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  1. Basically, this is multiple infections. My suggestion is, instead of giving an infection grenade on the first infected zombie on a classic round, the first zombie should have fewer knockbacks, more health, and more damage. This way, the first infected zombie on the classic round is strong. It will balance the game since all of the players have free unlimited clips on every round. Or, you can remove the unlimited clip to keep the gameplay more simple and fun. To be honest, the free unlimited clip will make the game round faster to end, also will make the games boring.
  2. People are blind to reality and only see what they want to see. It's been a journey here to meet some of the member here. We share laugh, we share problems, we grow together, we share moments. Goodbye csblackdevil.

    1. myCro


      Maybe it won't matter to you as clearly we have our dissagrements but i say this truly: take care of you dude because beside this virtual enviroment each of us have a life to fulfill and i won't ever have any kind of hatred over you as you are a good person, capable and really hard working. Take care and be well!

    2. OrangeOG


      Thank you for the support @myCro. I'm sorry for my hate and bad words that popped up from my mind that I haven't told in the forum. Each of us has a life to be pursued. Again, I'm sorry for the hatred that I haven't expressed yet. I told another manager to say bad things for you, I'm sorry. You're a good person and there's no reason for me to hate you. In the end, what matters the most is the hard work and dedication that we put into the dream that we pursue. Peace!

    3. myCro


      Always! True words!

  3. Y'all must be crazy to give pro or accept him as admin. Have you see how he acts on the server? He called a player autism, mocking my country, swearing a prohibited words. If you want a proof just DM me. Also, he doesn't have enough activity to become an admin. SMH.
  4. Good suggestion. I try to post a lot of suggestion here, too. My best suggestion for you is just keep your suggestion in your head and pretend like nothing happen. They won't add your suggestion. Peace! I bet they will remove my comment here.
  5. A L E G I T report. That's what I like. You do know the rules here and even have the balls to report the admins. Well, what i can say, he did something wrong and you are right on this report. Let's see how the manager reacts to this, lmao.
  6. Well, I don't have the access for logs since I left the server last week. But, one thing for sure the swarm round message will popped up on the logs.
  7. Well, looks like someone will get in a big trouble. I can't tell if tayab slay baba on the swarm round based on your screenshot. If that's the case tayab should have received the punishment. Edit: To be honest, i'm surprised too.
  8. Finally, I've been waiting for this proposal. This is the best idea to prevent the player who uses hacks or trolling. Just to let you know, the blacklist isn't that effective. In the end, please don't close this topic with the reason of "We have online admins to handle the problem, this will ensure the hacker to not come back to the server.".
  9. I can see your stats from GameTracker, you joined the server on June 29, 2021. You've played for 35 hours in total. I'll give you contra since you haven't been on the server for the minimum of 2 weeks.
  10. OrangeOG

    Orange - Banlist

    ¤ Date / Time: Tuesday, July 6/ 18:40 Romania Time ¤ Nick: KHALISH ¤ IP: | STEAM_1:0:2138230009 ¤ Time of ban: 60 Minutes ¤ Reason: M5 ¤ Proof:
  11. OrangeOG

    Orange - Banlist

    ¤ Date / Time: Tuesday, July 6/ 10:46 Romania Time ¤ Nick: Maria ¤ IP: - (I didn't get the ip, i was in argument with another admin) ¤ Time of ban: 5000 Minutes ¤ Reason: She told me my mom's a *****. ¤ Proof: and
  12. OrangeOG

    Orange - Banlist

    ¤ Date / Time: Tuesday, July 6/ 10:46 Romania Time ¤ Nick: soft ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 5000 Minutes ¤ Reason: Same guy as last night. If there is no solution of this hacker or else. I'll leave the server. I'm tired. ¤ Proof:,, I'll explain the situation in short. This guy named soft joined from Romania. Then, automated ban (blacklist) ban permament him immediately right after he retry with different ip. Then this guy changed his ip and steam id, he was from Italy. Then i told him to get out from the server, then he told me "keep crying *****"
  13. OrangeOG

    Orange - Banlist

    ¤ Date / Time: Monday, July 5/ 18:10 Romania Time ¤ Nick: T000D ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 5000 Minutes ¤ Reason: Same guy as Sp!cy. ¤ Proof: ban permanently. 5 seconds later a player named T000D joined the game WITH MY STEAM ID, I SUDDENLY GET KICKED OUT FROM THE SERVER. Later, I BOUGHT ANOTHER CS 1.6 to join the server. I gave him ban as another player saw him hack.
  14. OrangeOG

    Orange - Banlist

    ¤ Date / Time: Monday, July 5/ 17:39 Romania Time ¤ Nick: Sp!cy ¤ IP: | STEAM_1:0:14914918 and | STEAM_1:0:1693975223 ¤ Time of ban: 5000 Minutes ¤ Reason: Wall hack and speed hack (For speed hack, I didn't record it, but me and other admin saw it). Also, he troll new player to press M5, he told player that if someone press M5 they will get free ammo. And i blame him for that act, he told me to cry. ( ¤ Proof: (Wall Hack)
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