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-TITAN a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Aprilie 27 2015

-TITAN a avut cel mai apreciat conținut!

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  1. Hello, You have no activity in DH whatsoever, I would suggest you be more active and involved in the project in order to be part of the team. CONTRA
  2. Thanks for your headsup We always take precaution for admins,also we constantly monitor our admins behaviours, who avoid reading the rules and we give alot of warnings/removals if they break them. Next time if you see any admin going rogue. Please feel free to report them. Topic Closed
  3. Helpful and active in his projects, old member, and also a very friendly guy. He deserves to be part of the team. PRO.
  4. Hello in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to donate Devil Coins to another Member 1. Go to your profile, and then click on the arrow next to your profile photo, and then click on, My Devil Coins Donation. (See Photo) VIEW 2.After that a small widget will pop up on your screen, there you can choose the Member to whom you want to donate, on Select Member put the nickname of the member who will receive the Devil Coins. (See Photo) VIEW 3.After you have put the nickname, under Select Member, is an empty box titled "Donation", there u can select the amount of Devil Coins you wan't to donate to the member you previously selected above. (See Photo) VIEW 4.After you have completed all steps, click on the red bar below, titled "SEND", and you're all set, the selected member will receive their Devil Coins within seconds. (See Photo) VIEW
  5. No, Did you watch Lupin movie series?
  6. Nickname : @-TITAN Tag your opponent : @-Apex Music genre : Rap Number of votes ( max 10 ) : 7 Tag one leader to post your songs LIST : @-Apex
  7. Definitely DH1, titanium legendary song.
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