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    1. * Your nickname: Kathoc #!nstinct * Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin): Admin * The tag you want: TheAfghanLion * Have you ever had a tag before on our server: No * Link with your hours spent (at least 20) : * Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?: Yes
    2. Nick on the server: Kathoc #!nstinct Link with you profile from steam: Kathoc #!nstinct
    3. Kathoc

      Kathoc´s Banlist

      ************************************************ Ban Information Name: MartoWoWBG SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1008925380 Reason: Aimbot Unban Time: Permanent Ban Demo link: ************************************************
    4. Kathoc

      Kathoc´s Banlist

      ************************************************ Ban Information Name: vPs SteamID: STEAM_1:0:2046302003 Reason: Wallhack + Aimbot Unban Time: Permanent Ban Demo link: ************************************************
    5. Kathoc

      Kathoc´s Banlist

      ************************************************ Ban Information Name: JustaS LTU SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1446626501 Reason: Wallhack Unban Time: Permanent Ban Demo link: ************************************************
    6. Nickname: Kathoc #!nstinct Real name: Faysal Bakhshiyar Age: 23 Country: Sweden Experience as admin: All kind of plugins are my knowledges. Why do you want to be admin here: To many cheaters and dissrespecting players that doesnt follow the server rules. Steam On/Off: On You can donate: Yeah Other: Have been playing cs since 2011 and have my own clan which has been active since 2013. So my experience for CS1.6 are very well.
    7. Kathoc

      slot request

      Nick: Kathoc #!nstinctAge: 21Steam: ON / OFF? both, having pc problems with steam right now so for now nonsteam end of month back to steam.



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