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    Love is the way!
  • Dată naștere 09/25/1996


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    Not Telling

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  1. Really awesome, congratulations guys for all your work!
  2. ¤ Nickname: wizz ¤ Name: Mihai ¤ Age: 23 ¤ Country: Romania ¤ City: Bucharest ¤ Favorite Games: PUBG, FIFA 19 and CSGO ¤ Favorite Shows: House of Cards ¤ Favorite Movies: Interstellar ¤ Favorite Songs / Favorite genre: Hip hop, Rock and Dance. ¤ What would you like to do in life: Money, much money ¤ Favorite actor - why ?: Brad Pitt ¤ Favorite actress - why ?: Selena Gomez ¤ You Smoke? / What brand of cigarette smoke: Nop, I don't smoke ¤ What alcoholic drink frequently: I don't drink alchool ¤ Favorite juice: I don't drink juice , I prefer water ¤ In what country would you like to live: U.S.A ¤ Favorite football team: Real Madrid, Manchester United ¤ Car models: BMW, Mercedes ¤ A brief description about you: Simple, modest and friendly ¤ How did you find NewLifeZm?: Some friend tell me about him. ¤ If you win 1 million dollars, which would be the first thing you do?: I will go in Miami
  3. we waiting you in newlifezm 

    me and hichem . i hope you come back with us ?

  4. Hello old friend!

    Legends never die! ❤️

  5. "Only forgiving you will understand what it means to be truly happy."

    1. NerO✩


      only to those who deserve it .... ignore better = happy life ?

    2. wizz


      Everyone sees things differently, and yeah u have right bro ❤️

  6. Happy birthday Romania [100]

    La multi ani Romania :)!

    1. NerO✩


      Respect From Algeria ?


    True friends are like diamonds, they never lose their shine !


    1. NerO✩



      99.99% Porn

      0.1% Music

    2. wizz


      Yea, but i like song not this porn video.

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