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    1. Vevo

      [F.A.Q] Problem PC

      Your Nickname: Vevo Your Problem: When i open computer after 5min Closed and get blue Background Screenshot:
    2. Vevo

      Request Admin DKLZM

      Nickname : Vevo Age : 18 Country : Algeria City : Djelfa Did you read the rules ? (Link) : KLV Owner How much time you can spend in the server ( per day - average ) : 10 to 15h Link of hours you played on server(minimum 20 h) : - Reason that you want to be admin in DARKLIFEZM : help server
    3. Your name on ts?: Vevo (old nick: H E N R Y) Current rank?:Member Old rank?:Global Moderator Have you brought the users so far on TS3?: yep but before 1year What projects are you helping with your activity?: not yet
    4. DH 2 A calm and beautiful song
    5. my vote will go to DH 1 nice Music
    6. hhh mod wach 3tithem velo

      1. Shyloo


        wach ya vevo wach rak raha el 7ala fi mes3ad ? 😛 

      2. SanFlixX
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    8. my vote will go to DH2 great Sound I like this kind of songs
    9. Vevo

      Guess Who! Edition #3

      1- League of Legends
    10. arwah fb l9itlk 5dma mli7a

      1. Russ ;x

        Russ ;x

        ra7li fb ta3k -,- ab3to

    11. wach kho cv

      ak tchof may7boch ....

    12. Vevo

      Add Server DH

      Game: Cs1.6 Name requested (if the server will be added in our community): DH Slots number: 10 Game mode: Classic Contact address ( Skype / Steam):- Link gametracker:
    13. are u sure Barcelona will win xd

      1. Dr@g0n

        [email protected]

        Yes yes brother i place my 15k coins in bet  ?

      2. Naser DZ

        Naser DZ

        ahhahaahahaah bye-bye salam ra7et 15k hahaahhahahahahaah

      3. Vevo
    14. rani nchof fihm g3 vip la tansa a5ak :)))

      1. Vevo


        mat5alinich nakfar

      2. Meh Rez vM ! ♫
      3. Vevo



    15. Congrats miboun



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