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  1. Versiune 0.0.1

    0 descărcări

    When you spectate a player in first person view, you see his HP, AP, Money and Ammo. Cvar: amx_spec_hud_color "250 250 250" - color of the HUD parts
  2. Versiune 1.3.2

    0 descărcări

    Shows the teammate(s)'s money, when you aiming a player or via a simple command. Command: say /money - displays teammate's money Cvars: stm_on <0|1> - disable/enable the plugin (default: 1) stm_st_on <0|1> - disable/enable the status text (default: 1)
  3. Versiune 1.2

    1 descărcare

    This plugin allows an admin with the ADMIN_LEVEL_A flag to grab a player. You can drag him around in the air and then depending on your mod either slam him into the ground or let him go free. You have to bind a key to "+grab" (bind < key > +grab). Aim a player and push on the key, the player will be grabbing and colored (color will depends on his team)! Commands: +grab - grabs a player you aiming (bind a key to "+grab") grab_toggle - press once to grab and again to release a player Cvar: sv_grabforce "8" - amount of force used when grabbing players Note: You can enable the AMX logs by uncommenting the #define USE_LOGS.
  4. Versiune 2.1

    0 descărcări

    Simple plugin that plays a random music at the end of a round according to the winning team, instead of just "Terrorists Win" or "Counter-Terrorists Win". This version has been improved: - added set up via .ini file(s) - added a cvar to disable/enable the plugin - added a client command to disable/enable client's end round sounds - improved random system You can configure the plugin via a general file (amx/config/roundsounds.ini), or via a specific map file or map prefix file ("amx/config/roundsounds" directory). Commands: say /roundsounds - switches client's end round sounds on/off say_team /roundsounds - switches client's end round sounds on/off Cvar: roundsounds_active <0|1> - disable/enable the plugin (default: 1) Notes: You can increase/decrease the maximum number of sounds you can have per each team by editing the #define MAX_T_SOUNDS and the #define MAX_CT_SOUNDS (default: 12 and 12). Also, if you want to set the sound files you want for each map or each map prefix, use the "roundsounds_map_n_mapprefix.amx" or recompile the .sma file with the #define USE_PER_MAP_SETTINGS uncommented. See any map file or map prefix file for more informations about this feature.
  5. Versiune 0.1.0

    0 descărcări

    C4 count down is showed with a sprite just above the C4 entity. Size of the sprite can be set. Cvars: c4_sprite_timer <0|1> - disable/enable the plugin (default: 1) c4_sprite_scale "0.6" - size of sprites
  6. Versiune 0.2

    0 descărcări

    Plugin disables weapon drop on death (shiled also supported, bomb excluded). Cvar: amx_noweapdrop_ondeath <0|1> - disable/enable the plugin (default: 1)
  7. Versiune 0.6

    0 descărcări

    Allows you to custom the HUD parts in-game. Well, you can remove some HUD things, as the crosshair, flashlight, timer, and much more, via some cvars. Cvars: amx_hud_hide_all <0|1> - disable/enable the hiding of all the HUD (default: 0) amx_hud_hide_flashlight <0|1> - disable/enable the hiding of the flashlight icon (default: 1) amx_hud_hide_radar_health_armor <0|1> - disable/enable the hiding of the radar/health/armor (default: 0) amx_hud_hide_ammo_cross_wplist <0|1> - disable/enable the hiding of the crosshair (default: 0) amx_hud_hide_timer <0|1> - disable/enable the hiding of the timer (default: 0) amx_hud_hide_money <0|1> - disable/enable the hiding of the money (default: 0) amx_hud_hide_crosshair <0|1> - disable/enable the hiding of the crosshair (default: 0) amx_hud_draw_crosshair <0|1> - disable/enable the displaying of the second crosshair (default: 0) Important: If you are using CS 1.5, use the "hud_customizer_NO_STEAM.amx" or recompile the .sma file with the #define NO_STEAM uncommented.

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