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  5. Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for her sense of style and natural beauty. This diva can pull off any outfit gracefully. In a recent post by the fashion magazine Grazia India, Kareena seen is posing for the camera. Though the picture looks great, it didn't take much time for the netizens to notice the heavy usage of editing in the picture. The actress' legs were so heavily photoshopped that her knees weren't visible. People started trolling the magazine soon after. One user wrote, "Where did the knees go?" Another person accused the magazine, "There has to be limit of Photoshop guys, Kareena never had this lean legs and calf muscle." A woman also wrote a pun from the famous Amar Akbar Anthony song. She hilariously commented, "Ho knee ko unho-knee karde, unho-knee ko ho knee. Ek jagah jab jama ho tino, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroooooom!" Kareena Kapoor Khan was last seen in the comedy-drama Good Newwz. The Jab We Met actress is also po[CENSORED]r for her show What Women Want, which broadcasts on the radio frequency 104.8 Ishq FM. The Veere Di Wedding actress will be next seen in Homi Ajajania's directorial Angrezi Medium. The movie is a spin-off of the 2017 comedy-drama, Hindi Medium. The film, which also stars actor Irrfan Khan and television personality Radhika Madan, is slated to release on March 20.
  6. A US appeals court has lifted a legal block on $3.6bn (£2.7bn) in defence funds, allowing President Donald Trump to spend the money on a US-Mexico wall. The order by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court's ruling that stopped the funds being used while the case continues. President Trump had directed the funds to be diverted from defence projects in February amid a budget debate. Mr Trump's planned wall was the signature promise of his 2016 campaign. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement that the lower court's ruling had been "illegitimate". "This is a victory for the rule of law," she added. Mr Trump announced his intention to use Pentagon funds for his border wall last February, after a 35-day government shutdown triggered by his demand that congressional Democrats approve funding for the barrier. He declared a national emergency, arguing that Americans were in danger due to lax southern border security, using the measure to sidestep Congress and tap into defence funds. The White House was then sued by the Texas border city of El Paso and the Border Network for Human Rights, an advocacy group, that argued there was no emergency requiring defence funds to be used. "It's unfortunate that the people of El Paso will continue to suffer harm while the government appeals, but we're confident that we'll prevail again in this next stage of litigation," lawyers for the city said following the ruling President Trump has now won several legal battles that give him access to billions of dollars of military funds that he can use to build his border wall. Having the money and spending it, however, are two very different things. Even po[CENSORED]r government construction projects take time - and there are still private property owners who will contin ue their court challenges to block new wall construction on their land. As he prepares for his re-election campaign, the president can point to progress being made on one of his top 2016 promises, but it's been a long, grinding fight with no end in sight.
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  10. Megan Rapinoe won the women's Ballon d'Or on Monday, after her heroics helped the United States to World Cup glory in France this summer. Having already picked up the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year in September, the 34-year-old forward was the favourite to win only the second ever women's Ballon d'Or. The Reign FC forward scored six goals in the World Cup and earned both the Golden Boot as the top scorer and the Golden Ball as the tournament's best player. Rapinoe was not present at the ceremony to collect soccer's most prestigious individual accolade, but in a recroded message said: "I'm so sad I can't make it tonight. It's absolutely incredible congrats to the other nominees. I can't believe I'm the one winning in this field, it's been an incredible year." She added: "I want to thank my team mates and the U.S. federation." Ada Hegerberg was the first woman to be awarded a Ballon d'Or, when she picked up the gong in 2018. There was some controversy as the Lyon and Norway forward collected her award, when the host asked her on stage if she knew "how to twerk" — a comment perceived by many as sexist. In the men's category, Lionel Messi won a record sixth Ballon d'Or. The 32-year-old, who lifted the coveted trophy in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015, beat Liverpool's Champions League winner Virgil van Dijk in a vote of international journalists. Messi won Spain's Liga title with Barca this year and led Argentina to third place at the Copa America in July. The Ballon d'Or has been awarded five times apiece to two footballing titans of their generation — Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The latter, while nominated for this year's award, hasn't had the same impact in 2019 as his Argentinian rival. Messi, who last won the award in 2015, has already scored 11 goals and provided eight assists in just 14 games so far this season, while in the 18-19 season he scored a stunning 51 goals in 50 games. Last year, Real Madrid's Luka Modric won, marking the first time in 10 years that neither Messi nor Ronaldo were named the world's best player. It also marked the recognition of a player whose primary purpose isn't to score goals.
