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Hello ! 👋

I come with this message to you to remind you that you can bet on your favorite matches, so I have prepared for you matches from South America, named Copa America !

Thank you !

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Good evening members and gamblers! 👋

As I told you last time, I kept my promise, promising to add new soccer competitions, meaning CENTRAL AND NORTH AMERICA: Gold Cup and EUROPE: The European Championship U21.


I hope you like it I wish you more winnings! Stay close! ⚽⚽⚽

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Solito/Im Alone


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    Estoy Solito(JAJAJAJAJAJA)
  • Dată naștere August 6


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    Juegos en Linea, Counter ZM
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  1. lol, the request can not be answered, if it does, it will be rejected, without exemption
  2. Really hear, calm down a bit, why are we so adamant to answer ?, Why do we want to pretend to be the best with your answers ?, It is true that they say that one interprets conversations and for me the way they say it seems to me very bad taste, is not to pretend to be the best, please, that the "PRO" or "AGAIN" are very specific and not treat others badly, we thank them
  3. only the founders, co and owner respond, please refrain from commenting
  4. ¤ Nick: adam : rammouz ¤ IP: ¤ Tiempo de prohibición: 60min ¤ Motivo: RRZM ¤ La prueba:
  5. ¤ Nick: VeNoM /UZMA / jessy ¤ IP: / / ¤ Tiempo de prohibición: 60min, permanent / permanent Sory The rules have changed a lot here, I'll keep it in mind, Uzma and jessy they had entered several times Using bunny hop, no recoil or any other hacks(AIM,WALL,SPEED OR SILENT). (first 60 then second Permanently min). ¤ Motivo: Speed Hack ¤ La prueba: For uzma since yesterday I was playing with speed, but I did not have how to give ban, and Venom was discovered today
  6. ladra perrito


    1. KrOa.™


      Habla papa ajaaja Coño que olvido rey 

    2. Mr. Goofy?

      Mr. Goofy?

      Que lo que, nebulaaa


    3. Solito/Im Alone

      Solito/Im Alone

      para nada mis amores, la luz me tiene fregado, no tenia pc, estaba con peos, pero ya estoy de regreso en el foro 

  7. My dear brothers, I will be with you again soon, I hope that soon I will finish the big energy problem and there I will be I love you many

    Freedom for Venezuela

    Estoy Solito(JAJAJAJAJAJA)

  8. Welcome back bro 

  9. Your nickname: Estoy Solito(JAJAJAJAJAJA) Your problem/question: closes, when I press close, it does not accept the license agreement Screenshot (if needed):
  10. I did it, because the words of ciprian were hard, I have not come back because I have not wanted, everything is for something, and it is not a great excuse that I have, it hurts that my country is like that, and I really am very sorry and I diculpo with everyone, when I return I will be more active than ever, this is still going on, we are bad, but we will get ahead
  11. this again guys, I think you already know the circumstances of my country, until now I can get internet, I'm sorry for my absence, I do not think I have to explain what is happening, maybe they do not see news or they do not know what happens in the world?
  12. is that I have not left XD I'm just finishing fixing some things on the pc, the backup of my last album, I'm recuerando and all the binds and comandmenu of the game, my configuration in general, and so I can establish completely, that you do not notice the decay, and we will return to raise the server, I assure you, this weekend I will do everything
  13. let's leave the conflict and let's help the server, whoever arrives or not, it's not necessary to be with you or I am, keep calm, I'll ask you Really black I've seen you a few moments, I can not evaluate the good or the bad, relax brother ? Alexutzu? I do not know who you really are, I'm sorry, brother, calmly things I apologize to others, I have been absent, as you know, my monitor is broken, I have a loan, for now, until further notice, and this weekend fix my computer, I have nothing, I'm doing backup to everything, I had a lot of information, and calm that I will return, PS, when you write my name, do not look for me I'm alone, because it's someone who has my name, write it alone and you'll see that my doll image comes out, @Solito/Im Alone

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