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    1. We missed you Bro ❤️

    2. #Azrail

      [ Azrail's Story ]

      @Harith i hate police too I was imprisoned twice
    3. #Azrail

      [Harith's Story]

      #never give up
    4. #Azrail

      [ Azrail's Story ]

      1- Nickname : Azrail 2- Type of story: Friends Stories 3- The Story: At Summer of 2018 i was so excited to trip with my friends to a city called (tétouane) where you can find a nice beach and good people, It took like 6 hours by car, anyway we went to the city and we had a nice day at
    5. #Azrail

      [Closed]Report Admin -

      this two admins don't even have the right to banned you cuz only owners/co-owner can use commands between admins
      • Some of my favorite songs in my play list this rap song  show us the different between true friends and fake friends
    6. Ma men big congratulation ❤️

    7. #Azrail

      [Accepted]Admin report

      I was there too at spec this is not the first time insulting someone Disrespectful Admin it's only a game you do not have the right to insult his family
    8. #Azrail

      Upgrade request 406?
    9. ¤ Your name: Azrail ¤ Claimed Admin name: Dr.e7m ¤ Date and time: 03/06/2020 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo): ¤ Reason of complaint: First of all i want a response from owner @NE0- better and @The GodFather so as you can see guys i got destroy without reason my cs now is not working! i didn't do anything wrong like i was asking him why you do not attack in survivor/sniper he s
    10. George Floyd the African-American man whose death by police officer


    11. bro learn english please. all what i'm saying before is proof by admins and owners anything you want that's really disrespectful from you as admin who want only problems with another admins your screenshot has taken like 1 mounth or 2 mounth a go that it means you want to suspend me or downgared me Damn stop bullshit . Please close replies
    12. this is not a player this is bot btw you can ask admins jax or levy or Mr rayan or vandam . i banned this bot by mistake you can saw reason is say . i was typing say in console to say something to my friend i forgot i'm already using ban command to this bot i tought it was cheater or something like that. So that set i forgot to delete the command. Btw theGodfather was playing with us when i banned him i explained my situation to them in amx_psay . you can remember that btw this screenshot is like 1 mounth a go nice try *-*-*



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