  11. A study of 2,000 adults found a fast pace of life combined with rising work pressures and a phone that never stops means few people "switch off". Other factors include the stress of being a parent, longer commuting times and financial pressures amid rising costs of living. Two thirds of those polled believe a lifestyle that leaves no time to decompress is taking its toll on health and emotional wellbeing. The research found those who do find the time, only do so for an average of 54 minutes a day. The research also found the difficulties we have switching off mean we’re left feeling "mentally frazzled" twice a week on average. Four in 10 admit their difficulty in unwinding has had a negative impact on their home life. More than half are so busy they have no time to take a tea break. However, six in 10 feel said they feel apprehensive about straying from their daily routine. Despite this, the Twinings research carried out through OnePoll, found many of those polled have made changes to their daily routine to help them better relax. These include taking longer tea breaks during their working day, not looking at their mobile devices in the evening and reading a book before going to bed. Other methods include taking more tea breaks, doing exercise and enforcing a ‘no talking about work’ rule when at home.
  12. Labour has the strongest policies to protect nature and combat climate change, a Friends of the Earth (FoE) survey suggests. Its election pledges narrowly beat the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats – with the Conservatives far behind. One key climate policy area is aviation, and Labour has now announced plans for a levy on people who take frequent flights. The FoE league table marks the parties on 45 policy points. Its scores are: Labour - 33 Greens - 31 Lib Dems - 30 Conservatives - 5.5 FoE spokesman Dave Timms said: "Environmental issues have been given greater priority in this election than ever before – and with the world in the midst of an ecological and climate crisis this must be the next government’s top priority. “Many of the policies that Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Green Party have put forward are commensurate with, or striving to meet, the challenges we face. “It is disappointing we have not seen the same urgency, ambition or consistency from the Conservative Party.” The result will be a shock to the Green Party, whose overriding concern is protecting the planet and who typically top the environment policy charts by a wide margin. The Greens complained the scoring should only have included commitments made in manifestos. But in a bid for the youth vote, Labour has challenged the Greens by devoting the top section of its manifesto to tackling the environment crisis. How far do the parties' climate promises go? How much will this be a climate change election? Who should I vote for? Our manifesto guide One high-scoring policy in the FoE survey is on aviation. Labour has been under pressure from trades unions to safeguard jobs in the industry. But after correspondence with Friends of the Earth, the party strengthened its position by backing a frequent flyer levy on the 15% of people who take 70% of flights. A letter to the group from four Labour shadow cabinet ministers also promised to review its Aviation National Policy Statement against much tougher carbon targets. What about Heathrow? Labour said expansion at Heathrow would be cancelled if it was not consistent with climate targets. A Labour government would also divert funds from the roads programme for public transport, the party says. The Greens did not provide any more clarification or policies to strengthen their manifesto. Mr Timms said: "Labour’s manifesto contains strong, funded policies on home energy efficiency and renewables. This was boosted by significant additional pledges during the campaign on plans for tree planting, food policy, public transport and cycling. "The Lib Dems and Greens both scored well, and had policies roughly commensurate with the scale of the crisis." He added: “The Conservatives have some good policies - especially on agriculture – but in sector after sector its commitments were invariably weaker than the other parties', entirely absent or just plain bad.” The Conservatives are committed to a £28.8bn road-building programme that experts say is not compatible with carbon targets because, even if the cars of the future are electric, gathering the resources to make the cars will still generate emissions. The Tories said their climate targets were world-leading but road congestion had to be tackled.

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