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  • Dată Naștere 12/13/1994


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    Seaman / Support Tehnic TS3

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  1. bro fix link discord is not working 

  2. I don't know you very well but, i am glad to see someone with Red color who i don't know by myself. 😄 Congratz mate!

  3. Hello , since your inbox its full , i will text you here . You have 24 hours to remove your bots from server ( permanently ) otherwise , your server will be removed from the community .

    1. aNaKoNDa


      finaly someone got him 🙂

    2. Dr@g0n


      Ops my net issues 🙂 no problem i dont add bots again i will do request again for my sv 

  4. Hello , This question its about activity on the forum , not about the servers where you have admin . Admin have nothing to do with the forum rank . On which category/categories have you been active lately?(describe your activity): i will continue taking care of my server not my own but i am admin so also take care of dh and journalist that i like because u learn from it I see that you continue with your activity , posting everytime where you need to post , but also try to improve your activity also on our teamspeak3 server , because you logged only 2 times ( prove - here ) . I want also to see you more on the teamspeak3 , since you have a microphone , i don't see at all the problem. From my opinion , even if you are in hurry for rank , i can accept that , everybody was once in our life at least like that , but also you didn't bother me with pm or something . So , from my side , i will give you a chance . Don't play with it
  5. Hello , about this '' You're impatient when it comes to wait for your perfect timing '' i'm agreeing 101% . You started with the activity , posts but everytime you are in a hurry for rank . Even here , even on the servers like you want to help to be nr.1 in top etc , things like that . Sometimes , you just have to whait , the things will arrange by themselfs .
  6. Happy birthday , all the best
  7. Can you accept req steam

  8. Stop making post hunt ! After you start a request for a rank , only the staff from forum can reply to your topic ! Its not the first time when you make this and i already explained you . Same mistake also for '' request admin to help server top 1 this kind of stuff witch you use it same and more as good morning '' . STOP MAKING POST-HUNT ! For this what you sad above me you have private messages ! About the request , , you need to be active ( same as ionut gfx ) for a period of time to the requests section . Not from an week to another you think you get rank .


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