by the name κατέχον did hack Gates Foundation servers and Marina Abramovic, we were the ones who leaked all the data from this initial hack.

    What we uncovered from the data obtained from κατέχον’s hack is what compelled us to hack the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health and the World Bank , and leak their data too. What we uncovered is pertinent right now as it is about the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Included in our leaks are emails and passwords from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We obtained the data much earlier, but we are still not sure who hacked the Institute. The κατέχον activists told us they did not hack the institute and were not aware it had been hacked. So for now, the hack on the Institute remains a mystery.

    Due to the amount of information and files that can be obtained from our leaks, we hope that by making the leaks public, we will be able to crowdsource enough people to go through the numerous emails and files to uncover more pertinent information.

    PLEASE NOTE: As you comb through the data dump, know that we have purposefully included outdated credentials and irrelevant ones for liability’s sake, just in case it ever comes to that. You can never be too safe! So if it looks too ridiculous, skip it! Unless it is WHO data because their incompetent officials will even use their own names as passwords.

    On the above note, it is also important to note that there are efforts currently going on – especially on social media, by a certain intelligence agency of a certain crafty country that shall not be named, to discredit the validity of the hacks. These efforts are transparent because in the same stroke they use to try and discredit the hacks, they will blatantly lie and claim this is all a hack coordinated by Nazis. Just ridiculous! In the end, judge everything by the evidence we will produce. Simple as that!

    Our next course of action will be to leak bank transfers that clearly show Bill Gates’s direct hand in controlling the entire narrative of the Covid-19 pandemic and that corrupt officials from WHO, CDC, NIH and World Bank have been in his pockets for years while also taking bribes from China. But more disturbing than the corruption of these bought by Bill Gates technocrats, is that Gates’ obsession with pandemics stems from the fact that he has been waiting for years to use a pandemic as a pretext for mass microchipping.



  8. Annonymous messages to Bill Gates #CoronaVirus




    Please SHARE this video, LIKe it and SUPSCRIBE to my channel. Thank you! 

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. XZoro™


      Nice to see u again ? 

      btw good song profile ? .

    3. Loading
    4. *Ir0n m4N*

      *Ir0n m4N*

      take care  of your self 

      Corona kills. Stay in your house bro

      And do not come out only as needed  ?✌️?

  9. Nice Song my Lovely @Loading 


    لا أراك ?

  10. fajw1iY.png






    Some of my draws

    1. Nıco


      is this were from your pen. i really consider this work one of the best i've seen. Keep it up.

    2. Loading


      Thank you bro ?

    3. cachbard


      The one is your old profile photo hahah

  11. ohh nice profile Song arabic :))))))

    1. Loading


      Great voice, nice oriental style. I just want to know what she is singing about.

    2. Russ ;x

      Russ ;x

      She is singing about the heaven and islam.

      And this song is for kids ,my little sister always watching this kind of shows in TV ???? 



    3. Loading
  12. Hello, someone knows the fb id of Yaser (ana-heek) and wirwir? 

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  6 alții
    2. Loading


      Hey, Iron miss u too bro :)) Hey Nico hank you bro xD

    3. Loading


      Nice cover Nico, e46 ?

    4. *Ir0n m4N*
  13. Esti in viata? :)) <3

    1. Loading


      Da, e o minune 

  14. maw tinii ? 

    1. Wis


      ? yeah it is maw tinii ?

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