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Mindsphere. a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Octombrie 7

Mindsphere. a avut cel mai apreciat conținut!

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    Doing my job and also helping this community!
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    Beautiful place! <3

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  1. 2 more months untill Christmas is comming. Maybe i will prepare something special for people! Stay tuned. 😉

    1. ~~Dark Shadow~~

      ~~Dark Shadow~~

      we will see what's you can do 

      good luck bro 

      I Think you will the the best for froum & csbd & cs 

  2. Was so nice to work in Photoshop.. 


    Thank you so much @#EVIL BABY.... Good job. 

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. #EVIL BABY

      #EVIL BABY

      Hello again.

      I bet you are so happy because you rejected me, is that your job to reject new people right? Instead of learning them how to be good Designers you reject them, i got it. 


      • A1: I can teach you to become professional at design.
      • A2: for join gfx project, you should have enough experience. & to be ready. 

      What i want to you understand it. You should learned how to design then join project. not join then learn. as i told you, you should be ready!

      • Are you think this i liked team of gfx? ofc not, later i gonna removed who not have enough experience.


      re: for join gfx project you should be ready ! learn then join. not join then learn.

    3. -Dark


      I will send you 1 or 2 video about photoshop and thus give you a chance.

      Come WhatsApp,

    4. C Y B E R

      C Y B E R

      i have 1 years without using photoshop just yesterday i opned it 

      see the work tdb2kHI.png    and this before eLWDy3E.png

      @Mindsphere. im pro dude 

  3. ➥Be sure to check this topic again and READ it: yes, i've read it. ➥Age: 22 ➥Contact(Steam, TS3, Discord etc): TS3, forum. ➥Experience in Adobe Photoshop(Months or years): 2 days. :)) ➥Obligatory attach your Gallery link (If you have one): ➥Any other editing program you use?: just Photoshop. ➥What version of Photoshop do you use?: 2020. ➥In what section you have your most contribution?: Requests. ➥Have you read all the rules from each section?: Yes, of course! ➥How many hours you want to dedicate to forum & gfx?: 2-3 hours, but i want more because i am new and i want to learn more! ➥Do you agree that once accepted, you need dedicate a few hours of your daily time to the forum/gfx/ts3: Of course, yes! ➥Do you agree that once accepted, we as a team need to communicate more so we know each other's time: Of course! ➥Do you agree that once accepted, we 100% need a way of contacting you, either is from forum's PM, TS3, Discord or any other contact method: Yes, i agree. ➥What can you say about you that will make us interested about your Photoshop skills & experience?(Minimum 10 words): First of all i've started 2 days ago and i want to learn new things, i've started to make some avatars and i will keep doing that to learn more, to be experienced! I will start practicing that, maybe i can proove that i will be good in one day!
  4. Mindsphere.

    Mindsphere. Gift's

    @-Happy boy hope you like it! @#Mr.Devil hope you like it! @myCro hope you like it!
  5. My own gallery working in Photoshop! 😄



    1. -Happy boy

      -Happy boy

      that good dude keep it up ❤️ 

  6. Mindsphere.

    Mindsphere. Gallery

    Hello people! Here you will have all my Gallery, my own work in Photoshop (i don't have too much experience, but i want to learn from it).
  7. Hello dear Designers! Who can help me with Photoshop, i really want to learn new things, probably i will make a request for being in GFX Designer team, but, first of all i need someone who wants to learn me how to install Photoshop and how to use it... If one of you have time to learn me, i will appreciate that. 😄

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. -Happy boy

      -Happy boy

      come wattsup dude

    3. THē-GHōST


      Hello brother, about downloading photoshop watch this video


    4. THē-GHōST


      and you were interested in the details of the design and interested in the gfx design you can watch the video here it will help you very much ,regards and good luck


  8. Bye bro i miss You mucho 😭😭😢



    1. Mindsphere.


      Take care of Guardian of Gaming project bro. 🙂 I will miss all of you from the project. 😄 Do not give up!

    2. Inmortal


      take it for granted brother when you come back maybe you will see me as leader or coordinator


    3. Mindsphere.


      Well, here is the problem that i won't ever come back, i will be only Global Moderator. 😄

  9. Thank you for the avatar @BeeNoXz! ❤️ Looks awesome. 😘

  10. Happy birthday once again @Mr.Sebby, wish you to be happy and health, love you so much as friend. Have a great day for now on. Topic closed.
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