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  1. Time to back real life cya

    @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @Naser DZ thalaw khoti

  2. arwah fb l9itlk 5dma mli7a

    1. Russ ;x

      Russ ;x

      ra7li fb ta3k -,- ab3to

  3. wach kho cv

    ak tchof may7boch ....

  4. Vevo

    Add Server DH

    Game: Cs1.6 Name requested (if the server will be added in our community): DH Slots number: 10 Game mode: Classic Contact address ( Skype / Steam):- Link gametracker:
  5. are u sure Barcelona will win xd

    1. Dr@g0n

      [email protected]

      Yes yes brother i place my 15k coins in bet  ?

    2. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      ahhahaahahaah bye-bye salam ra7et 15k hahaahhahahahahaah

    3. Vevo
  6. rani nchof fihm g3 vip la tansa a5ak :)))

    1. Vevo


      mat5alinich nakfar

    2. Meh Rez vM ! ♫
    3. Vevo



  7. Congrats miboun

  8. Eid mobarek to all muslims

    1. Mikulika


      Same to u 

  9. Hey dude after 3h your musicbot will be ready ?

  10. Vevo

    [Request rank] Zeyrox

    First i take server newlifezm then zmoldschool in 2019 I'm use mobile all time how i can join in project
  11. Vevo

    [Request rank] Zeyrox

    @-Dark and @hNk was working with me
  12. Your name on ts?: Zeyrox Current rank?: Member Old rank?: Global Moderator Have you brought the users so far on TS3?: I have a long time here and normally I have brought all i was working in latin recruit team 2019 i invite so much members
  13. I told my brother to add my picture with her look what he doing :l

  14. Nice to find real friends here (devil harmony team and @XZoro / @pulse.exe / @#Em i[N]O'

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